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“How is it Why isnt there any movement at all Why dont you follow us to a banquet first”

“The banquet of the Mechanical Conference, the nine major universities, and dozens of participating representatives of the Mechanical Research Institute who are qualified to participate in the Mechanical Conference will attend.”

“Oh, alright.” Shi Yu shook his confused head and touched his stomach.

He thought about his food for the past half a month.

The last normal meal was when he was in Dragon Palace City.

He hadnt eaten anything good in a long time… The Mechanical Conference banquet shouldnt be bad, right Then he should go take a look.

He turned around and put his pets into the ruins space, leaving his beloved Buggy behind.


Buggy: “!”

Star Capital Technology Garden, Seven Star Hotel.

Shi Yu followed Principal Feng, Grandma Li, Dean Hao, and the others here.

“Senior Shi Yu…” To Shi Yus surprise, just as they entered, a little girl pounced on Shi Yu.

When she saw Shi Yu, she looked excited.

“Fang Lan.” Shi Yu was immediately speechless when he saw the little girl guarding the door.

Principal Feng and the others looked at this youngest member of Bureau 11 and chuckled.

Fang Lans parents were both professors of the Mechanic Department of Kong University, so it wasnt strange for them to appear here.

“Senior Shi Yu, Ive opened up the Beast Taming Space!” Fang Lan said excitedly with Shi Yu.

“In addition, Ive already finished self-studying the Mechanic classes of high school and first and second years.

Ive also done the test questions.

I got full marks for all of them.”

“Grandpa Feng, Grandma Li, Grandpa Hao…” She then greeted the others.

“Ah.” Shi Yu touched his chin.

It was pretty fast.

From the looks of it, the memory water drop was very useful.

How long had it been

However, when Shi Yu looked at Fang Lans dark eye circles, he kept feeling that this girl was working hard.

“Healthiness first…”

“Its alright.” Fang Lan was not afraid at all.

In order to contract the mechanical phantom beast, she directly turned into a time management master.

First, she asked her family for spatial cultivation resources, wanting to open up the Beast Taming Space as soon as possible.

Then, she took various supplements, such as the Refreshing Capsule, stayed up late to study and do questions.

Her hard work paid off.

In just half a month, she completed all the Mechanic research topics from first to second year.

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“Alright.” The corners of Shi Yus mouth twitched.

Forget it, I should choose a mechanical phantom beast for this girl after the meeting.

Shi Yu could understand the anticipation of the other party and even the entire family.

After the Mechanical Conference ended, mechanical phantom beasts were no longer a rare species.

A new chapter would begin in Dong Huangs mechanical domain.

For this, during this period of time, under Shi Yus suggestion, Grandma Lis people had often mixed in the Dong Huang exchange team and crazily bought ancient fossils from other countries…

“Little Lan, where are your parents” Principal Feng asked.

“On the second floor inside.”

“I see.

You can bring us over,” Principal Feng said with a smile.

“Alright ~”

Fang Lan ran over to report her mission progress to Shi Yu and immediately said happily.

Under Fang Lans lead, everyone began to walk to the second floor.

During this process, Shi Yu was surprised to see Xiao Shuang and General Xiao Qin on the first floor.

The two of them also discovered the new Ancient Capital University team.

At the same time, they looked at Shi Yu in surprise.

Why was Shi Yu here

There were still many familiar faces.

What was even more surprising was that Shi Yu was still on the first floor when he discovered Gao Xuan, who was being interviewed by the official media and was representing Imperial Capital University…

“I… Cough, cough, cough.”

Opposite Gao Xuan, a female reporter and a male photographer were interviewing the youngest contestant of the Mechanical Conference.

At this moment, halfway through the interview, Gao Xuans gaze was suddenly attracted by Shi Yu and the others who passed by not far away.

Then, he immediately choked.

Gao Xuan widened his eyes and looked at the person who had just passed by.

Holy **, he knew the principal of Ancient Capital University.

He also knew Dean Hao of Ancient Capital Universitys Mechanical College, but why was Shi Yu also following beside them

Although Shi Yu was a genius figure of Ancient Capital University and represented the students, there was no need to bring Shi Yu to an event like the Mechanical Conference, right

Just like how he wouldnt participate in the Feeding Conference and archeological Conference, why was Shi Yu here!

“Student Gao, are you alright” The female reporter saw that Gao Xuans emotions were suddenly unstable and immediately asked with concern.

At the same time, she slowly looked in the direction Gao Xuan was looking at with widened eyes.

Then, she saw Shi Yu, who was walking and glancing over curiously.

The female reporter: !!!

When she saw Shi Yu, she was immediately shocked.

This was because Shi Yu was also the person she had always wanted to interview.

This was a super hot topic ranked fifth in the Sequence.

Unfortunately, she had never found an opportunity and couldnt contact him.

Why… Why would Shi Yu appear at the Mechanical Conference

Yes, after interviewing Gao Xuan, she would interview Shi Yu!!! She would ask about the situation!!!


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