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Seven Star Hotel.

At this moment, there were indeed many celebrities gathered here.

Among the hundreds of people, there was no one whose identity was unknown.

The team from Ancient Capital University attracted the attention of many people.

The reason was very simple.

Although the Mechanical Conference was worth taking seriously, it was very intriguing that the principal of Ancient Capital University had also come with Dean Hao.

Generally speaking, if there were no especially big results, the person in charge of the Mechanic class of every school in every Mechanical Conference, plus their own scientific research team, would be enough.

The principals of the various schools basically wouldnt follow.

At the same time, not only was Principal Feng beside Dean Hao of Ancient Capital University, but there was also someone wearing an Iron-eating Beast shirt beside him.

It was even more ridiculous.

Wasnt that the national champion, Sequence five Shi Yu

He actually… actually came

Apart from that, the big boss of the fossil field, Dr.

Li Lianping, actually came too And she was with Ancient Capital University… What was going on!

Among the group, only Dean Hao was a famous person in the mechanical field.

The other three were all from the archeological world.

This crossed from their industry.

Many people followed, such as the Xiao sisters, the few official reporters who were let in today, and Gao Xuan, who they had hurriedly ended the interview with…

“Shi Yu.”

Legend Xiao Shuang and General Xiao Qin followed Shi Yu and made him stop.

“Sister Xiao Shuang, Sister Xiao Qin.

Youre here too.”

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com ,Please!

Shi Yu was forced to pretend that he had just seen them and said in surprise.

However, he was really a little surprised.

Among the two of them, Xiao Shuang was a legendary mechanical genius in the fourth bureau.

It was nothing for her to appear in the Mechanical Conference.

However, shouldnt General Xiao Qin be working for the Marine Environmental Protection Department at this moment Why was she here

Was she on leave Why didnt he know!

Oh, the Environmental Protection Department had yet to issue missions and formulate rules and regulations.

That was fine.

The two of them also greeted Principal Feng, Dean Hao, and the others.

Then, they answered Shi Yu,

“Isnt it normal for us to appear here”

Legend Xiao Shuang smiled and said, “Speaking of which, the speed of your Sequence ranking increase is really unexpected.

Little Qin hasnt entered the top 20 yet, but youve already become the number one person below the legendary level.”

Xiao Qin was speechless at the side.

If it werent for the fact that her trump card had unfortunately sacrificed itself and spent a lot of time recuperating and adjusting, it would have been nothing to enter the top 20.

“You flatter me.

Its just gossip,” Shi Yu said with a smile.

“Is that so Speaking of which, you should have already contracted or prepared to contract the Hundred Transformations Stone rewarded by the National League, right In that case, youve already made the decision to step into the mechanical field.

Are you here to broaden your horizons this time” Legend Xiao Shuang asked.

Recently, she, a legendary Mechanic, had also been shocked by Shi Yus growth speed and various news.

When she thought of how such a super genius had previously thought of involving the mechanical field, she was very curious about how far Shi Yu could go.

“Uh…” Principal Feng, Grandma Li, Dean Hao, and the others had strange expressions.

They had thoughts in their hearts, but they didnt say them.

If they said it, they would scare them in the fourth bureau!

How was Shi Yu stepping into the mechanical field He was clearly here to challenge the mechanical field.

He wanted to change the current mechanical field structure!

This innovation was probably not much inferior to the technological products created by the respected Mechanics in the fourth bureau.

Fang Lan also secretly looked at her former idol, Legend Xiao Shuang.

She didnt expect the other party to actually talk to Senior Shi Yu!

Although she didnt understand, she could understand that the other party seemed to have misunderstood something about Senior Shi Yu.

“Ah, yes and no.

Im here to represent Ancient Capital University in the Mechanical Conference.” Shi Yu revealed a hearty smile.

“Huh” As soon as he finished speaking, Legend Xiao Shuang and General Xiao Qin were stunned.

Legend Xiao Shuang knew that Shi Yu had never come into contact with the Mechanic class before, and General Xiao Qin knew even more.

This was because she was in charge of modifying and upgrading the Marine Base of the Environmental Protection Department.

At that time, Shi Yu was like a mechanical noob, asking her questions.

Was there no one else in the Mechanic class of Ancient Capital University He wanted Shi Yu to represent Ancient Capital University in the Mechanical Conference


At the same time, an incredulous voice sounded.

A sweet-looking female reporter with shoulder-length hair and a business suit ran over anxiously, as if she had heard some incredible news.

“Im very sorry to disturb you.

Im a reporter from Dong Huang Radio and Television Station, Bai Lu.

This is my interview certificate for this Mechanical Conference.” After the reporter barged in, she suddenly reacted and immediately carefully introduced his identity to the many big shots present.

At the same time, she said, “I just heard that Student Shi Yu, you want to represent Ancient Capital University to participate in this Mechanical Conference.

Is that true”

She looked at Shi Yu in confusion.

Xiao Shuang and Xiao Qin also wanted to know if it was true.

What a joke.

At this moment, Shi Yus focus was on this reporter.

Bai Lu What was her relationship with Dong Huang Radio and Television Stations colleagues Gu Yu and Han Lu, who were in charge of explaining the National League They literally all had weather related names, theyve almost gathered all the 24 solar terms! Was it their real or fake names

“Yes,” Shi Yu replied as he complained in his heart.

His answer directly confused the Xiao sisters.

Behind them, two reporters hurriedly arrived at Imperial Capital Universitys Gao Xuan on the second floor.

They didnt return to Imperial Capital University immediately, but followed over and heard this news that shocked him.


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