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Its body was covered in bean bear tattoos.

Applause for the panda man!


In the face of a max-level army defense skill, the Space Slash first shattered the impregnable golden light membrane, and its power was reduced by a point.

Then, it shattered the black hardening layer on Elevens body, and its power decreased again.

The terrifying strength of the Void Mantis indeed made Eleven and Shi Yu fall silent.

In just an instant, it directly shattered the strongest defense formed by multiple skills in a row.

Moreover, the spatial cutting was still going deeper.

The next step was to directly slash Elevens armor!!

Fortunately, the body that had been strengthened by tempered steel and reinforced iron bones was not for show.

In addition, Elevens physique was originally comparable to a divine dragon.

At this moment, the spatial slash finally couldnt take another step forward and stopped here.

It only left a long and shallow wound on Elevens armor.

It couldnt continue and was absorbed by the deepest layer of the Overlord Body Armor.

At the same time, due to the existence of the Overlord Body Armor, Eleven didnt feel any damage or impact.

Its body and mind could still react freely.

“Roar!!!” Up until now, no pet had resisted the spatial slash.

Under Elevens roar, the hardened iron fist that was a step slower than the Void Mantiss attack directly lingered with white spatial substance and smashed towards the Void Mantis in front of it!!

Although Elevens Space Quake skills proficiency was at most at the proficient level, this was a dual-element skill of metal and space.

With the enhancement of Hardening, with deterrence wrapped around it, and with Eleven superimposing the full-level Giant Transformation on the Space Quake wave, the power of this originally proficient super skill was immediately not inferior to the Space Slash just now.

It descended with a bang as the pupils of the Void Mantis constricted.

At this moment, the Void Mantis was indeed stunned, because this was indeed the first time its attack was defended against.

Since guarding this ruin, even if it encountered the pets of the Space Emperors children, no one dared to face its spatial cutting head-on.

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But now, this pet had done it.

Moreover, after it took the attack head-on, its body didnt react at all.

It connected a terrifying attack like flowing water!


The Void Mantis sensed a threat.

Its movements were indeed fast.

Even if Eleven reacted in time, it still instantly teleported in the opposite direction of the attack.

However, Elevens reaction consciousness also reacted very quickly under the dual stimulation of super vision and lightning armor.

It directly turned its straight fist into an upper vibration fist and performed an indiscriminate vibration!!


The Space Quake skill, enhanced by the max-level Giant Transformation, directly shattered space like glass.

Then, a terrifying spatial vibration swept in all directions indiscriminately.

This kind of direct spatial attack was much more threatening to spatial pets than other attributes.

After the Void Mantis teleported, it immediately used spatial control to repair space.

The quickly spreading spatial vibration still instantly swallowed it!!


The pupils of the Void Mantis constricted, and it directly turned into a black meteor that was smashed into the distance.

However, with the perfect spatial control, the attack just now was indeed offset by it a lot.

It didnt suffer much damage itself, but being attacked like never before, coupled with the full-level deterrence, stunned the Void Mantis.

It felt that the guy in front of it was stronger than any opponent that came previously!!

Who was it!

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