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The battle situation on Hot Summer Island changed rapidly.

Now, the most stunned were still Sister Shi, Xiao Qin, Huang Qi, Qin Mingzhi, and the others who knew Shi Yu.

They opened their mouths wide, completely confused by Shi Yus actions just now.

What happened

Was there really an Undying Ginseng

Something was wrong.

That wasnt an Undying Ginseng at all.

Wasnt that the ginseng baby Shi Yu contracted That was the ginseng baby!!

Xiao Qin, Huang Qi, Qin Mingzhi, and the other Beast Tamers who knew about Shi Yus pet widened their eyes and looked at Shi Yu.

Shi Yu: This is all part of the plan.

“Sister Shi… Remember not to let our own people chase after the Undying Ginseng, or else youll bear the consequences.”


At this moment, Baby Ginseng was still running with tears in its eyes.

It couldnt be helped.

If it didnt run far, it was afraid that it would kill Shi Yu and the others.

The self-destruction of an overlord that exceeded the limit was not a joke.


In order to fight for the Undying Ginseng, this group of ferocious beasts went all out.

The deterrence of the Snake Lord and the Earth Demon Ape swept over like a hurricane.

However, they didnt dare to use too much strength.

It was afraid that it would damage the Undying Ginseng and cause the supplement to lose effect.

This also caused Baby Ginseng to easily escape with the deterrence of the two overlords.

However, the other pets chasing Baby Ginseng werent that lucky.

Those below the monarch level were all knocked out by the deterrence of the two overlords.

The two overlords didnt allow another mistake.

They didnt allow the Undying Ginseng to be eaten by other weak guys.


The Snake Lord used a special method to fly.

As for the Earth Demon Ape, it couldnt fly.

However, when it leaped from the ground, the sound of air being torn sounded.

It was no different from flying, and its speed was similarly terrifying.

“The Undying Ginseng is mine!!”

“Its mine!!!”

The roars of the two overlords sounded, and their gazes became more and more crazy.

They drooled as they flew.

The reason was very simple.

As Baby Ginseng escaped, its aura became stronger and stronger, as if it was becoming more and more nourishing as time passed.

Energy Points: 5 million

10 million!

20 million!!

30 million!!

The reason why the energy value swelled was because Baby Ginseng had started to transform the power of time and the power of the Moon Explosion.

Under the enhancement of the power of time, its own level was not only increasing, but the proficiency of Moon Explosion was also increasing.

During this process, Baby Ginseng was in a lot of pain.

It felt a huge burden on its body.

However, when it thought that this was a necessary step to grow and transform, it resisted.

Of course, although Baby Ginsengs aura was getting stronger and stronger, countless ferocious beasts didnt realize anything.

It couldnt be helped.

The impression that it was a natural treasure had already been deeply rooted in peoples hearts.

Who would mind that a good meal was too fragrant

Due to the speciality of the race, the stronger the energy, the more fragrant it was.

The hazy moonlight shone on Baby Ginseng, making it look especially tempting.

40 million!

50 million!

Shi Yu stood in the distance and captured the change in Baby Ginsengs strength in shock.

Its strength was still increasing.

However, an overlord was an overlord after all.

Baby Ginseng had only learned to fly not long ago.

Even if a group of ferocious beasts treated it like a little pet and couldnt bear to force it too much, it was still quickly stopped.

The Earth Demon Ape got behind Baby Ginseng and grabbed with its big hand, scaring Baby Ginseng.

However, at this moment, with a hoarse roar, the Snake Lord in the sky trembled.

This time, not only did eight tails appear, but eight heads also appeared on its body!!



The Snake Lord roared, and a huge phantom dozens of meters tall instantly appeared behind it.

This phantom also had eight heads and eight tails, and its body was as huge as eight mountains and eight valleys.

Almost instantly, the Snake Lord tied the Earth Demon Ape with a few huge tails.

As for Baby Ginseng, it instantly felt a devouring suction from the Snake Lords eight heads.

“Roar!!! (Youre crazy!!)”

The moment its body was tied up, the Earth Demon Ape revealed a shocked expression.

Yamata, the Octagon Aspect was a super forbidden skill that would consume the blood essence bestowed to the snake masters by the Octagon Totem and burn its life force to erupt.

Seeing the snake master release this skill in order to snatch the Undying Ginseng, the Earth Demon Ape instantly cursed.

“Roar!!!” However, the Earth Demon Ape completely didnt want to watch as Baby Ginseng was sucked into the Snake Lords mouth.

After the Earth God Armor erupted to its strongest state, it also tried its best to use brute force to break free from this snakes restraints.

Seeing this scene, the most anxious ones became the pets of the pirates following closely behind.

Dozens of skills smashed towards the Snake Lord at the same time.

However, at this moment, the Snake Lord was already extremely crazy.

Its huge eight-headed form directly helped it block all the attacks.

Its main body grinned and opened its mouth wide.

Accompanied by a black mist vortex in its mouth, it looked at the Undying Ginseng that it had swallowed with a burning gaze.

“No one can stop me.”

“Ill remember this.

After this, all of you have to die!”


The Snake Lords huge tail swept across, sending many monarch-level ferocious beasts flying and killing them.

However, five huge tails were also destroyed by some pets that had been strengthened by the Beast Tamer to the quasi overlord level.

However, in the face of the Snake Lord, who was determined to devour the Undying Ginseng, these monarch-level pets were really helpless.

Even after the Earth Demon Ape tore apart the huge tail wrapped around it, it was already too late.

It could only watch helplessly as Baby Ginseng approached the snake masters huge mouth.

“Roar!!!” The giant ape revealed an unacceptable expression.


Countless ferocious beasts also roared.


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