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Zheng Hai.

The personal disciple of the Tyrannical Sea Legend, Yu Zhihui.

His talent was a water-element strengthening talent, a very common talent.

The reason why he was taken in as a disciple by the Tyrannical Sea Legend, a titled expert, was because Zheng Hais contracted Blue Salamander accidentally mutated into the Leviathan race after swallowing unknown resources due to a cultivation mistake.

This experience could be said to be identical to the Tyrannical Sea Legend.

In the early years of the Tyrannical Sea Legend, it was only an ordinary fishing youth.

His initial pet was also the Blue Salamander of a low-level transcendent race.

It only knew one bubble skill.

However, it was precisely because this Blue Salamander accidentally swallowed an unknown resource and completed its mutation evolution that it obtained the super racial skill Infinite Devour.

This allowed the Tyrannical Sea Legend to directly rise and become a super expert at the top of Dong Huang.

Zheng Hai was similar.

In the beginning, he was just an ordinary fishing youth, so he was lucky.

However, he wasnt as lucky as the Tyrannical Sea Legend, because after his Blue Salamander mutated, it didnt master Infinite Devour and only completed the racial mutation.

But even so, because the Tyrannical Sea Legend had seen some possibilities on Zheng Hais Giant Leviathan, after a test, he also took Zheng Hai in as a disciple.

Now, under the nurturing of the Tyrannical Sea Legend, that ordinary fishing youth had already become eighth in the Dong Huang Sequence!

The trump card pet had also mutated all the way to a middle-level overlord race and mastered three super racial skills.

Moreover, it had been trained by Zheng Hai to nearly perfect level.

“Master, youre looking for me”

This time, Zheng Hai was also brought to the seven islands by the Tyrannical Sea Legend.

After all, the seven islands were the country of water, and it was very suitable for Zheng Hai to train.

Unfortunately, the champion path this time prohibited quasi legendary participants.

Although Zheng Hais pet wasnt at the overlord level, his Beast Taming level prevented him from challenging the champion path.

Zheng Hai also felt that it was a pity.

However, to be able to see Dong Huangs genius Beast Tamer, Lu Bai, sweep through the seven islands, he also felt that he didnt come for nothing.

This Lu Bai was really impressive.

He felt that even his overlord race, the Giant Leviathan, definitely couldnt withstand a single move from that ice elemental life form.

At this moment, Zheng Hai was very confused because he suddenly received a message from his master to come to “Lu Bais” room.

After arriving, Zheng Hai discovered Lu Bai, who was sitting and communicating with his master, in the room.

He also discovered that his masters expression didnt look right…

“Yes.” Tyrannical Sea Legend nodded.

“Because Lu Bai passed the tenth level of the champions path, Dong Huang obtained the right to use the Seven Islands Mythical Cultivation Ruins on the seventh day.”

Zheng Hai also nodded.

He naturally knew this.

“Originally, this cultivation opportunity was Lu Bais, but for some reason, he planned to pass this cultivation opportunity to you to use.”

“What!!!” Zheng Hai widened his eyes and looked at Shi Yu eagerly.

“Brother, is this for real!”

Looking at Shi Yu, who looked like a white-haired youth, Zheng Hai called him brother in shock.

With this, his Giant Leviathans three super racial skills had reached perfect proficiency.

It would definitely not be a problem to break through to the overlord level.

Apart from that, the strength of the other pets could also increase in the short term.

It could save him a lot of time and ensure that he had more time to stabilize his strength before the World Tournament began!!

Wait a minute, Lu Bai was not related to him at all.

Why would he give such a huge opportunity to him

Zheng Hai was puzzled for a moment, but he quickly understood that his master might have fought for it for him.

He was immediately touched.

“Cough, cough.” Shi Yu coughed dryly and said, “Wait a minute.

Its not a free gift.

Its according to the internal friendship price.

Theres no problem, right…”

Zheng Hais eyes flickered.

“Of course.

I wont let Brother Lu Bai suffer a loss.

Even if I sell the Binhai Training Hall and go bankrupt, I definitely wont let Brother Lu suffer a loss.”

Since it was arranged by his master, he naturally wouldnt let Lu Bai suffer, lest Lu Bai and President Ye looked down on them!!

Wasnt it just money!!

He would give double the amount Lu Bai wanted!

Zheng Hai wasnt stupid.

He had calculated it.

If he obtained the cultivation opportunity gifted by Lu Bai, his Giant Leviathan could quickly become a perfect overlord.

At that time, he would be the fifth legendary Beast Tamer in the top ten of the Dong Huang Sequence!!!

Coupled with his water-element strengthening talent, his overlord Giant Leviathans strength was definitely extraordinary.

Even monsters like Shi Yu, Lu Qingyi, and Ji Feng definitely couldnt defeat the Leviathan race that had the enhancement of Beast Tamers.

Then, in theory, he should be able to enter the top five of the Sequence.

At that time, the reward for the Sequence Battle would be a legendary resource!!!

What was wrong with investing more now In any case, after breaking through to the legendary level, the resources could be quickly returned.

He had already wasted too much time to let the Giant Leviathan perfectly advance to an overlord.

He had to seize this opportunity.

“Brother Zheng Hai, no need to be polite,” Shi Yu said with a smile.

“No, I should be the one thanking Brother Lu Bai.

I wont stand on ceremony.

This opportunity is indeed very important to me,” Zheng Hai said.

“Theres actually another reason why I called you over this time,” said the Tyrannical Sea Legend.

“Tomorrow, you and Old Ke will go to the Red God Island with Lu Bai to visit the Phoenix God Shrine and try to crack the Phoenix Mystic Realm behind the Phoenix God Shrine.”

“Huh” Zheng Hai was stunned.

Although he had reached the quasi legendary level and was also a legendary disciple of the Tyrannical Sea, like Ji Feng and the others, he didnt know the real purpose of the Dong Huang exchange team coming to the seven islands, nor did he know the true identity of “Lu Bai”.


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