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Chapter 86: Beast Tamers in Big Cities

Time was something that depended on fate.

Sometimes, it felt that it was especially fast, and sometimes, it felt that it was especially slow.

For example, during the enriching process of adding points, Shi Yu felt that time was especially fast.

After adding some points, reading books, and sleeping, Shi Yu felt that he had yet to do anything.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the fourth of September.

Shi Yu got up before dawn.

After all, he had to catch the morning flight.

Ping Cheng was quite far from the Icefield City airport.

He could only sacrifice some sleep time.

“Ha…” In the villa, Shi Yu, who was yawning, started to pack his luggage, his eyes sleepy.

When he was done packing, the express car he had reserved was already waiting for him by the side of the road.

After getting into the car, Shi Yu narrowed his eyes and took a short rest.

“Handsome, handsome, were here.”

He didnt know how long had passed.

Shi Yu was originally using meditation to offset his sleepiness, but when he heard the driver call out to him, he was no longer sleepy.

Seeing the honest look on the drivers face, he understood that the other party was most likely speaking from his heart.

“Were here Thank you, Master.”

Shi Yu smiled and paid the fare.

Then, he got out of the car with his luggage and waved goodbye to the driver.

Although it was called luggage, it was actually a small backpack.

It contained some identification documents and a bottle of water.

As for more things, it was thrown into the ruins bead…

Shi Yu glanced at the time.

It was half past eight in the morning.

He felt that he could still eat something

He looked around and realized that there was already a crowd at the airport.

As for what he could eat, Shi Yu only saw egg pancakes, meat wraps, grilled sausage, and boiled corn… As it was still early, Shi Yu bought a cup of soy milk and a meat wrap to deal with it.

[You guys settle it yourselves,] Shi Yu said to Eleven and the Green Silkworm in the ruins bead hanging around his neck.

Then, he began to rush to the airport.

Now, before Shi Yu boarded the plane, he had a question.

If the plane was a mechanical life, whose responsibility was it for the passengers to go to the bathroom Even if it was a removable internal environment, any clean freak Mechanic might not be able to be a pilot…

Half an hour later, Shi Yu completed a series of registration procedures and successfully passed the security check.

Initially, he was worried that the ruin bead might be some kind of prohibited item, but it seemed like he didnt detect anything.

Poor reviews for this airlines safety!

What if someone stuffed a bomb into their invisible storage equipment and brought it onto the plane

Uh… It didnt seem to be that troublesome.

After all, Beast Tamers were mobile bombs.

“The flight to the Ancient Capital Airport is about to take off…” In the waiting area, Shi Yu heard a broadcast.

He had already begun to take out his cell phone and the scanning function.

< Name > M-50 Thunder

[Attributes]: Machinery

[Race Level]: Mid-level commander

[Level of Growth]:

[Race Skill]:

[Introduction]: Artificial mechanical life, used for battle, transport, and reconnaissance.

Looking at the information on the plane, there were too many slots.

Shi Yu didnt know where to start.

However, thinking about it, he shouldnt have encountered any bird collisions on such a plane, right Even if it was a transcendent bird, it might be shot down before it could even get close to the plane.

“This index doesnt record the detailed information on the planes skills… But thats normal.

If there were too many public details, what if theres a hijacking” Shi Yus mind filled with thoughts.

He couldnt let something happen to the plane.

“Sigh, lets prepare to set off.” Shi Yu got up from the seat and looked outside the glass window.

He touched the ruins bead on his neck and took a deep breath.

Icefield City, Icefield Airport.

Soon, this mechanical life plane called M-50 Thunderbolt slowly took off.

After boarding, Shi Yu still did not discover any difference between it and an ordinary plane.

Perhaps after encountering danger, it would be able to show its true extraordinary qualities as a mechanical life form.

Although Shi Yu really wanted to personally experience how the Mechanic pilot and this plane reacted to the harsh weather and the flying beasts cockpit, he couldnt cause this plane to get into trouble.

He wasnt some elementary schooler who caused trouble wherever he went.

A beautiful white plane streaked across the blue sky, splitting the sky in two.

Even when Shi Yu heard the notification that the flight was about to end, everything was still calm.

Shi Yu exited from his meditation and looked out the window.

An unfamiliar city appeared in his eyes.

Countless buildings quickly got closer.

At the Ancient Capital Airport.

After arriving at the destination, Shi Yu quickly left the dense crowd.

He didnt like crowded environments.

After leaving quickly, Shi Yu took out his cell phone and started navigating the route to Ancient Capital University.

The total area of the various campuses and training sites of Ancient Capital University was comparable to the size of the entire Ping Cheng District.

It was very large.

To be precise, the area of the nine great academies of Dong Huang was very large.

Because of this, the opening days of these schools lasted about a month.

Otherwise, with fewer days, those candidates who came from afar to prepare might not necessarily be able to walk around completely.

Shi Yu did not plan to finish walking around on the first day.

Today, he was going to familiarize himself with the paths first.

“The battle specialization of Ancient Capital University isnt very good, nor is the Feeding specialization.

Only the archeology specialization seems to be better”

Shi Yu muttered in his heart as he navigated, recalling the gossip summary on the Internet.

However, this failure was also relative to other top-notch universities.

It was very normal for every institute to have their own trump cards.

Moreover, even if it was an unpopular specialization, it was actually not weak.

There were also many elites gathered internally.

The students were basically professional Beast Tamers around 20 years old.

The teachers were also at the start of the master level, their strength was indisputable.

“The nearest is the northern campus, the battle departments territory.

Lets go take a look here first.” After confirming the location, Shi Yu planned to slip over.

[Do you guys want to come out for a breather] At the same time, Shi Yu asked Eleven and the Green Silkworm in the ruins bead.

“Wuu!” “Ji!”

However, the answer he got was no.

Eleven was busy eating because it had just finished training and was very tired.

The Green Silkworm, on the other hand, was staring at the portrait of Ice Dragon intently to deepen its impression.

“Alright.” Shi Yu shrugged helplessly.

He could only go himself first.

Shi Yu did not know how long he had been gone for.

In any case, he soon arrived at the north gate of Ancient Capital University.

Because it was coincidentally the opening day, the number of people gathered here was naturally a lot.

The huge door that was more than 100 meters tall was lined up in a row.

It was magnificent and elegant.

Outside the door, the young Beast Tamers and their pets looked at the name “Ancient Capital University” above with anticipation, their hearts surging.

This group of Beast Tamers looked very much like parents who brought their children to visit universities.

Of course, their children were pets.

“…” Shi Yu looked at the other Beast Tamers with their pets following them, while he was alone.

He immediately felt uncomfortable.

In his previous life, when he went out to play with his friends, everyone else had a girlfriend following them, but he didnt.

That was fine.

Now, it was no longer popular to show off his girlfriend.

It was popular to summon his rare pet and show it off beside him.

Shi Yu also wanted to show off his panda, but unfortunately, this panda thought that strolling around was a waste of time and refused to come out no matter what.

It told him to call it when there was a battle.

“Then lets find a fight!” Shi Yu estimated that with so many young Beast Tamers here, there must be places to battle in the university.

He couldnt help but take a step forward.

It was unknown if it was a coincidence or something, but before he took two steps, a luxuriously-dressed young man suddenly shouted with a selfie stick,

“School battle! Is there anyone who wants to fight Im invincible, you guys can do whatever you want.”

His shout immediately attracted the attention of many people, making many people look at him in discussion.

Normal young people really didnt dare to shout like that, afraid that they were afraid it wouldnt look good.

However, when everyone saw him holding the broadcast device, they immediately understood why he was so brave.

“Heh, streamer” Many people smiled, finding it a little interesting.

Shi Yu also found it interesting, but the other partys next words made him turn and leave.

“Requirements, quasi vocational.

Both pets should be transcendent.

Fight two-on-one.

Low levels, do not disturb.”

Good heavens, goodbye!

Shi Yu felt his stomach hurt.

What kind of person was this Was there anyone who really wanted to take this kind of standard

However, not long after the other party spoke, a young man about Shi Yus age said with interest, “Ill do it.”

Shi Yu :”…”

Quasi vocational meant that he was a Beast Tamer who had left the probation period but didnt pass the vocation assessment.

Generally speaking, the young people visiting the school here werent professional Beast Tamers yet.

After all, everyone was here for the enrollment next year.

However, if one wasnt a professional Beast Tamer, there were usually two levels.

One was that the Beast Taming Space like Shi Yu was level one, and the pet was a newbie in the Awakening Stage.

The other was a quasi vocational that had reached the second level of the Beast Taming Space and whose pet had reached the transcendent level but had yet to participate in the assessment.

Obviously, among this batch of young Beast Tamers who planned to apply to Ancient Capital University, there was already a batch of geniuses whose Beast Taming Space had reached level two and had cultivated two transcendent pets.

“There are still four months.

Theres no hurry, no hurry.

When the time comes, Eleven and Buggy should be transcendent too.”

Shi Yu comforted himself.

“Friend, do you want to battle” As expected, the Beast Tamers who came to the northern campus to stroll werent idlers.

After one of them took the lead, another person came to invite Shi Yu to battle.

Shi Yu glanced at him and asked, “What level is your pet at”

“Low-level transcendent,” the boy said very naturally.

Shi Yu said, “Alright, I should barely be able to…”

The boy asked, “What about you”

“Level 9 Awakening”

Guy: ( ̄ _, ̄)

He rolled his eyes and turned to leave.

He felt that fighting Shi Yu was a waste of time, leaving behind a confused Shi Yu.

Hello! Hello! Hello! Who are you looking down on!

So what if Im at the awakening level Its not like I cant fight with a level-nine Iron-eating Beast!

“Ah, this…” In short, Shi Yu was speechless as he watched the other party leave.

Then, Shi Yu analyzed it.

The current Iron-eating Beast might be able to fight real transcendent-level creatures at a higher level.

Of course, the premise was that the other partys skill proficiency wasnt high, and his race level wasnt high.

At the same time, the opponent shouldnt have a strengthening talent…

Eh, it seemed a little unsafe.

“Forget it, forget it.

I wont fight anymore.

Ill take a look.” Shi Yu yawned.

He decided to walk around and go back to sleep!

In the northern campus of Ancient Capital University, there were quite a lot of battlefield halls.

During the opening day, the school also supported the young Beast Tamers who came to visit to compete.

As for the judges, they were naturally the seniors who had stayed in the school to volunteer.

As long as the school gave them some credits, there were still many people who were willing to stay and act as NPCs.

“F*ck, so fierce.”

As Shi Yu strolled around, he arrived at a battle hall.

The scale of the battle hall was even larger than the one competing for the evolution holy spring that day.

It was divided into several venues, and at this moment, it was extraordinarily lively.

He had just arrived at the edge of a field when he heard someone cry out from the side.

Shi Yu looked at the arena.

Two Beast Tamers who might not be much older than him were fighting.

One of the pets on both sides was the Blackwater Crocodile Tortoise, and the other was the Ground Rock Lizard.

The growth levels of both pets had reached the transcendent level, so the power of their moves was abnormally strong.

This was because after a pet entered the transcendent level from the awakening stage, its energy level would undergo a qualitative change.

If the energy of an Awakening Stage pet was like a weak air current, then the energy of an extraordinary pet was like a thin stream, with a higher quality.

The change in energy brought about by the pet skill was the increase in the power of the skill!!

A boom sounded.

In the arena, the wind and sand raised by the Lava Lizard formed the Sand Wall.

Although it was a low-level skill, judging from the condensation speed and wall structure, its proficiency had already been trained to expert level.


However, it was precisely such a wall of sand that was easily penetrated by the water cannon condensed in the Blackwater Crocodiles mouth, successfully allowing the skill to hit the Rock Lizard.

Intermediate-level skill, Water Cannon!

From the looks of it, its skill proficiency had yet to reach expert level, but due to the restraint of its attributes, it still gave the Rock Lizard a heavy blow.

However, unlike the trainee level battles that were often short and small, the battles here were very long.

After the Rock Lizard was thrown a few meters away, it immediately stood up as if nothing happened and looked at its opponent angrily.

“Water Strengthening Talent, Elemental Resistance Talent…”

During the process of the two attacks, countless water-elemental fluctuations surrounded the Blackwater Crocodile Turtles Beast Tamer.

This was a very common water-elemental talent that could be used to enhance the water-elemental skills of the Blackwater Crocodile Turtle.

Although it was a proficient water cannonball, after the enhancement just now, in terms of power, it was probably not inferior to the expert water-elemental cannonball without the water-elemental talent.

As for the Beast Tamer talent on the Rock Lizards side, it was even simpler and cruder.

It was known as the talent for Elemental Resistance in the Strengthening System.

It could let pets have a certain resistance to any elemental attack.

So even if the Rock Lizard faced the water cannonball that countered it, it still directly resisted it.

Its condition looked like it could still fight for 300 rounds.

Quasi-vocational and professional-level fights were indeed starting to become a talent based thing.

“Thankfully, I dont have a combat talent.” Looking at their battle, Shi Yu chuckled inwardly.

After this battle, these two Beast Tamers would probably be weakened for a while.

It was unknown if they had prepared any tonic.

His skill blueprint was still the best.

As long as he added some points in his daily life, he could just command them as he pleased in battle.

There was no need for the other Beast Tamers to expend so much effort.

They also had to invest a lot of stamina and energy.

On the other hand, when Shiyu encountered such a Beast Tamer with a strengthening talent in the future, he might suffer a little.

At that time, the outcome would depend on the effect of his points on the pets.

Whether it was comparable to the effect of others using enhancement talent on the pets battle power would depend on the effect.

“If its at this level, I think Eleven can fight.

However, he probably has to fight with all its battle power and successfully kill it in one hit, like with that dragon…”

Shi Yu quickly determined the difference between Eleven and the two pets on the field.

However, this was also because the races of these two pets were not high.

They were not commander races.

Furthermore, their growth levels were just at the initial transcendent level.

Otherwise, if the other partys attributes were a little stronger, Eleven might not have a chance.

Following that, Shi Yu continued strolling.

He discovered that the pets that dared to stand out and fight here were at least transcendent level.

However, this was normal.

There were still four months until the vocation assessment.

At this time, the pets that had yet to reach the transcendent level wouldnt have much of a chance of entering this university.

At the same time, Shi Yu also discovered that this group of extraordinary pets had at least one proficient skill.

Occasionally, he could even see two simple combination skills.

This made Shi Yu sigh with emotion.

These young Beast Tamers who were preparing for the professional assessment were indeed something…

His opponents four months later wouldnt seem to be the same people as when he was competing for the Evolution Sacred Spring.

Like him, those people had yet to meet the requirements to participate in the vocation assessment.

If he participated in the professional assessment at the Ancient Capital Association, he might be facing a group of Beast Tamers who had reached the second level of the Taming Space and were qualified to have two transcendent pets…

Furthermore, because the professional assessment was once a year, some second-generation royal children could advance two levels in a year.

They might even contract three pets.

As for those with commander level pets, it should not be rare anymore…

“I understand.

Although theyre all newbies, this is like the chunin Ninja Examination in Naruto.

There were people in the lowest genin class who could do some insane things, like opening tai gates or using a tailed beasts power…”

As everyone knew, genin were the strongest.

Similarly, it was not impossible for a group of monsters to be hidden in the vocation assessment.

No wonder Lu Qingyi said that the professional assessment of the Ancient Capital Association was challenging and that he should use the ruins bead to develop faster…

As far as the universe knew, the annual class assessment did not have a set standard for passing.

Instead, it was done according to the ratio.

Therefore, it was not guaranteed that one could pass the assessment just by reaching the pro level and owning a transcendent beast.

It was also because of this that the vocation assessments in these big cities were even more difficult than those in small cities.

This was because if one passed the vocation assessment in big cities, there was a higher chance of being selected by top colleges and top corporations.

This was actually the same on Earth.

A top 500 corporation wouldnt recruit just anyone from any school.

However, the graduates of Qingbei could be fought over by various corporations.

The professional assessment was also so realistic.

This model also created a strange phenomenon.

People who could have easily passed the vocation assessment in a small city didnt give up and tried applying for several years in a big city.

The strength of these people was probably ridiculous.

After all, the vocation assessment had no age or number of tries restrictions.

Their accumulation time was clearly higher!

It was even possible to meet an 80-year-old elder in the vocation assessment.

Of course, although it was encouraging for such an old man to participate in the vocation assessment, probably no school or company would think well of him… Even if he obtained the first place in the current year, he didnt have much potential.

For example, the Ancient Capital University had a certain limit on the age of the applicants.

Therefore, although strength was important, the potential and talent displayed were also important.

“No problem, no problem…”

Although Shi Yu felt a sense of pressure, as he had started much later, he still felt that there was no problem.

All he had to do was add some points, and there was no hurry.

Anyway, he didnt want to be first place in the same cohort.

Passing the test would be considered a victory!

For the entire afternoon, Shi Yu was watching the battle, mainly to see the performance of the various Beast Tamers Beast Taming Talents.

He would not admit that he was looking for some Beast-eared Lady.

Unfortunately, after watching for the entire afternoon, he discovered that these Beast Tamers basically had enhancement-type talent.

He didnt see any special combat talent at all.

This couldnt help but dampen Shi Yus spirits.

As evening approached, Shi Yu left the battlefield in the northern campus and headed for the ten-star hotel he had reserved in advance.

Although he could live in the pearl, since he was rich, it was not a bad idea to enjoy it.

That night, Shi Yu had a huge meal in the hotel.

He only returned to his room after he was satisfied.

He lay on his bed and began to meditate with an ethereal stone.

After playing for a day, it was time to work hard…

Moments later, Shi Yu opened his eyes.

“I didnt add any points today.

I feel so good.

One piece of ethereal stone doesnt seem to be enough for me anymore.

I feel that with my current focus, maybe I can use both pieces at the same time!”

“No, three!”

“Wait a moment, there are dozens in the inventory.

Three feels pretty bad.

Damn it, if only I could set up a Spirit Gathering Formation like the spirit stones in the Xianxia novels!”


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