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Chapter 190: A Friend From Afar

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As Shi Yu, Yu Shu, Wang Ling, and Miao Dongdong were discussing…

There was a sudden commotion at the entrance of the training hall.

“May I ask if this is the Ancient Capital University Battle Club”

A short-haired young man who was about twenty years old in white pants and a gray shirt carried a backpack.

The young man looked over.

At this moment, most of the people in the stadium were using the equipment in the field to train their bodies.

There were not many people like Shi Yu and Yu Shu who sat down to chat purely.

They basically chatted while exercising.

Body was the capital to control beasts.

To become a good Beast Tamer, a strong physique was also very important.

However, they had to train pets, meditate, and attend classes, so most Beast Tamers ignored the physical training.

This situation was naturally impossible to happen in the battle club of the Ancient Capital University.

The students here also had to train their bodies.

In this aspect, Shi Yu was considered lucky.

If not for the additional points and the effect of improving his body, he definitely would not have been able to easily reach the current upper limit of his physique.

The skill duplication index did not directly strengthen Shi Yus body, but provided an effective training channel.

Shi Yus physique potential was no different from that of a Beast Tamer of the same level.

As long as Beast Tamers of the same level were willing to exercise wholeheartedly and invest huge amounts of energy and resources, there was a chance of reaching Shiyus level.

Of course, it was one thing to be able to achieve it.

Apart from special talent Beast Tamers like those with the talent Fusion, probably not many Beast Tamers were willing to put in too much energy to train their bodies.

The price-performance ratio was not as high as meditation and training pets.

On the one hand, it was really tiring…

“You are Student Fu Dian”

At this moment, seeing the main character appear, Dean He looked over and revealed a surprised expression.

“Yeah, I am.”

Fu Dian, who stopped in front of the training hall, nodded.

“Hello, Im Teacher He of Ancient Capital Universitys Zhan Society.

I did receive news that someone would come to visit today.

Welcome, welcome.”

Dean Hes expression was calm as he calmly walked forward, making the members of the battle club speechless.

Bull**, that wasnt the tone you used in the group chat just now!

He even specially called many members who didnt have their morning training missions today.

His intentions were obvious.

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“Continue training!”

When Dean He received Fu Dian, who had come to visit, he said solemnly to the students who looked over.

The members trained silently and cooperated with Dean He.

“Didnt your father come”

When he received Fu Dian, Dean He asked.

“No, its just me.

I wanted to see what the university my father didnt get into back then was like,” Fu Dian said, neither servile nor overbearing.

“Oh” When Fu Dian mentioned this, Dean He was a little helpless.

This was because Fu Dians father had indeed not reached the acceptance standards of the Ancient Capital University at the start.

He had gradually risen after being selected by a large financial group.

He didnt expect that Fu Chuan would even tell his son about this.

Speaking of which, this guy spoke very fluently in Chinese.

It was not only Director He who discovered it accidentally.

Many members of the battle club who were standing with their ears perked up.

This Fu Dian spoke very fluently in Chinese.

Furthermore, he had black hair and eyes, making him look completely different from a foreigner.

This made many people feel bored.

“Sigh, meaningless, meaningless.

Lets go.” Wang Ling felt even more bored.

There was no freshness to encountering a Beast Tamer from another country.

Change to a white-skinned, blonde, and blue-eyed girl!

“Ha ~ ~” Shi Yu also yawned.

Fight already, he wanted to see the exotic pets!

Was there an angel overseas He had heard that there was a race called angels in foreign myths.

If he could encounter one, he wondered what skills he could obtain.

“Hehe, I definitely wont disappoint you.” Dean He chuckled.

“By the way, are you a high-level Beast Tamer now I heard that youre currently studying at the Rongguang Knight Academy”

“Yes.” Fu Dian nodded.

“Hows the strength of the academy over there Are there any master-level beast tamers among the students”


The master level is the graduation standard.

After the master level, they will join the Knights of Glory for further studies.

Therefore, the highest level among the students is the high-level Beast Tamer.”

“I see.” Dean He nodded and said, “Its about the same here.

The students are basically mainly advanced, with only a few reaching the Master level.”

He looked at the members of the battle club.

The threshold for a battle society was to be a high-level Beast Tamer.

They had commander-level combat strength and a Master-level one.

In the past, there were only two in the Ancient Capital University.

Now, there was only White Brook.

The other universities were about the same.

Even if the nine top universities combined their Master-level students, there might not be more than 20.

The students basically only advanced to Master after graduation.

“Honor Knight Academy, Honor Knight Academy, whats that It sounds pretty suitable for the three of you,” Miao Dongdong whispered to Shi Yu and the other two.

Yu Shu was a Dragon Knight, Wang Ling was a Ghost Horse Knight, and Shi Yu was an Iron-eating Beast Knight…

Yu Shu rolled his eyes and said, “Its different.

That one isnt a realknight.

Its just called a knight.

However, Ive only heard of it a little.

Anyway, the Glory Knights Guild is similar to our Beast-controlling Corps.

The difference is that that country believes in the light element.

Only the Beast-controlling Master who cultivates light-type pets can join the Glory Knights Guild.”

“In other words, this guy studied in that school.

He must have trained light-type pets too” Wang Ling asked.

“Probably.” Yu Shu was calm.

Every country had attributes that they were good at.

For example, Rongguang advocated light attributes.

Although the Seven Islands next door didnt advocate a single attribute, because there were seas everywhere, with the most water-type pets, the strength of the navy was huge, and pirates ran rampant.

As for Donghuang, because of its vast land and abundant resources, although there were all kinds, because of history, it respected dragon-type and Phoenix-type pets even more.

It viewed dragons and phoenixes as totem guardians and viewed them as powerful.

A moment later, Dean He and Fu Dian reached the most important point.

Fu Dian felt that it was time.

He looked at the many battle club elites in the training hall and said, “Teacher He, can you let me spar with the elites of your school”

Its here!

Many members of the battle club were stunned.

Choose me!

“This.” Dean He smiled.

“No problem, no problem… The students here are basically all high-level Beast Tamers.

We can spar fairly with you.”

“Do you have any thoughts Youre the guest, after all.

I wonder what the battle rules over there are like.”

Fu Dian: “Ive only cultivated one pet at the moment, and only one.

Its currently at the commander level.

The rules dont matter.

As long as the other party is of the same level as me, both sides can freely use all the pets and talents they have.”

“Hmm, you only trained one pet” Dean He was stunned.

“Yes.” Fu Dian nodded.

Dean He was surprised.

The Beast Tamers present were a little surprised.

Although the common Beast Tamer, who was limited by economic strength and only cultivated one or two pets as the mainstream and occupied more than 60%, as the legendary son… Fu Dians financial condition was definitely not bad.

Then, there was a big problem if he only cultivated one pet.

Either it was because his talent was special, or this pet was very special, the kind that could fight many!

“Hmm…” At this moment, Dean He fell into deep thought.

For the time being, he would treat Fu Dian as a “quasi-master” and bid for the second tier of the National League.

There was naturally no need for White Brook to guide him.

There were also many other quasi-masters in the society who could temporarily fight against an overlord pet with all their strength.

Dean He couldnt help but look at the many elite members of the battle club.

Suddenly, Dean He looked at the newbie group.

Not everyone was a reserve member.

Apart from that, there was also an official member.

Seeing one of them, Dean He suddenly felt bad.

“Shi Yu, are you interested in fighting” He looked over.

“Eh.” When Dean He finished speaking, the elites of the battle club were stunned.

Even Shi Yu was stunned.

He pointed at himself and said, “Me”

“Yes, were already here,” said Dean He.

It was the weekend, and they were already here.

Dean He was very confident in Shiyus strength.

How could the big boss of Bureau 11 be weak

In that Ice Dragon General test, the Nine Li Battle Beast was only a support, but it was already that impressive.

Later on, they had asked about the race level of the Nine Li War Beast.

And the answer Shi Yu gave was very simple.

A billion evolutionary materials, and quasi overlord race.

Who else was there

“Its not impossible.” Under the stunned gazes of Yu Shu, Wang Ling, and Miao Dongdong, Shi Yu slowly stood up with an helpless expression.

It just so happened that Eleven also wanted to fight.

At this moment, the other senior students were slightly stunned.

Let Shi Yu do it!

Let a new student come

Although Shi Yu was also very strong and not inferior to some of the older students, he was only a new student after all.

His accumulation was definitely a little low.

There were many more suitable candidates in the society than Shi Yu.

For example, letting the vice president Xu Ze fight would be a stable battle.

He could teach the other party a good lesson.

“This is…” Fu Dian looked at Shi Yu curiously.

Dean He laughed out loud.

“His name is Shiyu.

Hes a new student of the Ancient Capital University.”


Let a freshman fight me

“Although hes only a new student, hes the top student of this years Ancient Capital Class Examination.

His strength is very strong, and he already has a commander-level pet.

His battle power is not inferior to the older students.

You dont have to worry.” Dean He said, “I think youre about the same age.

Why dont you start first”

“I see.” Fu Dian revealed an interested expression.

He was very interested in Shiyus title.

Top student of the Ancient Capital Class Examination

Although he was a newbie, he looked very strong.

In that case, he would start with Shiyu.

He was already prepared to defeat at least three elites of the Ancient Capital University.

It was good to start with a new student like Shi Yu.

He could slowly advance and fight the older students later!

A moment later, the clock struck.

The other members also stopped exercising and looked at the field.

Since Dean He had chosen to let Shiyu represent the Ancient Capital University to welcome the challenge, there was nothing they could do.

“Shiyu is very strong, dont worry.” Hong Xiao, who had lost to Shiyu, said seriously, “After all, hes a monster freshman whos made me send out an ace.”

Everyone :”…”

Embarrassing, quit the group!

There were nearly 100 people in the Battle Club.

They adopted a ranking system.

Every year, the top ten members of the club could form a school team and compete in the national competition on behalf of the Ancient Capital University.

For example, Hong Xiao could be pulled out to assess the new students.

He was a proper member of the club above 50.

Even if he completely defeated him, it was just that.

It was completely unconvincing.

“This is interesting.” Unlike the older students, Yu Shu and the other new students knew more about Shiyus strength like Dean He.

After being stunned, they realized that Dean He had a bad conscience.

This guy was in for a bad time.

New student How could he call that monster Shi Yu a new student

After the battle, what would your opponent think of the new students of Ancient Capital University


Below, Fu Dian and Shi Yu nodded at each other.

As for Dean He, he pointed to the side and said, “Just that field.

Ill be the referee.”

Both of them felt that there was no problem.

Fu Dian smiled and walked to the other side of the field.

During this process, he directly summoned his pet.

Under the surrounding light, a pet shaped like a white horse with a spiral horn on its forehead, wings, and white lightning patterns on its body appeared!

Because there was only one pet, Fu Dian sent it out indifferently.

“Wu ~ ~ ~!!!!”

However, this one-horned beast pet might not have a good temper.

It raised its head the moment it appeared and suddenly let out a thunderous sound that echoed throughout the entire stadium.


The huge voice made everyone cover their ears, their hearts trembling.

The aura of lightning covered the entire stadium.

Fu Dians pet showed everyone its strength bluntly.

High-level deterrence skill, Thunder!

In terms of proficiency, it had to be above Expert!

It was not an attack, but a simple show of strength.

The incomparably exquisite energy control instantly let everyone understand the strength of this pet!

“This kid…”

“What kind of pet is that Why havent I seen it before”



Of course.

Does it look like a unicorn”

“Thunder Light Beast, a type of Unicorn, a high class monarch species, dual-elemental lightning and light.”

At this moment, in the lightning field, Dean He narrowed his eyes and slowly spoke.

His voice was very penetrating and landed in everyones ears.

“In the West, it is also known as a quasi overlord race.”

Name: Lightning Beast

Attributes: Thunder, Light

Race Level: High Class Monarch

[Level of Growth]: Commander Level

Race Skill: Thunderbolt, Shield, Thunderbolt Diamond, Thunderbolt, Feather of Light, Punishment Stamp

The quasi overlord race, lightning and light!

“So strong”

Just this information alone stunned many members of the battle club.

They revealed serious expressions.

Everyone looked at Vice President Li Ze.

The elites of the battle club present… Although basically everyone also had an overlord species pet, were all low-level king species.

In the entire Ancient Capital Universitys battle club, apart from the president, White Brook, only Li Ze was left with a pet of the advanced overlord race.

Furthermore, it was still not enough to meet the standards of a quasi-supreme race.

“No wonder…” At this moment, everyone came to a realization.

No wonder Fu Dian only contracted one pet.

This pet race was the life goal of most Beast Tamers.

Everyones expressions turned serious as they looked at Shi Yu.

Energy Points: 81,997

At this moment, Shi Yu was slightly surprised.

This Lightning Beast actually had a higher energy value than when Eleven had just evolved.

However, Shi Yu did not care much.

Just as many students were immersed in the Lightning Beasts aura, at the same time, Shi Yu summoned his pet.

Light flashed, and a deterrent wave erupted in the light.

The air and the field began to hum and tremble!

“Eleven, deterrence.”


A roar that was like a wave and a tsunami instantly erupted and quickly suppressed the lightning aura.

Its nearly corporeal mental strength formed waves that swept across the field like a tornado with unparalleled might.

At this moment, with a roar, everyones vision was instantly attracted by the figure of the little iron-eating beast that appeared on the ground.

The Lightning Beast and Fu Dian behind it also revealed surprised expressions.

On the other side of the field, Eleven, who had appeared, crossed his arms and raised his head.

He looked at the Lightning Beast in a strong posture and acted cool.

“Iron-eating… Beast”

“Intermediate Beast Tamer”

Because he admired the Dong Huang culture, Fu Dian was no stranger to the Iron-eating Beasts, a unique pet of the East Huang.

However, it was precisely because of this that he revealed an incomparably shocked expression.

Wasnt the Iron-eating Beast an intermediate supernatural race

The aura of a monarch, an expert in deterrence, how was that possible… Besides, this iron-eating beast looked so small.

What surprised Fu Dian even more was that the level of Shi Yus summoning array was clearly the characteristic of an intermediate Beast Tamer!

“Middle-level Beast Tamers can also have commander-level battle power,” said Shi Yu.

“…” Fu Dian didnt understand, but he couldnt refute.

Although the Lightning Beast did not use its full strength just now, it only took an instant for the Thunderbolt Aura to be broken.

Was the other party really a metal element pet when it had such control over spiritual power

At least commander rank was confirmed.

The venue fell silent.

After a moment of silence, Fu Dian began to wait quietly.

However, he realized that Shi Yu and the others didnt have their next move.

“Youre not sending other pets” Fu Dian frowned slightly.

Shi Yu said, “To be fair, 1VS1.”

To be honest, although the other party was very strong, when he saw the lightning element on the other side, Shi Yu knew that they had were kind of safe…

Lightning-type skills, for Eleven, who had lightning storage skills and a source of stamina… After hitting, it was basically “immunity”, “immunity”, and “immunity”.

It could also replenish Elevens energy like in games, going “ 1 “, “ 1″…

It was purely human nature.


Shi Yu felt that it was nothing, but the others didnt think so.

When Shi Yu finished speaking, the seniors all cursed in their hearts.

This Lightning Beast looked like it was not easy to deal with.

If it were anyone else, they would have to be very careful.

What was Shi Yu thinking At least send that ginseng baby!

By the way, was this little iron-eating beast the one that often went to the gravity room and charging room

“Up to you.”

On the scene, Shi Yus opponent, Fu Dian, raised his eyebrows and did not persuade him.

Shi Yu was only an intermediate Beast Tamer, so why was he talking about fairness with him What a joke.

“Dont regret it.

Dont blame me for not giving you a chance.”

With that said, he looked at the Lightning Beast and said word by word, “Lightning! Lightning!”

So what if it had deterrence In front of absolute power…


In the next second, lightning clouds instantly gathered in the sky, and the terrifying power of lightning instantly turned into a bolt of lightning that landed!

Lightning flashed.

The speed of the lightning was extremely fast, as if it had reached the speed of light.

Everyone felt their eyes flash, and they were shocked again.

So fast, at least expert level.

Thunder Lightning, two high-level skills

Using the deterrence of the lightning to shock the opponents heart and reduce his reflexes, the lightning at this moment was really no different from the speed of light in the other partys eyes.

It was simply impossible to guard against or react!

The lightning pillar that enveloped half the field landed.

At this moment, Fu Dian and the Lightning Beasts strength was displayed.

The elites of the battle club present became serious.

Although this Fu Dian had only trained one pet, his strength was completely worthy of his identity as a legendary son.

How was this done Could Shiyus iron-eating beast block with hardness


Everyone thought that the little iron-eating beast wouldnt be able to react to such high-speed lightning, but the effect of the lightning was actually useless against Eleven, who was proficient in deterrence and many spirit-type skills, causing its mental strength to explode.

As the lightning landed, Elevens stomach growled.

It looked up.

It had yet to go to the charging room to charge today…

The storage capacity was only more than half…

He didnt expect someone to send food immediately


Under the lightning, Eleven raised its arm as if it wanted to use its palm to receive the lightning.

Across from him, Fu Dian and the Thunder Light Beast revealed ridiculous expressions.

The others were also stunned.

But the next moment…

“Thank you for your hospitality.”

As Shi Yu finished speaking, the hardened material instantly covered Elevens body.

After the lightning completely landed on Eleven, Elevens palm seemed to contain a black hole as it frantically devoured the shocking lightning!

And its entire bear was enveloped in lightning.

It actually didnt look injured at all!!

The storage lightning, the source of stamina in the restrained state, and the tri-layer resistance of the lightnings nature were activated.

A terrifying lightning instantly turned into energy nutrients and was stored in Elevens source of stamina!

Zi! Zi! Zi!

As the last lightning arc disappeared, the entire venue was somewhat silent.

Across from him, Fu Dians mouth was slightly agape, revealing an incredulous expression.

“This… this doesnt make sense!”

He asked in confusion.

How could this be How could an iron-eating beast be immune and started absorbing lightning Was this an iron-eating beast

Was he sure it wasnt a lightning-eating beast

Ignoring him, even the seniors of Shiyu were slightly stunned.

They revealed shocked expressions.

What the hell was this

“F*ck, dont tell me this was the one that trained in the charging room.”

Suddenly, someone thought of the urban legend of the Ancient Capital University.

Shi Yus little iron beast often went to the charging room to do unknown things.

Combined with this legend, some people were shocked.

It was f*cking ridiculous…

“The case has been solved!”

At first, everyone was wondering why Shi Yus little iron beast would go to the gravity room.

Was it to practice Thunder Palm The training facilities didnt match.

But now, seeing that the little iron-eating beast was immune to absorbing lightning, they understood something, but they didnt completely understand.

Many people were in a daze.

Even if he learned races external skills, he had to at least teach them the basic skills.

Was the compatibility really that smooth

“This Iron-eating Beast is immune and can absorb lightning!” At this moment, opposite him, a ripple appeared in Fu Dians heart.

However, he quickly adjusted and said calmly, “Although its very special, my Lightning Beast doesnt just know lightning.”

“Feather of Light!”

“Wu ~ ~ ~ ~!!” As soon as Fu Dian finished speaking, the Lightning Beast spread its white wings.

Light spread from them, and in an instant, the Lightning Beast rose into the air!

The Feather of Light was a skill similar to the Wings of the Wind, and it was a speed enhancement skill.

However, the Feather of Light was much higher than the Wings of the Wind.

It was mid-level, and it was a faster light system!

At this moment, although the Lightning Beast didnt fly at high speed, when it was in the air, its figure became like a light illusion afterimage, as if it was very difficult to capture its position.

Clearly, it didnt fly very quickly, but it gave people a feeling that its movements were very agile and fast.

Feather of Light with extremely high proficiency…

“Lightning Drill!”

Fu Dians expression was calm.

In the next moment, it was as if more than ten Light Illusionary Images of the Lightning Beast appeared in the sky.

Its speed was extremely fast.

It was the perfect manifestation of the Feather of Light skill, Light Shadow Clone.

“Can you absorb this move” He slowly raised his head.

Although the Lightning Drill was still a lightning-type skill, it was dominated by the light element.

He didnt believe that the Iron-eating Beast could also absorb light power.

“You should know about profundities, right”

Perfect intermediate lightning skill Thunder Light Drill Perfect intermediate light skill Feather of Light!

This was an ability that only a Master could master! Fu Dian revealed a smug expression.


At this moment, the members of the club were surprised.


Fu Dian, not bad.

However, was there a problem with showing off your profundity in front of a monster who could use profoundities during the assessment stage…

“Not bad indeed.”

Shi Yu and Eleven were slightly stunned when they saw the nearly 100 spiral lightning drills emitted by the Lightning Beasts horn.

Of these nearly 100 spiral lightning diamonds, more than ten were solid, and dozens were afterimages.

When ordinary pets resisted, their scalps would definitely tingle and they would be at a loss.

They could only rely on luck to resist it and could not dodge normally.

Besides, facing light skills, it was also very difficult to dodge, but that was an ordinary pet.

“But its just profundity,” Shiyu said.

“Eleven, Thunder Armor.”


Eleven roared and lightning seemed to shoot out of his mouth and eyes.

Transcendent Thunder Palm!

Zi! Zi! Zi!

Under the electric current, Elevens hard body shone!!

Apart from that.

Perfect-grade super vision!

The powerful principle of the Thunder Armor was that it could rely on electric currents to stimulate the muscles, increase cell activity, and produce a powerful explosive speed to enhance the strength and penetrative power of the Thunder Palm.

Apart from that, with hardening and super vision, it could also give Eleven extremely strong defense and reflexes.

This was proficiency suppression.

Facing the lightning diamonds that filled the sky, Eleven was not afraid at all.

It didnt even need to look up.

At this moment, Elevens feet stepped on the ground.

Under the explosion of lightning, It immediately displayed a terrifying speed.

Its figure flashed like lightning and passed through the arena that was about to become ruins.


This incomparably terrifying movement speed and reaction speed allowed Eleven to perfectly dodge the lightning drill.

It was indeed as Fu Dian had said.

Eleven, who was in a restrained state, could not receive this extremely penetrative move, but that did not mean that it could not dodge.


After the site was bombed, many large pits appeared.

On a field without a stable foothold, Elevens dustless body was still standing on the ground.

At this moment, Elevens power level might be far from being comparable to the Lightning Beast, but with the skill proficiency and tactics to crush it, they were still evenly matched.

In Shi Yus eyes, this was very normal.

However, in Fu Dians eyes, it was very unscientific.


Looking at the little iron-eating beast whose entire body was covered in lightning flashes, perfectly dodging the lightning diamonds that filled the sky, almost completely unharmed… Fu Dian clenched his fists and cried out in his heart!

Then, what made him feel even more ridiculous was that on the ruined field, the little iron-eating beast… was actually slowly flying

“Its time for us to counterattack.” As soon as Shiyu finished speaking, Eleven, who was floating in the electric magnetic field, instantly fired itself as a super electromagnetic cannon!


The intersection of the black hard matter and the blue lightning made Eleven look gorgeous.

In an instant, the electromagnetic force erupted.

Although Elevens flying speed might not be comparable to the Lightning Beast at this moment, Eleven, who suddenly flew, undoubtedly shocked Fu Dian and the Lightning Beast.


In the sky, compared to condensing external hard matter to create a super-electromagnetic cannon, Eleven preferred to launch itself as a cannonball.

Under the electromagnetic explosion, its arm hit the Lightning Beast in front of it, and its fist hit the light screen that the Lightning Beast instantly created.


A slight ripple appeared on the light screen, and even a crack almost appeared.

Under the huge impact of Eleven, the Lightning Beast in the sky retreated a distance and its pupils constricted.

This made Fu Dian reveal a serious expression.

He could clearly sense that the energy level of this little Iron-eating Beast was far inferior to the Lightning Beast.

However, every attack was good.

It could affect the Lightning Beast to a certain extent.

What did this mean It meant that the skill proficiency of this little Iron-eating Beast was ridiculously high.

Its energy efficiency far exceeded the Lightning Beast!

There was actually such a person

Even in Rongguang, Fu Dian had never seen it before.

“This is ridiculous.

It actually… flew Electromagnetic floating How did Shiyu rear this Iron-eating Beast!”

Many of the seniors of the Battle Club were stunned.


At the same time, the Lightning Beast erupted again.

The lightning turned into a roar and forced Eleven back in the sky.

Meanwhile, Elevens entire body was covered in a weak golden light.

With its powerful mental strength and the impregnable defense of mental attacks, it easily ignored it.

“The proficiency of the light curtain is very high.

Elevens attack actually couldnt break through it.” Shi Yu was still relatively calm at this moment.

Actually, Fu Dian was still relatively calm.

Although he was somewhat confused, he never thought he would lose.

Whether it be his Beast Dominance talent or the super skill of the Thunder Light Beast, he still hadnt used them.

Furthermore, although Shiyu and the Iron-eating Beast could temporarily fight the Lightning Beast, as time passed, the outcome could be quickly determined.

However, Fu Dian found it somewhat unacceptable that Shiyu and the others had the upper hand one after another.

He was unwilling to beat Shiyu in a battle of attrition.

“Alright, the warmup can end.” After a moment of silence, Fu Dian said.

Warm up He called this warm up

He looked at the seniors of the battle club with disdain.

He should know very well if it was just a warm up!

“Youre very impressive, but next, were going to use a stronger move.”

Fu Dian had already planned to end the battle as soon as possible.

He slowly raised his arm.

In the next moment, pure white electric currents wrapped around his body.

With a bang, lightning shot out from his entire body.

At this moment, everyone was stunned.

Meanwhile, Dean He, who had been standing beside him the entire time, spoke again after pondering for a moment.

“White Thunder talent He didnt inherit his fathers talent, and instead inherited his mothers talent”

“Yeah.” Fu Dian nodded.

“Special-type talent, White Thunder, a type of special lightning.

Not only can you control White Thunder yourself, but you can also let your pets compatible with lightning master the super skill, White Thunder.”

It was also because of White Thunders inclusion, affinity, and affinity with the nature of light-element that he could start contracting and nurturing the Thunder Light Beast of a high-level sovereign species during the learning stage!

White lightning shot out from Fu Dians body, its power vast.

“Holy **.”

With that, the students present immediately boiled over.

Where did this crazy talent come from

The Lightning Beast had already mastered a super skill.

Another White Thunder, two super skills

Originally, their race level was already about that of a quasi overlord.

After their talent was strengthened, their battle power approached that of a low-level overlord race, the commander level

At this moment, even Shi Yu could not help but reveal a surprised expression.

This Fu Dian was very strong.

It seemed that the other party couldnt tolerate it anymore and decided to kill him in one hit.

But was it that simple

“Wuo ~ ~!!!” At this moment, in the sky, the Lightning Beast stepped on the sky, raised its head, and roared.

Its entire body emitted an unparalleled light.

This light seemed to be able to disperse all darkness and sanction all evil.

It carried an incomparably lofty and holy fluctuation.


The light that emitted seemed to connect to the sky.

A dimensional fluctuation appeared in the sky.

Higher in the sky, an incomparably thick lightning beasts hooves and legs slowly appeared and descended in the form of a light pillar phantom.

Light-element super skill, Punishment Stamp!


It wasnt as simple as a single super skill.

At this moment, there was also white lightning coiling around the Punishment Stamp.

It was as if the hooves of the Punishment Stamp were wearing a layer of lightning armor, making it more destructive.

White Thunder Punishment Stamp

How could he block this

Many members of the battle club looked at the thick pillar of light in the sky in confusion.


In an instant, a terrifying suppressive force enveloped the sky above Little Eleven, who was floating in the sky.

It was unable to move at all in front of the suppressive force.

It could only watch as a huge hoof that covered an area of several meters descended from the sky and landed above it, trampling it!

At this moment, compared to this skill, Elevens body seemed incomparably small.

His body quickly descended with the stomp!

Eleven tried to block.

“Roar!!!” Everyone looked at the little iron-eating beast that was trying its best to withstand the stomp, but its strength was really weaker by more than a level as it continued to fall.

They swallowed.

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck.” Hong Xiao and the other seniors of the battle club were speechless.

“Is Shiyu going to die”

“How can he block this Its invincible in one-on-one battles.”

At this moment, all the seniors of the battle club revealed extremely serious expressions.

However, at this moment, Yu Shu and the others couldnt take it anymore.

They didnt know when, but they arrived at the seniors side.

With their hands behind their backs, they looked at the sky and said, “Seniors, calm down.”

“How can a move of this level be difficult to block Shiyu”

Many of the seniors were speechless.

They looked at the calm Yu Shu, Wang Ling, Miao Dongdong, and the others.

These guys, were they stupid They didnt have any concept of strength.

Even our vice president, Xu Ze, might not be able to withstand this move in a 1v1!

Didnt you see the vice presidents serious expression

“Didnt you see that Dean He is still very calm” Wang Ling said.

“Oh” When he finished speaking, everyone realized that Dean He, who was the referee, was even calmer than Yu Shu and the others.

His expression didnt seem like he was at a disadvantage at all.

What happened

This situation…

Moments later, everyone realized that the calmest person was Shi Yu himself!

“Then lets not warm up,” said Shi Yu.

It was probably very difficult for Eleven, who was in a restrained state, to fight against two super skills.

Although these two super skills couldnt be considered a combination skill at this moment and didnt achieve the effect of 1 1 = 2, they were still greater than 1.

Eleven was indeed threatened right now.

“Oh” Fu Dian, whose body was covered in white lightning, didnt know why Shi Yu was still so calm at this moment!

But soon, he knew.

In the sky, Eleven, who was quickly falling under the pressure of the huge hoof, saw that it was difficult to block this thing no matter how much strength it used.

Seeing that this attack was about to completely stomp it to the ground and give it the strongest blow, Eleven stopped warming up.

“Evolution, Eleven.”

Shi Yu gave the order.

“Roar!” Instantly, in midair, Elevens body flashed.

The source of stamina in his body circulated frantically.

Following the evolutionary light, his body erupted with dazzling blue-white lightning.

It immediately formed a contrast with the White Thunder Entanglements stomp.

At this moment, everyone shockingly discovered that the speed of the stomp descending from the sky suddenly slowed down.

In the sky, even more intense waves of electromagnetic levitation appeared under Elevens feet, giving it even more strength!

“This is…”

Looking at the sudden changes in their bodies and the Punishment Stamp that suddenly slowed down their descent, all the seniors of the battle club stood up and focused their gazes.

What did Shi Yu say just now


Could it be…

At this moment, Fu Dian also realized that something was wrong.

He looked at Eleven, who was surrounded by the light of evolution, and revealed a confused and incredulous expression.

“Impossible! How can it evolve in battle…”

However, no matter how much the Beast Tamer from Rongguang didnt believe it, Eleven evolved.

An invisible white flash gaseous flame blossomed from Elevens body, which was covered in white light, like surging lightning.

Blue electric arcs were even shooting out of the huge gaseous flame that was several meters tall, shocking everyone.

During this process, Elevens body was still expanding rapidly.

In a short moment, it actually expanded to a height of ten meters.

With the landing of his feet, the huge elevens feet slowly touched the ground.

The white light dispersed, and the scene on the field clearly fell into everyones eyes.

A huge beast covered in black armor, its head and body were in silver-white armor.

At this moment, it was standing on the ground, raising its right arm and supporting the descending Punishment Stamp with one hand.

The blue electric arc in its right palm and the white lightning of the Punishment stamp wrapped around each other, releasing violent waves.

But at this moment, it was difficult for the stomp to continue descending.

It was as if it was still.

The huge beast stood steadily on the ground.

Under its mysterious, domineering, and noble figure, it raised its head and stared at the powerful attack with lightning-like blue eyes.

Everyone looked at this scene in shock.

“Nine Li… War Beast…”

“But this posture…”

At this moment, the breathing of the older students seemed to have stopped.

They stared at the field in disbelief.

When did Shiyus iron-eating beast evolve

Had he already completed the evolution

However, wasnt the Nine Li War Beast completely black

At this moment, the strong energy waves on Elevens body made many of the seniors of the battle club feel suffocated.

Looking at the incomparably powerful White Thunder Punishment Stamp being held back by the huge Nine Li Battle Beast with one hand, everyone revealed looks of disbelief.

Inner Power Sharpness Multiplication Hardening Thunder Palm!

The older students were shocked, but the new students revealed excited expressions.

Especially Yu Shu and company, they sighed secretly.

Unfortunately, it wasnt Shi Yu who transformed himself and slashed this stomp with his sword.

Otherwise, the shocked Fu Dian would be even more shocked!

“What is this!!!” At this moment, seeing his strongest attack easily blocked by the other party, Fu Dians eyes widened and his face was filled with disbelief.

How could this be Wasnt the level of confrontation just now the limit of this Shiyu and that iron-eating beast

Evolution Iron-eating beasts could evolve Why had he never heard of it

Besides, even if it had evolved, it shouldnt be so ridiculous.

His Thunder Light Beast was a quasi overlord race!!

“Eleven,” Shi Yu called.


Strong electric arcs quickly appeared on the giants hard right arm, wrapping around it again and again.

It emitted a fierce sound and emitted dazzling electric light!

As Elevens entire arm shone, a black ball wrapped in strong blue lightning suddenly condensed in its palm!

The super skill of the Lightning Beast was actually nothing impressive.

It was only at the entry level.

At the same energy level, compared to Elevens Maximum Level Hardening and transcendent Thunder Palm, it was actually still inferior.

The proficiency level was too different.

Although the growth rate of super skills was higher, they would only be powerful after they grew up.

Furthermore, the sharp state Eleven had probably broken through the 100,000 mark and was still suppressing the Lightning Beast!

At this moment, in front of everyones eyes, the hardening ball wrapped in blue lightning suddenly started spinning irregularly at an extremely fast speed.

The lightning lingered around, as if it formed a small lightning typhoon, and emitted a strong hissing sound.

In an instant, the blue lightning tore apart the foot of the Punishment Stamp, tore it apart, and completely dispersed the white lightning!


In the next second, what shocked everyone was that this huge black ball suddenly turned into a huge blue light beam with a bang.

It suddenly shot out.

The shocking blue light wave was extremely fast and continued to tear apart the huge white light pillar.

The sound of energy collision was like the roar of lightning!

In an instant, the “electromagnetic cannon” pierced and tore the Punishment Stamp!


Furthermore, it exploded in the sky.

The internal and external mixed metal and lightning powers were released at this moment.

The terrifying energy torrent turned into a lightning storm, and like a tangible big hand, it smashed the Lightning Beast in the sky!

With a bang, it landed on the left palm of the Giant Eleven.

At this moment, the Giant Eleven held the Lightning Beast and looked at the confused and explosive Fu Dian.

“Wu Er ~!!!!”

Being pinched by the tough vambrace with the immense strength of the Giant Eleven, the Lightning Beasts eyes turned white and revealed a painful expression.

Completely smashed, the difference in combat strength was not normal!

At this moment, it was not only Fu Dian who had lost his ability to think.

The older students of the battle club, including the vice president Li Ze, swallowed together and looked at the power of the huge beast in disbelief.

“Gulp.” Someone glanced at the dumbfounded Hong Xiao.

Hong Xiao noticed his gaze and smiled embarrassedly.

Everyone looked at the venue again.

Was this a **ing newbie

It was no wonder that Dean He had entrusted the mission of welcoming the challenger to Shi Yu.

This strength, it must be a monster!!

In a 1VS1 solo battle, apart from White Brook, there was probably no one in the Ancient Capital University who could compete with Shiyu!

Speaking of which, how were they going to face Shiyu after the team ranking competition!

Large beads of sweat flowed down the heads of the senior students.

“I… This is impossible.” At the same time, Fu Dian shook his head violently.

Was this a new student This didnt make sense.

Why was the evolution of the iron-eating beast so terrifying…

For a moment, Fu Dian didnt know how to fight back.

“Lets end it here.” At this moment, Dean Hes voice sounded.

“Seems like the outcome has been determined.”

His words both relieved and made Fu Dians heart twitch.

“Oh, okay.” Shi Yu nodded.

The next moment, Elevens body slowly shrank, degenerated, and healed itself.

During this process, it gently placed the Lightning Beast on the ground.

Returning to the ground, the Lightning Beast had already lost its will to fight!

“I…” Fu Dian, who had come to challenge the hall, was at a loss.

He looked up in disbelief at Dean He and Shiyu.

“Hes a new student I dont believe it! How can a new student be so strong How strong are the old students Besides, can the Iron-eating Beast also evolve…”

“Also, from the start to the end, hes been using the Beast Taming talent…” Fu Dian was crazy.

Although he had always heard his father say that Dong Huang was the strongest country with the incomparably powerful internal Beast Tamers, Fu Dian never expected it to be so ridiculous.

“Eh, hes obviously a newbie, but its true that Shiyu is very strong.

As for the Iron-eating Beasts evolution… This is actually the latest discovery.

By the way, the person who discovered the Iron-eating Beasts evolution was Shiyu.”

“As for Beastmaster talent, hes a talent in telepathy… not a battle-type.

Hes an archeologist.”

After Dean He finished explaining, Shi Yu smiled at Fu Dian.

Tele… telepathy

At this moment, Fu Dians worldview had shattered.

The other students from the Ancient Capital University wanted to say something, but in the end, they couldnt say it… Ahem, even they felt that it was ridiculous.

They hoped that this Fu Dian wouldnt have any wrong understanding…


At this moment, Fu Dian only felt that Donghuangs Beast Tamer was too terrifying.

In comparison, were all the Beast Tamers of Rongguang little lambs… He suddenly had a feeling that perhaps the atmosphere of Dong Huang would allow him to pursue the pinnacle of being a Beast Tamer, but the competitors here were too terrifying…


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