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Chapter 85: Before Leaving

After spending a few days adding points to the Green Silkworm, Shi Yu felt that the effect was pretty good.

Although it might not be able to defeat the Lunar Flame Beast, which was used by newbies in various districts and counties in Icefield City, it should be difficult to defeat Chen Kai casually.

This was already a very good result for the green worm, which could only rise after evolution, with a weak body.

It was night September 1st.

It was still the same old place on the commercial street.

Shi Yu had obtained the four Ice Dragon Paintings he had requested.

“…If theres anything youre not satisfied with, you can still modify it.”

The students were acting really humble.

Shi Yu looked at the painting.

Although he had a few ideas of changing it, he decided to forget it after thinking about it.

He was afraid that he would still be unsatisfied and want the original version back.

“No, thats it.” Shi Yu looked at the painting carefully.

The Ice Dragons expression, dragon might, and even the supreme ice power that was enough to cause a violent snowstorm were completely lifelike under the miraculous power of the Rainbow Mushroom Dye.

The Ice Dragon seemed to have really come alive in the painting.

This had already exceeded Shi Yus expectations.

If these paintings were in his previous life, it was simply a pipe dream to buy them for a few thousand yuan.

However, here, the price was indeed very cost-effective, and it was very difficult to imagine that it came from a student.

In short, with such a vivid painting as a reference, and then upgrading the Green Silkworms Absolute Sleep and Phantom Illusion to expert level, it should be very easy to materialize an ice dragon…

“We can work together again in the future.

Whats your name again…”

“My name is Ma Liang.”

Next, Shi Yu paid the remaining amount and left directly.

He could not wait to add more points.

< Name > Green Silkworm

[Skill]: Worm Silk (Transcendent), Absolute Sleep (Proficient), Illusion (Proficient 1)

Todays additional upgrading had yet to begin.

In order to study and meditate normally during the day, he decided to do it later in the evening.


In the ruins bead, the green worm that had been beaten up by Eleven until it suspected its life.

Suddenly, it was summoned by Shi Yu.

It felt that its leader didnt keep his word.

It clearly said that it would train its strength in a shrunken state, but why did it “accidentally” become a big version every time

Could this world be any friendlier

“Here, this is for you.”

After releasing the Green Silkworm, Shi Yu took out four very realistic ice dragon portraits.

All kinds of special effects seemed to be able to release the cold air in the paintings, immediately attracting the Green Silkworms gaze.

Green Silkworm: Ji! ✪ω✪! So cool!

It looked at the portrait carefully, hoping to imprint this image deeply in its mind.

“Hehe.” Shi Yu smiled.

Duh, he bought this for thousands of yuan.

It was even more expensive than that model!

Speaking of which, why werent there any models with special effects made with special materials Otherwise, it would be completely feasible to buy one back.

Following that, Shi Yu did not delay any longer and directly completed the additional points for the day.

[Skill]: False Phantom (Expert)

After Shi Yus operation was completed, the green worm absorbed and digested it for a long time before reacting.

Then, endless battle intent shot out of its eyes.

In the ruins bead.

The pinnacle battle between the Iron-Eating Beast and the Green Silkworm was about to begin.

This time, the Green Silkworm changed its previous attitude and did not go into battle lightly.

It specially brought along a tool with Shi Yus support.

Level-one ice-element energy crystal!

The green worm was at the side of the arena, hugging the cold energy crystal and sleeping peacefully.

Opposite it, Eleven had already started to do warm-up training.

It had to do it.

The Green Silkworm needed a few minutes to prepare.

Its transformation was too slow.

If it just waited around, it would be a waste of time.

After an unknown period of time, the green worm seemed to have completed the construction of illusions in its dream.

Hu hu hu ~ ~

The illusory light enveloped itself and its ice crystal pillow.

Right on the heels of that, cold wind rose from all directions, and the power was especially strong.

At this moment, Shi Yu, who was studying with a textbook in the distance, looked up with a slightly happy expression.

Eh, felt pretty good this time.


In the snowstorm, the roar of a dragon could be heard.

After Shi Yu used his cell phone to constantly play the “Dragon Roar”, the green worm seemed to finally understand that the dragon was not a creature that chirped.

It had improved.


With another roar, Shi Yu and Eleven saw the full appearance of the creature projected by the green worm under the snow.

It was about two meters tall and in an ice-blue color.

It looked like the combination of a dinosaur and a Western Dragon standing with its strong feet.

Its entire body was covered in blue hair that looked like ice spikes.

Its domineering aura wasnt inferior to the ice dragon conjured by the shell.

Moreover, this time, the Green Silkworm did especially well in its expression.

The bright blue color of the Ice Dragons eyes and the pitch-black membrane were perfectly restored by it.

Although there were still some flaws when looked at carefully, the Ice Dragon this time was already showing the appearance of a dragon.

Of course, in terms of size, it was definitely still a little small.

Apart from that, Shi Yu didnt know how powerful this ice dragon could be.

“Wu wu wu!!!”

At this moment, seeing that the green worms transformation was so successful for the first time, Eleven wasnt sleepy anymore.

It started rubbing his palms together and preparing for a big battle.

“Wuu!!” Eleven rushed forward, scaring the Ice Dragon so much that it turned and flew away.

Green Silkworm wasnt pleased.

“You havent become smaller, are you a sore loser!!!”

The Green Silkworm quickly withdrew from the Ice Dragon form and didnt fight Eleven.


The two pets stared at each other and were stunned on the spot.

“Huh” Eleven asked.

“Ji!” The green worm indicated that it could fight, but Eleven had to shrink first.

Shi Yu :”…”

Well, neither pet was willing to have a disadvantage.

“Dont worry, Green Silkworm, perfect your skills a little more.

You guys can practice later.” Shi Yu smiled and got up.

“Ill find you a few videos of Ice Splitting Claw and Cold Breath.”

“With the ice-element energy crystal as the energy source, this low and intermediate skill should be easy to simulate.

Although the proficiency wont be high, its enough for initial battles.”

It was impossible for a conjured phantom to have skills with high proficiency unless the Green Silkworm itself mastered similar skills.

For example, if Shi Yus teaching gave it deterrence and leveled to a very high level, then the Green Silkworm could simulate high-quality dragon might.

However, it was a little difficult for it to use high proficient level Ice Rending Claw and Cold Breath.

The prerequisite skill was also an aspect that determined the quality of the phantom.

The pet that used the phantom image must have mastered many skills that were compatible with the transformation and summoning target, deciding the quality of the phantom.

This was also the reason why the Green Silkworms projection of the Green Silkworm could display a lot of battle power.

“Wuu!” Eleven called out in boredom.

What a bummer.

To think it had warmed up for so long…

On September 2, Shi Yu began to book a two-day flight to Ancient Capital on September 4.

At that time, it would also be time to upgrade the Green Silkworms absolute sleep to expert level.

It could be said that he had achieved his small goal before setting off for the ancient capital.

Shi Yu did not know how long he would spend on this trip.

However, when he was outside, he did not plan to increase any skill points.

Instead, he planned to leave his free time to meditate and increase the level of his Beast Taming Space.

“Ive booked a ticket for September 4th.

I should be able to reach the Ancient Capital Airport on the same day.”

Because Lu Qingyi had said that Shi Yu should tell her when he went to the Ancient Capital, Shi Yu sent his itinerary over.

Soon, Lu Qingyi returned with a mysterious number for Shi Yu.

“87237387, when youre preparing to visit the Ancient Capital University, you can call this number.

Ive gotten someone from the school to show you around.

Of course, if you want to wander around on your own…”


As soon as Shi Yu saved the phone number, he began to look forward to the day after tomorrow.

According to what he knew, the planes in this world were all mechanical lives.

They were all piloted by their Beast Tamers.

It was precisely because of this that the ticket price was very expensive.

However, even if the plane tickets were expensive, ordinary people didnt have a choice.

Apart from this method, there werent many other ways for ordinary people to head to another big city from a big city.

After all, most of the wilderness areas were still occupied by wild extraordinary creatures.

It was difficult to move forward without the escort of powerful Beast Tamers.

In fact, the situation in the country was relatively good.

Even if there were transcendent creatures in the wild areas between cities, they were low-level and weak creatures.

Things were completely under the countrys control.

For example, the wild areas between countries were the truly dangerous places that were difficult to cross.

Probably only legendary Beast Tamers were confident of steadily moving from one country to another.

Even master Beast Tamers couldnt easily cross countries alone.

Because of this, there was very little interaction between the seven countries on Blue Planet at the moment.

Apart from some important trade activities, such as introducing the special pets of the two countries or hosting some world-class competitions, they basically did their own thing.

“The seven countries…” Regarding the other six countries, Shi Yu only knew that the other countries seemed to be different from Dong Huang.

They didnt have the same Mythical system.

In ancient times, they had different Mythical creatures as their beliefs.

There were also differences in whether they were transcendent creatures.

Creatures like Slimes and sprites were rare in Dong Huang.

Even dragons like ice dragons werent local.

They had all migrated from afar.

However, like Dong Huang, there were gaps in the history of various countries.

The gods were in a collective state of disappearing…

“There must be a big secret!”

There was a light in Shi Yus eyes, but it quickly dimmed.

“Sigh, Shiyu, Shiyu, be honest.

Dont talk about your country.

You dont even know the history of this city.

Why are you thinking about the myths of other countries…” Shi Yu patted his face and tried to return to reality.


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