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Chapter 153: Light-Clearing Cannon

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Next, Shi Yu prepared to continue bringing Baby Ginseng to challenge other pets.

This Giant Sunflower was clearly too weak.

He had to at least find an opponent that could injure Baby Ginseng.


However, at this moment, after thinking about ginseng life, Baby Ginseng had a new idea.


“Yi! (Why dont we stop fighting and go back)”

“Uh.” Shi Yu was stunned.

At this moment, Baby Ginseng felt that it was better to go back and study evolution than to fight these weak pets to find a sense of existence.

Evolution was the way to go!

Since Shi Yu wasnt free for the time being, it wanted to transform into a researcher ginseng first.

It would use Buggy and Elevens cell phones to search for information and think about it.

It heard that the evolution path of Buggy was thought up by itself.

It had to learn it too!

“Yiya!!” Baby Ginseng stunned Shi Yu.

Shi Yu :”…”

“Up to you.” In any case, he had already achieved his goal.

Shi Yu started to walk back.

At this moment, the seniors had already exploded.

Baby Ginsengs battle power crushed the Giant Sunflower, and also directly shattered their world view!

“This is definitely not nutrition.”

“What skill is that…”

“No matter what skill it is, a ginseng baby is too…”

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“Ah Yun, you were the one who registered him just now, right Whats his background” Everyone looked at the white-dressed girl who received Shi Yu.

At this moment, the girl called Ah Yun was also very confused.

“He… hes a new student from the level 178 Archaeology Department.

His name is Shi Yu.”

Everyone was stunned.

A new student

You call a person who directly tortured the elite pet raised by the seniors of the Combat faculty a new student

“Shi Yu” A girl in casual clothes frowned.

She kept feeling that she had heard this name before.

Although it was the Feeding faculty and not mainly pursued battle power, it didnt mean that everyone didnt pay attention to the professional Beast Tamer assessment.

“The first place in this years professional assessment in Ancient Capital, Shi Yu” She thought of something.

“Its him.” Then, she quickly took a look at Shi Yus handsome appearance in the video and confirmed it completely.

“Team Leader, hes first in this years vocation assessment” The other feed department seniors were slightly stunned.

“Damn, no wonder hes so awesome.”

This girl, who everyone called team leader, was slightly silent.

“Ridiculous…” After a moment, she felt that it was very ridiculous.

She said,” If I remember correctly, during the vocation assessment, he only had two pets.

Where did this ginseng baby come from Moreover, in half a month… This battle power…”

Damn, this was as unscientific as that green worm!!

How exactly was it cultivated!

Everyone was stunned again.

Then, they took out their phones or used their computers to search for information on the vocation assessment in Ancient Capital this year.

After all, he was a man who had been on the trending list for half a day.

There was still a lot of news about Shi Yu on the Internet…

When Yu left the botanical garden, he felt that the atmosphere in the hall just now was pretty good.

It was abnormally strange.

Everyone looked at him strangely.

Shi Yu immediately realized something.

“Its really unscientific for Baby Ginseng to have battle power.

I must contract a handsome, cool, and seemingly powerful fourth pet.

This way, after adding some points and strengthening myself, it will look more scientific!”

Shi Yu left the garden indifferently.

Outside the hall, he walked past a senior who looked to be in a hurry to enter the hall.

He calmly walked towards the dormitory.

During this period, Baby Ginseng could not wait to enter the ruins space and run to ask Buggy for its cell phone to fill in its own aspiration form to submit to Shi Yu.

However, Shi Yu felt that it was too early for Baby Ginseng to think about this.

Improving racial skills could effectively accelerate the growth of pets.

This was an advantage that racial external skills did not have.

It was because of this that Eleven and Buggy could grow so quickly in just half a year, ignoring the impact of age and time on their growth levels to a certain extent.

Eleven and the worm were in a hurry to evolve because they only had one racial skill.

Moreover, it had already been fully stretched, causing them to be about to encounter a growth bottleneck.

If they wanted to grow to commander rank, they needed a certain opportunity.

It was even harder to quickly grow to monarch rank.

Therefore, if Shi Yu wanted the two pets to continue growing at a high speed, he had to choose to let them evolve.

This way, the high-value nutritional supplements and food they ate daily could also be perfectly absorbed.

They wouldnt have to waste a lot of nutrition due to race bottlenecks in the future.

However, there was actually no need to rush for the time being on Baby Ginsengs side.

It had a total of five racial skills, and even a transcendent skill.

As long as it was maxed out, Baby Ginsengs growth level would definitely break through to commander rank and monarch rank.

There was no bottleneck.

It was fundamentally different from Eleven and the bug.

Therefore, compared to the evolution of the ginseng baby, Shi Yu felt that it was better to increase its racial skill level first.

Coupled with some attack skills, it was not that difficult for its battle power to exceed the Eleven and Worms before evolution.

A moment later, Shi Yu returned to the dormitory.

At this moment, he was just about to teach the ginseng baby a new skill when he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket.

“Elevens evolution equipment is completed” Shi Yus heart stirred as he picked up the cell phone in anticipation.

He originally thought that it might be Dean Hao, but when he took a closer look, he realized that it wasnt.

Caller: White Brook.

Upon seeing this name, Shi Yu sighed slightly.

Although the beast-eared girl was beautiful, he wanted to see his panda wearing armor now.

Mechas were the romance of men.

Even beast-eared girls had to stay away from them!

“Shi Yu.”

Just as Shi Yu picked up the call, White Brooks clear voice came from the other side.

“Are you in school now”

“Yes, whats wrong, Senior”

“Do you still remember what I told you before”

“Its about the battle club and the school team.”

Shi Yu: “I remember…”

“After school starts, the battle society will recruit new students for the whole department.

Remember to come.”

“So early” Shi Yu was stunned.

“I heard that the threshold for battle societies and school teams is not for high-level Beast Tamers, students with commander-level pets”

The entry requirements for each schools battle club and school team were very high, because this was the place where they could represent the school to compete and obtain the easiest resources.

Because of this, the requirement for battle power was very high.

A high-level Beast Tamer with a commander-level pet was just the threshold.

Shi Yu, this new student, clearly had not reached it yet.

“That was a long time ago.

The policy has already been changed a few years ago.

Now, freshmen with potential can also join as reserve members and enjoy the nurturing benefits in advance.

They can obtain a large amount of credits every month.

Its definitely better to enter as early as possible.”

“It can be considered a form of advance training for fresh blood in the school…”

After all… it had been too many years since Ancient Capital University had produced any results.

Their battle results were just too ridiculous.

White Brook muttered in her heart.

Even Lu Qingyi, a proud daughter of heaven from Division 11, was somewhat weak in battle power when facing the top geniuses of the top universities in Imperial City and Demon Capital, let alone others.

She heard from her family that the monster who defeated Lu Qingyi joined another special department after graduation and left Dong Huang to carry out missions overseas.

It was no safer than archeology.

It would be alright if they went to other countries… But if they went to the territories of hostile human forces that had always relied on the totems and were not from the seven countries to carry out missions, it would be very dangerous.

Compared to this, White Brook still felt that it was safer to do archeology in the country with Senior Lu.

“Alright, Ill remember that.

Is there anything you need to prepare” Shi Yu asked.

“No, its just that you might have to fight two battles with other new students or older students, or fight one or two battles with members of the battle club.

You just have to walk down the arena to record your strength.

With your situation, it definitely wont be a problem,” White Brook said.

“Alright.” Shi Yu nodded.

White Brook smiled and said, “Then I wont disturb you anymore.

You go ahead.”

Then, the two of them hung up the phone.

After careful consideration, Shi Yu looked at the ruin ring.

What the beast-eared girl said was all trivial.

The most important thing now was to upgrade the skill points.

“Come and learn a new skill!”

Shi Yu entered the ruins space and quickly called for Baby Ginseng.

This was an intermediate-level skill.

It was very easy to teach, and it could be pushed to the proficient level in a while.


At this moment, Baby Ginseng, who was being taught by the worm how to control the cell phone, raised its head and looked at Shi Yu, who had entered the ruins space.

Buggy was patiently explaining the cell phone operation method to it, but when it heard Shi Yus voice, Baby Ginseng lost interest in the cell phone.

It pushed the cell phone away and returned it to Buggy, running over to Shi Yu obediently.

The evolution was too far away.

At the moment, it was better to add some points.

The Ginseng War Emperor dream awaited it.


“Ji!!!” The little green insect pouted and looked at the running baby ginseng.

It shook its head.

Hmph, it couldnt resist the temptation of adding points, that pitiful ginseng.

It wanted to continue training with the leader!

After adding a few points, the pets that could make up for the training were the real experts!

A moment later.

Baby Ginseng was already standing in front of Shi Yu with a serious expression.

It was already prepared!!

Today… was it finally its turn to add some deterrence!

It was definitely going to be the king of ginseng babies!

“Its still not deterrence, but a charging skill.

This way, you can create more supplements,” Shi Yu said with a chuckle.

Ginseng Baby: Σ (° △ ° | | |)

Ginseng Baby: “Yiii!!”

After saying that, Baby Ginseng immediately cried.

What happened to the battle ginseng and the towering emperor dream Shi Yu was definitely still treating it as a supplement!!

“However, although its a charging skill, it can also be converted into an attack skill.”

“At that time, not only can the Energy Fruit have the effect of the Flash Bullet, you can also shoot lasers.

Its impressive.”

“Pointing at a commander rank enemy, you can let your opponent experience the pain of being slapped in the face at the speed of light.”

“This move is calledLight Clearing Cannon.”


Ginseng Baby:ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

The change in Shi Yus words immediately made Baby Ginseng feel that it was powerful again.

Clearing Light Cannon, good!

It sounded like a very impressive skill.

It completely did not realize that Shi Yu was talking about the energy storage beam that had been instantly blasted apart by the Energy Fruit…

“Yiya! (Shi Yu, increase points!!)”


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