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Shi Yu : “…”

Was this something a normal cat could care about


The Space Beast Egg had successfully absorbed the first special star power!!

Shi Yus mood continued to be happy.

As expected, hatching an egg was more exciting than knowing in advance.

As he waited for the Space Beast Egg to absorb the nutrients, Shi Yu did not stay idle.

He studied the Duckbill Beast with the gem cat.

At the moment, the two skills of the Duckbill Beast, Water Blade and Heart Strike, were both above Perfect Level Proficiency, close to transcendent.

Their levels were very high.

In comparison, the few skills of the mechanical Tyrant Dragon were relatively lousy.

They were all entry-level proficiency.

In addition, the Duckbill Beast could use the overlords will.

No wonder the Tyrant Dragon was suppressed by the transcendent Duckbill Beast.

If it werent for the fact that its race was stronger, it might have knelt very quickly.

Today, it was rare for Duckie to join the team.

Shi Yu and Susu gave it a greeting gift.

“Cleansing Memory Water.”

It could help the Duckbill Beast learn, master, and increase its cleansing skill.

After learning it, it could cleanse itself.

As for Team One, Shi Yu was helpless.

He had yet to recover from the temporary addition of the Heavenly Frost Cold Energy.

If he wanted to continue increasing Buggy and the others, he might have to wait a day.

Heavenly Rainbow Island.

Shi Yus quiet departure did not mean the end of the challenge on the path to champion.

A new round of battle began.

The next day, Dong Huangs Ji Feng followed suit.

Ji Fengs strength was undoubtedly the strongest in the Dong Huang exchange team apart from a few legends and Shi Yu.

His appearance also made the seven islands curse continuously.

It also swept through the first few levels as fiercely as “Lu Bai”.


However, what made Seven Islands glad was that Ji Feng wasnt that abnormal.

After reaching the last few stages, his condition was clearly not as good as before.

After all, his strength was established on the “Myriad Affinity” talent, and this talent would cause Beast Tamers to exhaust their physical strength in battle.

But even so, because Ji Feng was willing to change pets, he didnt have a single pet the whole time.

He easily passed the first eight levels until he arrived at the ninth level and faced the Demon Blade God.

The seven islands were extremely solemn.

Today, on the sky ship that was watching the championship path, apart from the original team from yesterday, another person came here.

She was wearing a white and red witch suit.

She had an oval face and exquisite and beautiful facial features.

She had a beautiful black smooth hair style, and her red eyes were calmly looking at the young man below.

Her name was Jie Yi of the Phoenix Court, a witch from the Phoenix Divine Shrine.

She was currently ranked third among the younger generation of the seven islands.

[Jiyi, your mission is to get close to the young man namedLu Bai in Dong Huang and get closer to him.]

In the eyes of the Seven Islands Association, a woman who could attract an outstanding young man like “Lu Bai” definitely had to be extremely outstanding.

The disciple of a legendary Beast Tamer was also a quasi legend.

At the same time, the Phoenix Court, which had the Phoenix bloodline as a hybrid witch, was naturally the best choice.

The higher-ups of the seven islands knew very well that the people of Dong Huang worshiped dragons and phoenixes very much.

In their opinion, if they let the Phoenix Court come into contact with “Lu Bai”, Lu Bai would definitely fall into it.

After all, because of mixed blood, the Phoenix Courts appearance was also top-notch on the seven islands.

However, it was a pity that “Lu Bai” didnt appear at the competition venue today.

“This persons strength is not bad either.” Jie Yi looked at Ji Feng below and fell into deep thought.

So how strong was Lu Bai who instantly cleared ten levels She wanted to see it.

In the end, Ji Feng from Dong Huang barely defeated the number one person below the legends of the seven islands, the Demon Blade God Era, again stimulating the nerves of the seven islands.

However, at this point, Ji Feng no longer had the strength to challenge the overlord.

His challenge ended here.

The third day.

Zou Yun of Dong Huang issued a challenge.

As the first two contestants of Dong Huang were ridiculously abnormal, Heavenly King Zou was targeted very badly.

He only passed seven levels and knelt at the eighth level.

This made Tong Yan and the others feel disdain.

It was also on this day that the gem cat and Shi Yu secretly returned to the Dong Huang Base in Tian Hong City.

They were considered to have “recovered”.

Next, they could walk around casually.

After sending a private message to Tyrannical Sea Legend and the others to tell them that he was back, Shi Yu couldnt help but plan to take a walk as Lu Bai.

He wasnt afraid that the seven islands would plot against him after discovering him.

His trump card was never his strength! Nor was it this bodyguard, the gem cat!

Instead, it was the demigod-level Dragon God Protection on its body!!!


At the moment, the Dragon God was the greatest rich woman and the thickest thigh!


With this thing, safety was naturally guaranteed at the maximum level.

However, Shi Yu realized that he had underestimated the seven islands.

On the seven islands, they had mobilized a method that even the Dragon Gods Protection couldnt stop.

Shi Yu had just left the Dong Huang Base and was about to walk around when a red-eyed woman in a witch suit stopped in front of Shi Yu.

“‘Lu Bai” Jie Yi looked at the young man in front of her and smiled.

“I found you.”

“You are… May I help you” Shi Yu saw the beautiful witch in front of him and immediately became cautious.

The words “Beauty Trap” appeared in Shi Yus heart.

Not good!

This gem cat and the Dragon God Protection couldnt help him block it.

It was time to test his willpower.


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