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Eleven supported itself on the ground with one hand and quickly got up.

Its fist continued to multiply.

It was wrapped in deterrence, impregnable, and had the Space Quake skill.

It erupted with an attack stronger than the profundity Thunder Palm just now and smashed.

With a crack, a powerful spatial vibration appeared.

The incomparably complicated combination attack made the Wind Demon Lions turning misfortune into luck skill unable to perfectly absorb it.


With a roar, a huge spatial vibration swallowed the Wind Demon Lion that had stopped in midair.

At the same time, Eleven used itself as a medium to attract lightning.

Thunder clouds condensed in the sky, and countless lightning bolts descended from the sky, indiscriminately slashing at the Wind Demon Lion flying backward in mid-air, as well as Eleven on the ground.

“You want to recover your energy No way.” It still absorbed a lot of damage by using Misfortune into Luck.

Although the Wind Demon Lion couldnt reflect it successfully, it reduced its damage to the minimum.

After being sent flying, it quickly stabilized its body.

Its body was like an eye of the wind, sweeping up strong winds.

Hu hu hu hu!!!

Lu Qingyi knew Elevens battle style.

She immediately let the Wind Demon Lion disperse the lightning and thunderclouds that descended by using the control of the wind element, preventing Eleven from absorbing the lightning to recover its physical fitness.

Wu wu wu!

Shi Yu and Eleven immediately felt that it was troublesome.

They cursed in their hearts.

With their skill proficiency and energy level being crushed, they instantly felt that the battle was difficult.

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“How is it Admit defeat,” Lu Qingyi said with a smile.

“Senior, its not over.”

“Continue enlarging! Attack with all your might,” Shi Yu continued.

If he didnt defeat the Mythical Revival state, he wouldnt be able to win this battle.

In this state, most of the Wind Demon Lions attributes exceeded the current Eleven.

After all, it was a perfect super skill.

Shi Yu thought for a moment and decided to let Eleven give it a try.

The other party definitely had a huge burden to bear in this state.

It was also a paper tiger.

It was the same for everyone.

It depended on who could stand until the end.

“Roar!!!” Listening to Shi Yus command, Eleven roared and continued to expand.

It expanded from the dozens of meters just now to a hundred meters.

In this state, the power of the skill was indeed stronger, but there was only one eruption.

However, soon, Lu Qingyis expression changed slightly.

This was because after Eleven instantly enlarged to a hundred meters, the enlargement still didnt stop.

It even started to continue enlarging at a size of 200 meters… During this process, Elevens own limit was undergoing a very harsh challenge.

Although it hadnt reached a height of 200 meters, Eleven reached the limit of the burden in the blink of an eye.

On its huge body, its silver-black armor all cracked because of the enlargement.

At this moment, the seemingly powerful Elevens body was actually as weak as glass due to the overload.

After it enlarged to this state, its own state was no longer enough to withstand the huge power of this state, as if its entire body would collapse in the next second.

“This is…”

However, immediately after, Lu Qingyi and the Wind Demon Lion shockingly discovered that because it had forcefully erupted to the point where its body was in pieces, Eleven, whose body was in a desperate situation, actually had a terrifying power stronger than before, all of it in its body to support its current form.

White light shone on Eleven, making its eyes reveal a fierce light.

Skill: Impregnable

[Attributes]: Metal, spiritual element.

When in a desperate situation, it can erupt with stronger power that exceeds the limit according to the strength of its will!

Through overload, it entered a desperate situation manually!

The skill they retrieved from Burning Gold could allow Eleven to barely unleash its strongest attack in desperate situations that exceeded the limit multiple times!

“Roar!!!” The incomparably huge Eleven directly swung its hardening arm, shaking the space.

With a boom, it smashed towards the Wind Demon Lion!!

Black lightning lingered in the sky like dragons dancing.

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Lu Qingyi was stunned.

Who exactly was cheating!

At the side, the gem cat clicked its tongue and shook its head.

Can you monarchs not be so fierce in a battle!!

The final battle ended in a draw between the Wind Demon Lion and Eleven, but if one had to choose, Eleven barely won.

This was because if it relied on absolute sleep and high-speed healing after the both of them collapsed, Eleven could recover its consciousness and mobility faster.

However, that would be too much of a delay.

After the battle, Shi Yu directly summoned Baby Ginseng and let it treat Eleven while he brought Baby Ginsengs recovery items to feed the Wind Demon Lion.

“Little Lion, itll be fine after you eat it.” Shi Yu smiled and fed the Wind Demon Lion supplements, rubbing against it.

[Recording successful]

Skill: Turning Misfortune into Luck

[Recording successful]

Skill: Mythical Revival

< Introduction > Its a super special skill that can awaken the divine power sleeping in creatures.

Hu ~

Shi Yu was quite happy that he had finally replicated the Mythical Revival skill.

However, Lu Qingyi, who was beside him, looked depressed.

She was very unhappy that it was even with Shi Yu.

She said, “Why are you more concerned about it than Eleven”

“Roar.” The Wind Demon Lion raised its head weakly.

It also wanted to know if this guy wanted to hit on its master.

Shi Yu said, “Elevens physique is stronger.

With Baby Ginseng taking care of him, hell be fine…”

“How is it, Senior Lu With this strength, I should be able to challenge the Void Mantis, right”

Lu Qingyi was speechless.

She didnt expect Shi Yu and Elevens strength to advance to such a ridiculous level in a short period of time.

The consecutive eruptions actually took itself down with the Wind Demon Lion in the Mythical Revival state.

This guys strength…

It was no longer inferior to him.


At the thought of this, Lu Qingyis heart ached.

How could she let a newbie catch up to him so quickly

She couldnt slack off anymore.

Putting archeology aside, it was time to train hard.

“Its indeed very strong.” Lu Qingyi finally sighed and said, “But I still feel its a little lacking.

That Void Mantis defeated my Wind Demon Lion more cleanly.

My other pets arent its match either.”

Shi Yu was stunned.

“Is that Void Mantis so strong”

According to what he knew, apart from the fairies in the courtyard, Senior Lus pets had all received the Mythical inheritance and mastered the Mythical Revival skill.

“After all, its a pet cultivated by the Space Emperor,” Lu Qingyi said.

“If your Eleven can obtain a full inscription like Emperor Wu and ten super racial skills, he might be able to win, but now, it should still be very difficult.”

Shi Yu looked at Eleven, who was also shaking its head and getting up in a daze.

It hugged Baby Ginseng and fell into deep thought.

There was no hope for the ten inscriptions.

They were limited by the era, and it was unrealistic to replicate the path of Emperor Wu.

It looked like he still had to teach Eleven the “Undying Golden Body” before challenging the Void Mantis.

At the moment, without the Undying Golden Body, the burden on Elevens body easily exceeded the limit.

“Then lets train in a targeted way for a while more before challenging the Void Mantis…” Shi Yu said.

Lu Qingyi: “Huh Arent you going to prepare for the Mechanical Conference”

Shi Yu: “The Mechanical Conference… naturally has to be prepared for too.”

When the funds of the Ancient Capital Universitys Mechanical College arrived, with Ling preparing it herself, it would be enough.

“…Then go quickly.” Lu Qingyi started to send the guests off.

She no longer wanted to see Shi Yu.

She had to hurry up and break through to the Legendary level.

No wonder Shi Yu had been chasing after her to challenge her.

So close, she almost failed.

In Shi Yus own ruins space, Shi Yu shook his head.

He carried the indignant and angry Eleven.

“Wu wu wu wu!!!” Eleven sighed.

This was the most difficult battle it had fought in recent times.

It was even harder than fighting Buggy and Baby Ginseng.

“Senior Lus Wind Demon Lion is also a battle power unit.

Now that I know that the Void Mantis is stronger than that Wind Demon Lion, its time to improve.

Im still quite interested in that Space Beast egg.” Shi Yu pulled Eleven into the room.

Eleven also fell silent.

It couldnt be helped.

At this point, the increase in training in the short term wouldnt be too big.

In that case, lets add points!!! Although it didnt have the overlords will yet, after training for so long, it would definitely be able to withstand the mental corrosion of super skills!

“Wuu!! (Beast Tamer, increase points!!)”


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