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As for Baby Ginseng, it was really resting.

It lay there and condensed the time mark.

Of course, although he was lazing around, Shi Yu wasnt really lazing around.

He was thinking about Elevens new evolution form.

Although now that he had the Spirit Accumulation Jade given by his senior, the power of the Demon God was no longer a one-time consumable, it would probably take a long time for it to be large enough to support Elevens evolution.

At least before the World Tournament, there was definitely not much hope, because the strengthening speed of the Spirit Accumulation Jade was not very fast.

In eight months, it would at most replenish the power of the Demon God that Eleven had consumed previously.

It would probably take at least eight to ten years to accumulate enough to evolve.

Therefore, Shi Yu was looking for skills or materials that could assist the power of the Demon God to help Eleven evolve.

At the moment, Shi Yu had another goal.

It was to let Eleven, Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, Susu, and Ling evolve another round before the world competition! They would cooperate with legendary resources to break through to overlord!

On Lings side, it must have evolved around the form of the super mecha and the Wind Kirin fossil.

Ling could worry about this itself.

It only needed to find the materials.

As for Susu, if it broke through to the overlord level, it could receive the inheritance of the Blue Sea Ruins.

It was equivalent to evolution.

Chi Tong and Buggys Spirit Release and Dragon of Imagination skill proficiency had reached perfect level, which was equivalent to a different evolution.

They just had to add points.

Therefore, the focus that needed to be paid more attention to was Eleven and Baby Ginseng.

Among them, Baby Ginseng had a mutation.

With its current race, the suitable legendary, Mythical, and resources that contained a certain amount of mutation power had a chance of being optimized again on the current Undying Ginseng race.

Shi Yu planned to start with light and earth.

As for Eleven, it might be the most difficult to evolve again.

Because its current race was the strongest in the team.

The difficulty of evolution was obvious.

However, Shi Yu already had some thoughts.

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The Aurora Magnetic Gold sent by Principal Feng had a chance to allow Eleven to awaken “White Thunder”.

This was lightning that contained the nature of light, or it could also be called Light Thunder.

As for the power of the Demon God of the meteorite fragment, after it was absorbed by the hardening substance that contained lightning, it could give birth to the “black lightning” of the dark-element Demon God nature.

It could also be called the dark lightning.

This was the embodiment of the power of the Demon God in Eleven.

The black and white lightning was indeed as Principal Feng had said.

They were two conflicting attributes, so he felt that it was normal for Eleven, who had a certain level of affinity for the dark element, to not have much hope of learning the white lightning.

However, conflicting powers… This word suddenly reminded Shi Yu of Chi Tongs Interlocking Sword.

Who said that conflicting powers couldnt be used together

Not only could it be done, but it could also be stronger.

Light and darkness intertwined, not inferior to fire and water.

If Eleven could master the Light and Darkness Interlocking Lightning and evolve with it, its strength would definitely be stronger.

At that time, under the lightning armor of the Yin Yang Divine Thunder, the overload brought by the intersection of attributes would definitely be super explosive.

Coupled with the Undying Golden Body and Impregnable, it would definitely be invincible.

Therefore, Shi Yu needed a thunder-element evolution skill that could perfectly fuse the black and white lightning…

He searched, but couldnt find it.

However, Shi Yu did find a metal-element evolution skill.

< Name > Super Alloy

[Attributes]: Machinery, Metal

[Level]: Super level

< Introduction > It can synthesize the power of different metals and complete super evolution.

The success rate of evolution depends on skill proficiency, metal compatibility, and ones endurance of new alloys.

Shi Yu originally couldnt find this skill because this skill didnt exist in Dong Huang.

This skill was the racial skill of the mechanical and metal-element mechanical pet, the “Alloy Monster”.

This pet also had the technology to create the Alloy Monster.

Only Shen Feng and the Seven Islands had it.

Although this skill wasnt thunder-element, if Eleven could master it, there was a certain chance of completing the evolution of light and darkness.

This was because Elevens hardening was also the iron-eating beasts racial evolution skill.

At the maximum level, it could already absorb special energy and change its metal nature.

As long as Eleven entered the form of a demon god through hardening and gave itself the power of a demon god, at the same time, it could use the White Thunder to modify part of the hardening substance.

Then, it could activate the super alloy skill and let the Light Thunder Hardening and Dark Thunder Hardening fuse.

In theory, it could complete the evolution of light and darkness.

However, the problem was that Shi Yu didnt know if Eleven could learn this skill with a Mechanic.

At the same time, he thought that it was equivalent to gambling.

He couldnt be sure of the success rate.

After all, who knew if the light and dark metals could be perfectly fused

At the same time, he thought that it was equivalent to gambling.

He couldnt be sure of the success rate.

After all, who knew if the light and dark metals could be perfectly fused


With this thought in mind, Shi Yu organized it and planned to throw it to Ling to analyze.

They could study if Eleven could learn the superalloy skill of the Mechanic class!

If there was no chance, there was no need to find a place to replicate the skill.

He could only wait until the skill fusion was activated before helping Eleven bet on an evolution skill.

After that, he would study the success rate of the super golden light dark evolution.

If it succeeded, the power of Yin Yang Interlocking would definitely not be inferior to the power of time.

The fusion of light, darkness, yin, and yang, was indistinguishable.

It was chaos.

The Nine Li Battle Beast directly evolved.

The Chaos Panda and the Limitless Panda should be stronger than Emperor Wus Demon God Panda.


That night, the night before the Mechanical Conference.

Shi Yu was still lying on the ground when he received an invitation from Principal Feng.


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