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At first, when the Void Mantis saw Eleven in the frost cleansing suit, it thought it was an ice-element ice block.

In the end, as Eleven broke through the ice suit and resisted the attack, the Void Mantis realized that this wasnt an ice block, but an iron block.

Its entire body was metal and hard.

It was the monarch-level creature with the highest defense it had ever seen.

It actually relied on the method of exchanging injuries to counterattack.

Moreover, it had mastered a super powerful large-scale spatial damage skill, which really shocked the Void Mantis.

If it werent for the fact that Elevens spatial attainments werent strong and it had relied on brute force, allowing the mantis to neutralize much of the vibration under its spatial repair… The Void Mantis felt that it would have instantly fallen here.


Just as the Void Mantis was still lamenting, in the distance, blue lightning flashed in front of Elevens palm.

Space Quake Electromagnetic Cannon!

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Metal cannonballs that had been given spatial attributes were fired by Eleven one after another, locking onto the flying Void Mantis.

The cannonball tore through space and flickered with lightning.

Seeing this, the Void Mantis stabilized its body and teleported away from the cannonball.

However, on the other side, as Eleven shook its palms, the cannonball quickly changed its trajectory under the control of the electromagnetic force.

Like an air cannonball, it continued to lock onto the Void Mantis that had teleported in another direction!

“Spatial Blade!!”

When the Void Mantis saw that the cannonball could still track the enemy, it directly waved its two blades.

In the next moment, the spatial blade appeared in front of the cannonball without any warning, splitting the Space Quake Electromagnetic Cannon into two.

Elevens super strong attack was instantly sliced open like tofu under the spatial blade.


However, this was only used by Eleven to attract the enemys attention.

At this moment, with a flash of lightning, Eleven, who was wearing the profundities of the Thunder Armor, also appeared above the Void Mantis with the lightning.

He raised his iron fist, wanting to heavily injure this guy again.

Giant Transformation, Space Quake!!

A fist descended from the sky!

A huge iron fist dozens of meters in diameter that swept through space descended with a bang.

The iron fist shook space, and deterrence swept through the sky.

However, the reaction and speed of the Void Mantis was faster.

Before the vibration affected the spatial stability of this place, it successfully teleported above Eleven, even more agile than the profundities of the Thunder Armor.

“So fast.” Shi Yu suddenly looked at the sky.


The Void Mantis waved its two black blades again.

This time, Space Slash, Space Blade, and Space Control gathered on the spatial blades that appeared and slashed at Eleven below.

Spatial Sword Dance!


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The sword dance that filled the sky hit Elevens body and shattered the stacked impregnable and hardened armor again.

This time, the injuries were even deeper, even directly splitting Elevens own armor, causing shocking injuries to appear on Elevens body under the armor.

If it were before it learned the Undying Golden Body and the Overlord Body Armor, the current Eleven would definitely have fallen to the extreme.

However, with the support of these two skills, it was still very ferocious.

It resisted everything and wanted to change its body to attack the enemy!!


Eleven endured the attack and changed its body.

A fist smashed into the sky, causing the air to tremble.

A rumbling spatial crack quickly spread.

Unfortunately, the Void Mantis was already prepared for Elevens powerful defense.

Compared to the first time, it was more agile and had long teleported to a sufficiently far distance, directly making Elevens subsequent reaction miss.

“Roar ~!!!” Eleven roared in dissatisfaction.

“Lightning Rod.”

Under Shi Yus command, Elevens gaze turned cold.

It immediately gave its entire body lightning-attracting substance, hoping to absorb the lightning energy drifting in the ruins space to recover its physical fitness.


After the Void Mantis left, Eleven started to recover.

Seeing this, the Void Mantis naturally couldnt let Eleven succeed.

“Youre too dangerous.

Im not playing with you anymore.”

The spatial fragments fell like glass.

In the distance, the Void Mantis took a deep breath.

Because Eleven had indeed displayed a threat to it, it wasnt in the mood to play with Eleven like when it had encountered its previous opponents.

What would happen if this guy absorbed natural energy again!

In the end, it was still an insect.

Its physical strength and energy level were not its strong points.

If Eleven managed to land a perfect attack, it would be much worse than if Eleven was attacked by it.

Perhaps it really felt threatened, or perhaps the deterrence worked, but the Void Mantis was serious.

At this point, the Void Mantis directly used its strongest combination skill, Space Domain.


With the help of spatial control, the powerful domain formed by the forbidden domain and spatial distortion, it immediately enveloped Eleven and the Void Mantis.

At this moment, Eleven immediately felt that the space was a little chaotic and it couldnt tell its direction.

Its five senses couldnt control its body to carry out smooth movements.

At the same time, it also felt that its control over its energy had decreased a lot.

The lightning elements attracted by the Lightning Rod also instantly disappeared and were no longer controlled by the Lightning Rod skill.

Under normal circumstances, the forbidden domain could only prohibit the enemy from controlling natural energy.

However, after the proficiency was high, even the pets control over its own energy would be affected a little, making it even more difficult to control.

It was said that when it reached the transcendent level, it could even directly make enemies weaker than it lose control of their energy.

In this domain, the spatial affinity of the Void Mantis also rose to another level.

It directly attacked Eleven, who was trying to adapt to the new environment, on the spot!


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