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Chapter 528 – Finale II

by BobaTeaTranslations 

Xue Jiao was chased out by Professor Tan.

He usually carries a professor’s shelf.

He doesn’t pretend in front of Xue Jiao as they were quite familiar.

Just like just now, when he was stimulated, he directly blew Xue Jiao out.

Xue Jiao was not angry, and left Professor Tan’s office with a smile.

However, when she thought that she had not confessed to Lin Zhihua, she felt depressed again.

In fact, she doesn’t want to go abroad, but going abroad was the best choice.

Studying with Professor Conrad for two years was also her new wish.

She didn’t have much time to accompany Lin Zhihua originally, but now she would have to go abroad for two years.

She wondered if he would be angry and ignore her

Xue Jiao was a little tangled and walked slowly with her head down.

When she arrived at the school gate, she remembered that she hadn’t sent a message to Lin Zhihua yet.

After the message was sent out, Xue Jiao sat on the school bench and waited.

She would go out when he arrived later.

The weather was still hot, but the new military training would begin in two days.

The benches were under the shade of trees.

The sun was sheltered by the woods in the afternoon.

In the distance, the red sunset sets.

Xue Jiao could see at random.

There were students walking up and down on the road ahead, both new and old.

She didn’t know them, so she couldn’t tell which grade they belonged to.

Her vision gradually drifted away.

Her project had not officially started yet, but this time she still planned to do it by herself instead of forming a team.

Academician Xi talked with her and thought that the project was a big project and needed to form a team.

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In fact, in the past few years, Xue Jiao has always taken that picture to explore from time to time, and has also queried a lot of information and simple calculations.

In fact, she has a certain understanding of celestial geometry, and the rest was how to establish an analysis system……

Xue Jiao clearly analyzed before, for this project, she could do it alone, and did not need to form a team.

Speaking of a team, Xue Jiao remembered when she and Zhang Han worked together on the “Flying Car Theory” project.

Zhang Han went abroad to study for a Phd.

She had just left, and Yang Zhan immediately followed her.

In the same university, they were a doctoral student and a graduate student.

After two years of chasing, they finally got together.

Zheng Jiakun also went abroad this year to study at Stanford, which was why Academician Xi has always recommended schools to Xue Jiao.

But she would prefer Professor Conrad of MIT.

Chu Sheng was also very busy.

Xue Jiao sent him a message last time, and he replied to her a day later.

After their theory of flying cars was completed, he formed a new team.

They were all interested in flying cars and were ready to continue to explore as physics students.

Xue Jiao could not help smiling when she thought about these hardworking people.

Everyone was excellent, and they were still trying to become better.

She was in a trance, and didn’t notice two boys pushing and shouting.

“Senior, do you know her”

“She’s a little familiar, but I didn’t see this person in my sophomore year.

Maybe in the same year as you” The man hesitated, but he did not meet her at school.

She was so beautiful, and he should have had an impression of when he met her before….

“Senior……she is so beautiful……”

“I’m not blind……if you want to chat her up, go!”

“Ah Isn’t that not good”

“What are you afraid of You are already attending college! Don’t be afraid!” The sophomore tried to pretend to be calm.

He encouraged the freshman with his mouth, yet silently arranged his clothes with his face tense.

The freshman was also a brave one.

He stepped forward and sat down beside Xue Jiao.


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