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It had to be said that Gao Xuans tactical vision was indeed good.

Whether he threw his trump card at Chi Tong or decided to find Shi Yu himself to erupt with a big move and eliminate Shi Yu, it was the best choice under normal circumstances.

However, accidents often happened very suddenly.

“Contestant Gao Xuan and contestant Shi Yus sword spirit are still in a chase.”

“However, long before they met, contestant Shi Yu also seemed to have sensed a special situation through telepathy with his pet.”

“Currently… the Iron-eating Beast, the Butterfly of Imagination, the Water Slime, and even Shi Yu himself have already left the spot and surrounded contestant Gao Xuan”

Everyone looked at the red dot moving towards Gao Xuan on the map and immediately broke out in cold sweat for Gao Xuan.

Because from a distance, Gao Xuan was about to bump into another Shi Yus pet that had surrounded him during his escape…

“Wuuuu!! Wuuu!!”

As Gao Xuan flew, the Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast that had activated the detection system suddenly detected excited voices and powerful energy fluctuations from afar.

Due to the mental connection with Chi Tong, Gao Xuan and the others positions had always been locked onto by Eleven, Shi Yu, Buggy, and Susu.

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This also led to…

“Its endless!”

Sensing a huge energy wave in front of him, Gao Xuan was suddenly stunned.

That was… Shi Yus Iron-eating Beast

[Holy **, Captain Gao!!!]

[That direction, that position… Holy **, its an Iron-eating Beast that insta-killed ten monarchs of the same level along with 100,000 ferocious beasts!!]

The audience quickly realized that something was wrong and quickly sensed that Gao Xuan was already in a pincer attack state.


Under a deafening thunderclap in front of him, a huge monster more than a hundred meters tall quickly appeared.

“Roar!!!” Under the lightning, in the distance, the Panda King Eleven, who had transformed into the form of a Nine Li Battle Beast, looked at the Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast flying over excitedly.

It was extremely happy.

Of course, it was very happy.

The Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast and Chi Tong, who were flying over, were not.

Chi Tong was furious when it saw Eleven rush over so quickly to snatch the kill.

Tears were already in its eyes.

At this moment, Gao Xuan was shocked to discover that there was something wrong with the Nine Li Battle Beast in front of him.

Energy Points: 8 million

Eleven, who had entered the sharp state, directly erupted to the level of 8 million energy points, blocking thousands of meters away from Gao Xuan and the others.

Realizing the terrifying energy value of this Nine Li Battle Beast, Gao Xuan directly cursed and was very confused again.

If he knew that Eleven could continue to use the natural lightning to erupt and obtain energy values comparable to ten million levels, he would definitely be even more confused.

Of course, in Elevens opinion, there was naturally no need to fight so hard to deal with Gao Xuan, who had to escape even when facing Chi Tong.

In Elevens opinion, this state was enough.

After all, he still had to save his strength to eliminate the other contestants.

After discovering Gao Xuan, Eleven roared and stretched out its huge palm, slapping over from afar.


“Wu wu wu wu wu wu—” The ten Bean Bears floated in the air and appeared in front of Elevens palm.

They hugged together and activated hardening and impregnable.

They hugged themselves into an iron ball and kept enlarging!


In the next moment, under the combination skill of the “Super Electromagnetic Bear” that enlarged Eleven, the impregnable Bean Bear Army that had undergone electromagnetic acceleration was like a huge golden-blue cannonball as it tore through the air.

Its target was the Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast in the distance!!

Eleven, who had shot out the Bean Bear Cannon, had a deep gaze.

Eat this!

[Danger, danger, danger!!!]


In the distance, Gao Xuan sensed that this attack wasnt much inferior to the sword spirits attack just now.

His gaze exploded to the extreme.

What the f*ck was this Most importantly, wasnt this Shi Yus initial pet Why didnt he see that damned Shi Yu!!

It still couldnt be stopped.

If it couldnt be stopped, it had to use the super frequency driver mode again!!

Soon, Gao Xuan was shocked to discover that an ordinary fusion state was actually still unable to withstand this ridiculous attack.

Moreover, the speed of this move was incomparably terrifying.

It was even wrapped in a world-shaking deterrence.

Even mechanical pets with extremely good resistance to deterrence actually sensed an overwhelming pressure at this moment.


Soon, the Super Electric Bear tore through the air and tore a long spatial crack in midair.

Almost instantly, Chi Tong, who was in the distance, turned and ran.

It didnt want to face the aftermath of this move, but the Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast that was locked onto by deterrence and super vision wasnt that lucky.

Under the constricted pupils of the Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast and Gao Xuan inside, the electromagnetic bear army arrived with a bang, erupting with shocking destructive power.

It swallowed the Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast that raised its shield in despair into the huge smoke again.

This time, the aftermath directly turned into an electromagnetic storm that swept in all directions.

At the same time, in the sky, the golden and silver figure of the Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast fell into the distance like a kite with a broken string again.

White smoke lingered on its body, and it was filled with injuries.

Moreover, the speed of its fall was even faster this time.

It smashed into a huge mountain in the distance and it crumbled!!



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