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Chapter 282 Treasure of Dragon Palace City (1)

Shi Yu had never been beaten up in the possession state, but he had to prepare for everything


Just as he finished testing his strength, Shi Yu felt his body hurt.

He hurriedly called Baby Ginseng out to continue healing himself.


A moment later, Baby Ginseng sighed as it rubbed Shi Yus fist.

He still wanted to bully Bean Bear before his body recovered.

This was karma…

“Wuu!” Eleven nodded while fixing the beans.

Thats right.

“What else Dont tell me I should test it on Susu” Eleven, Baby Ginseng: Wasnt hitting a water slime even more cruel!

It would turn into mud in an instant…

Put away those cruel thoughts! “Eh.”

Suddenly, Shi Yu, who was sitting on the bed, said, “How should I put it I suddenly have a bold idea.” “Wu” “Yi”

Eleven and Baby Ginseng revealed puzzled expressions and looked at Shi Yu.

Did he really want to hit the slime… “Obviously not,” Shi Yu said.

“Buggy, Chi Tong, Susu, come out.” Shi Yu also summoned the other three pets.

Buggy and Chi Tong were alright.

After Susu was summoned by Shi Yu this time, it stared at Shi Yu with its round eyes.

“Heh.” Shi Yu also smiled at it.

“Susu, look at this.”

Shi Yu took out the female armor that Ice Dragon had given to General Mu Huiyin.

[Name]: Gemini Silver Armor (Status: Broken)

[Level]: Level 6 (Perfect State: Legendary Level)

< Introduction > Its a broken level-nine armor that contains strong power of the sun and moon.

It can perfectly coordinate the power of the intersection.

“Ning” Susu looked at the armor and was confused.

Was it food

“This… cant be eaten for the time being.”

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Shi Yu chuckled and said, “Use the elementalization ability to cooperate with the control of the water element and transform into a human form.

Wear this armor.

Then, Chi Tong, possess Susu and fuse fire and water!!”

“Buggy, materialize a phantom of General Mu Huiyin for Susu and let it see General Mu Huiyins size.”

“Wu Wu Wu Wu… (Wait, wait a minute)” Buggys eyes were filled with tears.

Didnt they agree to let it use the [Ice Dragon General Rebirth Combination Tactic] with Chi Tong

Why did it become a tool worm again with the Water Slime

“It must be that water and fire are more compatible with the intersection power.” Shi Yu touched his chin.

“And I reckon that Chi Tong definitely likes Susu more than your phantom.”

Soon, under Shi Yus arrangements, Susu turned into the water-element form and wore the Gemini Silver Armor.

Because it was water element, it could freely adjust its size.

At this moment, it perfectly loaded its equipment without any resistance.

Shi Yu and the others looked at the Water Element General in front of them eagerly and observed silently.

“Susu, use the water element to control the nature of the ice and turn yourself a little cold.”

“Ning.” Susu obeyed.

The next moment, this Water Element General emitted a cold aura.

“Mi!!” In mid-air, the little sword spirit Chi Tongs eyes instantly lit up like a female pervert.

Susu, come over here~

“Ning” “Possession,” Shi Yu said.

In the next moment, the little sword spirit possessed the Water Element General.

The moment the two came into contact, the blue and red light on their bodies immediately flourished.

Under the light, a taiji pattern formed by water and fire appeared in front of Shi Yu and the others.

With a roar, Chi Tong and Susus fusion seemed to have undergone a qualitative change.

In front of Shi Yu, the change in their energy value increased rapidly!


A moment later, a Water Element General with red hair and eyes appeared in front of Shi Yu with a flaming sword in hand.

Energy Points: 2.4 million

“Ning Mi.” The Water Element General, who was even taller than Shi Yu, let out a voice and looked at its state in surprise.

At this moment, Shi Yu blinked.

He looked at Chi Tong and Susus new forms in surprise.

Holy **.

It was really feasible.

Its energy level was much higher than Chi Tongs possession of his body.

2.4 million.

After all, their energy values added together were less than 240,000, and they were both commander rank!

Although it was thanks to Mu Huiyins armor, it was impossible for Shi Yu to wear it at all.

Therefore, the possession effect was undoubtedly strong.

Generally speaking, the best possession target for undead was the Beast Tamer who contracted it.

Even if Chi Tong possessed Eleven and Buggys illusions and ginseng baby… The enhancement from possessing Shi Yu would definitely be better.

But now, because of the exclusive equipment, Mu Huiyins armor, Chi Tong temporarily had a more perfect possession target.

The combination of Chi Tong and Susu directly maximized the effect of Mu Huiyins armor!

Now, they were all commander rank.

When they all broke through to the monarch rank and combined, how strong would their strength be

Although it might not be as ridiculous as ten times the increase, it probably wasnt a problem to crush Eleven even at its full strength.


“Wuwuwu.” Buggy also sensed the power of Chi Tong and Susu after using the equipment.

It wiped its tears.

As it said, equipment was the most important element in battle power!

It was quite strong itself with the Ice Dragon Whiskers, Sea Dragon Scale, and Tyrant Dragon Fang.

In fact, it recommended that the equipment system be permanent! “Yi…” Baby Ginseng looked at the combination of Chi Tong and Susu in envy.

Why didnt it have such a perfect pair

Baby Ginseng had a bitter expression.

If a pet partner fought with it, the pet would probably want to eat it and become stronger.


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