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Chapter 187: Ancient Tyrant Dragon

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On that day, many people saw a strange phenomenon.

A ginseng baby carried a small backpack and walked towards the schools classroom like a primary school student.

In the classroom, a pale-haired Master Feeder pointed at the top-grade spirit ginseng baby in the back seat in confusion.

So this was a student, not a lesson material

How did it swipe the card in!

“Let it go.” At the window, an elegant big white cat licked its claws and sent a mental message to this mentor.

Education was important.

And ginsengs needed education too.

“What the hell.”

As for the students, they looked at Baby Ginseng, who was holding a notebook and pen with a more serious expression than them.

They completely lost their ability to think.

There were actually precedents for pet classes.

However, most of the pets were mechanical in order to support research, record, and take pictures as computers, phones, and instruments.

However, it was definitely the first time that a ginseng baby came to his class as a student and not as an experimental material.

Wang Ling: “Oh my god, Baby Ginseng is taking class.”

Everyone: “”

Werent you still paying attention to the Tyrant Dragon just now

Wang Ling: “Is it your ginseng baby Is it I heard its very similar to yours.

Whats wrong @ Shiyu”

Shi Yus ginseng baby was considered half a tonic.

After all, it had passed the battle club assessment with such violent methods.

It had only been a few days, and everyone still had a deep impression of it.

Some people who had seen the battle quickly realized that the two ginseng babies were super similar.

They were so arrogant and didnt have the awareness that supplements usually had.

Shi Yu: “Seems like it.”

Everyone: “F*ck, its really you.”

They had only heard of letting pets live and fight in various places.

They had never heard of letting pets go to classes.

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Even if there was, it would definitely not be a ginseng baby.

Even if it was a ginseng baby, there would definitely be a Beast Tamer accompanying it.

Was it appropriate to let it go alone

Wang Ling: [Theres something wrong with you.

I just checked the forum and heard that there was an iron-eating beast who claimed to be a Beast Tamer yesterday.

It brought three small iron-eating beasts and soaked in the gravity room for an entire afternoon.

Where did so many iron-eating beasts come from Dont tell me its yours]

Ever since the evolution of the iron-eating beasts was announced, the students also knew that there was a metal-eating beast research institute here in the Ancient Capital University.

They knew that it raised a few iron-eating beasts, and the person in charge of this research institute was Shiyu.

Shi Yu: “Shi Yu: Seems like it.”

Wang Ling: “Dont copy your ID too if youre going to copy paste the reply!”

Shi Yu: “Bye, Im going to study.”

Shi Yu switched off his phone.

Since his pets were so hardworking, it was time for him to work hard.

He would meditate today.

He wanted to raise the Beast Control Space to level 4 as soon as possible so that he could welcome a new physique breakthrough.

At that time, the contract, the Kings Envoy, and the Possession of Little Chi Tong would all be fine.

Shi Yu chose todays mission.

A moment later, Eleven and the others woke up.

Of course, Buggy was still sleeping and absorbing the evolutionary materials.

Although it had only been a few days, because it had absolute sleep, the speed at which it absorbed the evolutionary power was still very fast.

Even though the level of the evolutionary material was very high, if nothing went wrong, it should be able to complete its evolution within this month.

“Hmm!” After packing up and greeting Shi Yu, Eleven left with her training card.

He had yet to successfully clear the Gravity Machine, so he had to work hard today.

As for the little sword spirit, the mission that Shiyu gave it was to play.

In order to match its previous life, Shiyu found some ancient war movies and television dramas to let Little Chi Tong lie on the ice and watch.

Hmm, these were all things that he, Eleven, and Buggy had seen.

Apart from the fact that there were a lot of dead people and pets, there was no problem with the scale.

Children could see it.

It could be considered an elementary education.

“This is the correct way to become a Beast Tamer!”

Realizing that there was not a single pet beside him and that everyone was working hard, Shi Yu sighed and continued meditating.

Without the interference of his pets and with the sachet left behind by Baby Ginseng, Shi Yus current meditation efficiency was very high.

It was also very easy for him to immerse himself in it.

It was very rare for him to be interrupted from meditation from time to time because of his daze like before.

The next day.

The new archeology students who had returned from their military training were finally about to have their first lesson.

Because Shi Yu had meditated for a day yesterday, his mental state was especially good today.

First, he went to the cafeteria to get a cup of nutritious soy milk and a meat bun.

Then, he walked towards the classroom in satisfaction.

“Shit, **, **.”

When Shi Yu arrived, the classroom was filled with screams.

The reason why these students were so excited at this moment was because of the news that Wang Ling had revealed yesterday: Tyrant Dragon fossil!

The moment Shi Yu entered the classroom, he saw a huge fossil skeleton that was about 15 meters long!

Although it had become a fossil, the skeleton still emitted a faint deterrence, indicating its former status as the overlord of the land.

“F*ck, Shiyu is here.” As Shiyu entered, someone suddenly shouted.

“Are you sick” Shi Yu was speechless.

Why were they always saying “F*ck” and “F*ck” And why was he treated the same way as the Tyrant Dragon and had to be called “F*ck”

At this moment, it was the fourth time that the students looked at Shi Yu strangely.

The first time was when school reopened.

Due to the results of Shi Yus vocation assessment.

The second time was when they went to the ruins.

Due to the results of Shi Yus battle club assessment.

The third time… was when they returned.

It was because of the commotion caused by Shi Yu in the Heroic Ruins… This time, it was because of the Beast Tamer Iron-eating Beast Legend and the universitys ginseng legend that was circulating in the Ancient Capital University.

So this was how pets were trained

Let the pet apply for cards and start house training by itself.

Let the pet learn the feeding knowledge by itself.


It directly made up for the Beastmasters lack of energy.

It allowed the Beastmaster to take time to meditate and also allowed the Beastmaster to exercise his body when he had the time.

After learning it, he could also arrange a pet like this another day!

“Student Shiyu, good morning.” On the podium, an old man with white hair smiled when he saw Shiyu.

“Im your fossil teacher.”

“Hello, Professor Zhao.” Shi Yu knew this person.

He had previously known the tutors and professors of the various classes in the archeology department.

This was one of the masters who studied the fossil domain.

Although he couldnt compare to Grandma Li of Division 11, he was still a rather experienced figure.

There was no other way.

These people from Division 11 were too good at this.

Fake archeologist: Study historical knowledge seriously, accumulate foundation, carefully examine ruins, and use modern technology to study in detail.

Real archeologists: Watch history as a documentary, talk about the past and the present, and listen to secrets.

“Hello.” Professor Zhao smiled.

He was still unfamiliar with the names of the other students in the class, but he knew the name of the new star in the archeological field, Shiyu very well.

“Go sit,” the professor said.


Following that, Shi Yu randomly found a seat and sat down.

The other students also entered the classroom one after another.

As expected, they were stunned by the huge fossil.

Just as Shi Yu was observing the fossil, the bell for class rang.

Professor Zhao stood in front of the fossil and first introduced himself to the students with a smile.

Then, he said, “The first lesson was originally planned to explain the history of the class to everyone, as well as the teaching outline for this semester.

Its not time to come into contact with the real fossil.”

“Youre very lucky to have encountered a special situation.”

Below the stage, the eyes of many students flashed.

Ancient Capital University was indeed the strongest archeology department.

It was awesome.

The first lesson showed the new students such a complete ancient overlord fossil.

Which school could do that

This fossil… It couldnt be bought without at least billions, right Many students guessed.

“As you can see, this is the fossil of a Tyrant Dragon.”

“The Tyrant Dragons are ancient creatures that lived more than 60 million years ago.

According to existing research, they are earth-elemental and are the peak products of the alternative dragons.

Their race level is as high as a middle-level overlord, and their species is huge.

They were the fully deserving overlords of that era.”

“They have the powerful bodies of all dragon-type pets and are extremely strong.

They control brute force, Barren Body, Earth Domain, Overlord Aura, and many other powerful skills.”

“In this lesson, Ill explain in detail to everyone through this fossil research what help humans can provide in understanding the history of pets, the history of Blue Planet, and the changes in the ecological environment.”

“However, before that, let me ask you a small question.

Does anyone know how we measured the history of biological fossils and even some ancient objects”

This question was relatively simple.

Everyone present could say one or two methods.

“Elemental particle measuring technology.”

“Time Light Detection Technique!”

Most of them used technology machines, but there were also special skills.

“Meditation Detection Spell!” Class President Wang Ling said.

“Thats right!” When the students finished speaking, Professor Zhao nodded and said, “Most of the methods used in the detection era were all various archeological skills developed by the Mechanic class after they were established.”

“And before that, the most common way for ancient people to determine the era of ancient artifacts is the meditation detection method.

This is a special meditation technique developed by the Time Emperor.

It can capture the traces of time on ancient artifacts in a state of meditation and determine the approximate era of ancient artifacts from numbers.”

“However, apart from Beast Tamers with talent in the time department, this method will inevitably produce a certain error when used by others.

The precision is inferior to the various technological and archeological skills of the modern era.”

“However, in certain situations, we can only rely on the Cogitation Detection Method.

Therefore, this is also the basic skill that you need to master in the next four years.

Next, before the formal lesson, lets play a small game.

Ill guide you into this special Cogitation state.

You each judge how long this Tyrant Dragon fossil had lasted with specific numbers.

Professor Zhao smiled and said, “Now, receive the meditation stone from me according to the student number.

This meditation stone can assist you in entering a special meditation state before you can independently use the meditation detection method.”

Most of the students were excited.

Shi Yu also received a black meditation stone the size of a pebble.

Although he had previously learned this technique from various sources, he had never officially used it.

He was just waiting for the school to teach him.

Soon, everyone received the meditation stone and entered a meditative state according to Professor Zhaos request.

A moment later, the vision of all the students who had entered a meditative state turned incomparably dark.

Under the guidance of the meditation stone, it was very different from the usual meditation state of strengthening the Imperial Beast Space.

However, although it was dark in front of their eyes, it was not completely empty.

At this moment, everyone discovered in surprise that they could still capture the figure of the Tyrant Dragon fossil at the corresponding position in the darkness!

However, it was a little different from what they had seen previously.

At this moment, the Tyrant Dragons skeleton was covered in traces of time that were even smaller than sesame seeds.

The entire fossil was wrapped!

“An item that exists for more than a hundred years has a corresponding mark of time.

By counting the number of marks of time, you can determine the year of the item.

Carefully meditate, carefully observe, and carefully judge.”

“Later, Ill tell you the exact year of the fossil and see which of you has the smallest error in judgment.”

Professor Zhao chuckled.

This wasnt supposed to be his lesson, but it was a general skill.

It didnt matter if he let the students understand it in advance.

“How the f*ck do I count” In the Cogitation state, although the students could adjust their vision, pull their vision closer, and clearly enter the traces of time, the densely packed traces of time that were even smaller than sesame seeds made everyones scalps tingle.

The requirement on mental strength was too high.

Without mental strength, it was impossible to capture the traces of time and count them clearly.

“F*ck, my trypophobia is acting up again.

Im not suitable for archeology…”

The students had a headache.

Of course, there were also people with extraordinary talent.

For example, Shiyu had already begun trying to detect it because his mental strength was strong enough.

Constitution was a persons foundation.

People with good constitutions wouldnt have weak mental strength and soul power.

Besides, Shi Yu had taught so many mental skills to his pets.

The feedback from the advancement of his pets more or less allowed his mental strength to exceed that of other Beast Tamers of the same level.

“Interesting.” Soon, Shi Yu was going at it.

However, before he could get excited for long, a change happened.

Shi Yus brain buzzed.

With a “Ji” sound, light gradually appeared in the darkness in front of him.

At that time, when Yu opened his eyes, he was shocked to discover that the Tyrant Dragon covered by the traces of time just now had already revealed its true appearance.

Furthermore, not only that, the surroundings quickly changed, turning into a plant area that Shi Yu was completely unfamiliar with.

“Roar!!!!” At this moment, the Tyrant Dragon stuck its head out and stared at Shi Yu with a fierce gaze.

It opened its bloody mouth and roared.

The fierce wind instantly made Shi Yus scalp tingle.


The Tyrant Dragon swept its tail at him, causing Shi Yus eyes to explode.

He felt a powerful pressure and was just about to etherealize when he subconsciously turned his head.

However, he failed and was struck by the tail.

However, when he turned his head, Shi Yu saw… the Green Silkworm Cocoon on his shoulder that was similarly shocked…


As if in a nightmare, Shi Yu was instantly killed by the Tyrant Dragon.

Then, he was suddenly jolted awake in the classroom outside.

He was interrupted from his meditation and broke out in a cold sweat.

“Just now…” Sitting in his seat, Shi Yus breathing sped up.

What was that!!

Listening to history

No, definitely not.

It was different from any other time he had listened to the sound of history.

Furthermore, at that time, it gave Shi Yu a very special feeling.

He wasnt like a bystander, but had personally stood in front of the Tyrant Dragon.

It felt even more real than when he was discovered by the emperor.

It wasnt right to say that it was real.

The feeling he gave Shi Yu was more like he had been awoken from a nightmare.

“Buggy” Shi Yu suddenly sensed that Buggy had woken up in the Taming Space.

At this moment, Buggy was also extremely confused.

Because just now, it had seen the same thing as Shiyu.

“What did you do just now” Shi Yu calmed down and asked.

If he wasnt wrong, Buggy was here too.

This also indirectly meant that it was definitely not a historical talent…

Buggy was innocent.

It didnt do anything.

It just suddenly woke up and tried to use its psychic power to sense the situation in the outside world.

Then, that was it.

“Ji…” Although he didnt know what happened, Buggys shy spirit started to communicate.

The feeling it had described was that it had accidentally entered someone elses dream.

Furthermore, the owner of this dream wasnt a normal life form…

In the outside world, when he heard this, Shi Yu looked up at the Tyrant Dragon fossil that had died 60 million years ago and fell into deep thought.

Ridiculous! Dont tell him that he and Worm had entered a fossil dream


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