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Chapter 106: Buggys First Battle

Halberd Eating Garden was originally called Halberd Eating Restaurant.

It was established by a legendary Beast Tamer.

It was said that when this legendary Beast Tamer was young, he accidentally entered a dangerous place and lost contact with the outside world.

He lived alone in the wild for several years.

For the past few years, in order to fill his stomach, he and his pets could only hunt those wild creatures for survival.

Then, they ate wild food for several years.

He had eaten creatures from the transcendent level to the commander level.

As he ate, they killed their way through the wilderness.

He successfully returned to human society.

After returning, this Beast Tamer seemed to have opened the door to a new world, summarizing a philosophy of life: “Combat and delicacies are more compatible.” Halberd Eating Restaurant was born because of this.

He himself had also gone on the path of a gourmet Beast Tamer and never returned.

In order to eat the taste of monarch-level creatures or even overlord-level creatures, he started to work hard in cultivation.

In the end, he inexplicably became a legendary Beast Tamer in Dong Huang.

“This is the power of a foodie”

Shi Yu browsed the introduction of Halberd Eating Garden on the Internet and was a little shocked.

Good lord.

It was too inspirational.

He just didnt know if this legendary Beast Tamer had tasted a dragon in the end…

Shi Yu arrived at the Ancient Capitals Halberd Eating Garden branch with the mood of worship.

This place was very large.

The entire restaurant was built in a huge courtyard that could accommodate thousands of people.

Before entering, he could already see many people.

As expected of a legendary Beast Tamer company, it looked very popular.

“Welcome, do you have an appointment”

After Shi Yu entered the courtyard, a waiter in a suit welcomed him and asked.

“No.” After Shi Yu simply explained to the waiter that he was here to participate in the event, the waiter immediately understood.

Then, he led Shi Yu to a single-person private room to eat.

Then, Shi Yu naturally ate a big meal.

He ate very “nourishing” food.

He could only say that he understood everything.

Unfortunately, this was a restaurant targeted at Beast Tamers and didnt provide food for pets.

Otherwise, Shi Yu even wanted to call Eleven and Buggy out to eat together.

In any case, the meal might be free later.

As the ingredients were all transcendent creatures and the taste was too delicious, Shi Yu alone spent a total of 60,000 yuan.

Actually, the price was alright, not even as expensive as a divine bean.

However, this was also related to the fact that divine beans werent prepared for ordinary professional Beast Tamers.

They were standard supplements for master-level Beast Tamers.

Shi Yu might be the first person to eat something so nutritious at the trainee stage…

After eating a pile of nourishing food, Shi Yu wiped his mouth and fell into deep thought.

Although after these supplements were cooked, they gave up part of their nutrition in pursuit of delicacies and didnt have the natural supplements, it seemed to be alright.

If there were such events every day, he would come for a meal every time he finished adding points.

Moreover, there would be free venues and sparring sessions.

Wouldnt that be beautiful

“But heres the problem again.

Is it safe to let Buggy go If it loses, it will be 60,000 yuan…” Shi Yu was stunned.

The peak battle power of the worm was equivalent to that of a low-level commander pet cub.

It was still risky.

There shouldnt be any lousy candidates who would dare to eat at such a place, right…

Forget it, forget it… It didnt matter.

If Buggy dared to lose, it could just let it work to repay its debts.

Its ability to earn money was still better than Elevens.

After pressing the bell for the waiter, Shi Yu began to silently wait for the subsequent battle arrangements.

At the same time, in another private room.

Two boys of similar age were drinking drinks and waiting.

They are discussing a very important question.

“Cousin, whos going to participate in the battle later” A young man with a crew cut said.

Halberd Eating Restaurants activity this time supported multiple candidates eating together.

When the time came, they just needed to send one representative to battle.

There was no need for every candidate to battle.

The restaurant would match its opponent according to the amount of money the customer spent.

In the end, no matter who won, the restaurant would not lose.

“The two of us are about the same.

Actually, its the same for both of us.

As long as we dont encounter commander-type pets, arent we just killing randomly” the buzz cut cousin said.

In the vocation assessment, there were still very few who could contract the cubs of racial creatures.

They didnt believe that they were so unlucky to have encountered it.

“Thats right.

Then, Ill go But if I lose, you cant blame me.

Well split the meal 50-50,” the short-haired cousin said.

“Alright, alright,” the buzz cut cousin said.

“But you have to be more serious.

For the professional assessment, Im a little tight on money now… Otherwise, I wouldnt have come to such a place to be a gambler.”

The short-haired cousin: “Its not a big problem, not a big problem.

I shouldnt lose.”

Not long later, a waiter in a suit entered the private room and said to the pair of cousins who were participating in the vocation assessment, “Sorry for the wait.

Ive already prepared a suitable opponent and venue for you.”

Ordinary restaurants definitely didnt have the right to casually prepare a battlefield area.

Halberd Eating Garden was relatively special.

After all, the founder was a legendary Beast Tamer.

In Dong Huang, the legendary Beast Tamer was the highest battle power below the national guardian.

They enjoyed special privileges everywhere.

From the chefs to the waiters, everyone in the Halberd Eating Garden was a Beast Tamer.

It was also considered a restaurant with a very special style.

Next, under the lead of the waiter, the pair of cousins arrived at a battleground in the courtyard.

It was extremely lively here.

There were people fighting in every independent battleground.

It seemed like they were all candidates who had come to participate in the vocation assessment to warm up.

“Hes our opponent” After the short-haired brother was brought over by the waiter, he saw Shi Yu, who was leaning against the edge of the venue, browsing his cell phone on the isolation net.

“Yes,” the waiter said.

The buzz cut cousin stared at Shi Yu and felt that he looked a little familiar.

A moment later, he chuckled.

This smile immediately made the waiter a little puzzled, and also made the cousin who was about to fight beside him a little puzzled.

At the same time, it also attracted Shi Yus attention.

“What is it” asked his cousin.

“I remember a happy thing,” the buzz cut cousin whispered.

“Youre safe in this battle.”

He finally remembered why Shi Yu looked familiar.

Back then, when he was visiting Ancient Capital University, he wanted to find a random person to fight and kill time.

Then, he happened to find Shi Yu in front of him.

However, that battle could not be established in the end.

The reason was very simple.

At that time, Shi Yu was too lousy.

He said that his pet was only at the ninth level of Awakening and had not even reached the transcendent level.

When the buzz-cut cousin heard that, he lost interest and directly rolled his eyes and left.

The world was so small.

Fate was indescribably wonderful.

At a time like this, he liked rookies like Shi Yu a lot.

After all, he could freeload.

He had only awakened level-nine three months ago.

Even if he broke through to the transcendent level three months later, how strong could Shi Yu be

“This guys smile is so annoying.

Do I know him”

Shi Yu looked at the two people the waiter brought and was a little stunned.

He had completely forgotten that he had met the other party once.

His head didnt remember useless things.

It was filled with pet information and the rich ladys cell phone number.

“Brother, how are you” At this moment, the cousin who had been encouraged by his cousin walked forward and greeted Shi Yu.

Cousin knew him He was a little more confident now.

At the same time, he smiled.

“Hello.” Shi Yu nodded.

He was quite enthusiastic

However, he didnt look very smart or like an expert.

Buggy should be stable.

“Gentlemen, can we start the battle now The battle rules are a one-on-one battle between pets,” the waiter said.

Time was money.

They didnt have time to let the guests talk too much.

It was also because of this that the battle rules here had always been a battle between pets.

This could avoid a lot of trouble and shorten the battle time.

“Sure,” Shi Yu and the straight hair boy said at the same time.

At this moment, as Shi Yu and the straight hair boy arrived at the two sides of the arena, the waiter also acted as the judge.

The buzz cut cousin, who was watching by the side, touched his chin.

“Great, I can save some money again.”

Next, in the center of the arena, the waiter and judge quickly repeated the rules and left the arena to the two parties.

Shi Yu and the boy named Zhao Rui quickly summoned their battle pets at the same time!!

Hu hu hu!!!

The same gray summoning array represented that both of them were Beast Tamers who had reached level two in the Beast Taming Space.

A huge figure two meters tall appeared in front of Zhao Rui.

This figure had a strong brown body.

Its body was like a huge wrapped branch, and its whole body was covered in green vines.

Above its body, there were deep and empty yellow shining eyes and mouth, indicating that it wasnt as simple as an ordinary tree.

[Name]: Tree Spirit

[Attributes]: Wood

[Race Level]: High Transcendent

[Race Skill]: Wood Spike, Wood Whip, Absorption, Wood Shield

This was a common but very powerful plant-type pet.

The branches of the tree spirit were harder and stronger than steel bars, and it could be as agile as hands.

The penetration power of the wooden spikes could easily penetrate most metal.

Wood shield and absorption.

One guaranteed the defense of the tree spirit, and the other guaranteed the continuation of the tree spirit by absorbing the nutrients of the opponents body!

Like the Wings of Wind, the tree spirit was one of the few pets with excellent comprehensive qualities among transcendent races!

Moreover, it was obvious that this tree spirits growth level had also reached the transcendent level.

Under normal circumstances, it was very difficult to deal with.

“As long as the opponent isnt a fire-element pet.”

In the arena, Zhao Rui summoned the formation and kept looking at the pet Shi Yu had summoned.

Then, he fell into deep thought about life.

It wasnt just him.

The waiter, judge, and Zhao Ruis older cousin also “Huh”

“Ji ji, ji ji!!!”

In the small summoning array on Shi Yus side, a tiny caterpillar with a green furry body and innocent eyes crawled out.

It had two yellow antennae on its head.

It raised its head and looked at the tree spirit in front of it, smiling.

It was the disgrace of the pet generation, the Green Silkworm!

At this moment, Buggy looked at the tree spirit excitedly.

Good, this time, it countered the other party!

Birds countered bugs, while bugs countered plants.

There shouldnt be a problem, right

Although that was the case, Zhao Rui and the tree spirit did not have the slightest awareness of being countered.

They immediately felt depressed.

“Are you f*cking serious” Zhao Rui was at a loss.

As expected of my cousin, he really didnt lie to me.

His opponent doesnt look very smart, so this wave was stable.

“Please be more serious,” Shi Yu said.

“You guys attack first.”

Seeing that his opponent seemed to be looking down on Buggy, Shi Yu knew that the bugs deception was too strong, stronger than the cute form of an eleven-year-old cub.

This couldnt be helped…

“Damn.” Zhao Ruis cousin was also stunned.

Although he believed when his cousin said it was stable, he didnt expect things to be so stable.

What was Shi Yu doing Doing charity

It wasnt that he despised the Green Silkworm, but at least let it evolve before coming.

Even if it was the most basic evolution Wind Crystal Butterfly, he wouldnt have such a reaction.

An awkward cold wind blew… raising dust.

“Grab him and be gentle.

Just throw him out of the arena.”

In the arena, Zhao Rui gave the order with a dark expression.

He was also afraid that the tree spirit would smash the green worm into meat paste with a wooden whip.

The command was very gentle.

He was a kind person.

“Ah!!!” The tree spirit cried out in difficulty.

Then, an arm-thick brown branch stretched out from its body and grabbed the green worm opposite it.

It was a very simple whipping, but it shouldnt be a problem.

It was simply a waste of talent to deal with the green worm.

However, in the face of such an attack, Buggy on the other side showed a dissatisfied expression.

“Ji!” Can you be more serious

Usually, Buggy fought with Eleven, who didnt lose to the cubs of monarchs.

It was clearly dissatisfied with this kind of attack.


It spat out a crystalline white thread from its mouth.

It didnt even use the spatial nature to make the worm silk transparent as it spat it out.


The green worms actions stunned everyone.

Worm silk versus wooden whip

Good lord, was it the same level

However, before everyone could be stunned for long, their expressions froze in the next second.

The worm silk spat out by the Green Silkworm immediately bent slightly from the middle when it approached the wooden whip wielded by the tree spirit.

It was like a dancing sharp blade, waving and emitting a few whooshing sounds.

“Ah!!!” Immediately after, the tree spirit suddenly shouted.

Its wooden whip directly fell to the ground one by one, as if it had encountered an extremely sharp weapon cutting into it!

The full-level worm silk that had been added 256 times could even leave a mark on Elevens transcendent Level Hardening, let alone just cutting the small branch like this.

In a round of confrontation, Buggy directly displayed his strength!

Shi Yu and Buggy werent surprised, but as this scene happened, Zhao Rui and the others were directly stunned.

“How is this possible!”


This wasnt the end.

After cutting through the opponents wooden whip, Buggys gaze focused as he continued to control the worm silk to shoot.

“Ah!!!” At this moment, tree sap flowed out of the tree spirits forehead.

It was drenched in sweat.

It sensed the pressure and quickly controlled the wooden whip to smash.


However, the instant the thick branch and the thin worm silk collided, the outcome was still the same as before.

In just an instant, the worm silk slashed out like the sharpest and toughest weapon, splitting the wooden whip into pieces!

At that moment, Zhao Ruis expression nearly exploded, as if he had seen something that shattered his values.

This was a f*cking green worm This was a f*cking worm silk What was going on!

Wasnt his cousin hinting that the opponent was very weak The pet race he sent out was indeed very weak, but this strength was unscientific!!

The buzz cut cousin was also shocked.

What was with this green worm He couldnt understand it at all!

As for the waiter, his mouth was slightly agape from the start to the end.

He could not understand the performance of the green worm.

“Wood Shield!”

At this moment, seeing that the Green Silkworms worm silk was continuing to attack the tree spirit like a life-threatening rope, the veins on Zhao Ruis forehead popped up.

Wood-element natural fluctuations appeared on his body, and a strong wind swept up around him.

At the same time, the quality of the energy in the tree spirits body increased.

After being enhanced by the Beast Tamers wood-element strengthening talent, its battle power increased greatly.

As its body retreated, a row of wooden pillars bent in front of it, forming half an arched wall to protect itself…


This time, the worm silk only left a white scratch on the wooden shield and did not successfully break through the defense.

Zhao Rui was delighted.

Thats it

Unfortunately, he didnt last long.

In the next moment, his expression collapsed again, and he put on the painful mask.

The worm silk could only leave white marks on the wooden shield.

This did not mean that the wood shields defense was high.

It was also because the green worms current worm silk was not at its strongest state!

Not only did it not activate all the spatial properties of the worm silk, but there were also relatively few worm silk at the moment.

At the same time, it had yet to use illusions to manifest its stronger self in the dream realm!


At this moment, in the face of a stronger opponent, the worm quickly retracted its worm silk.

At the same time, dozens of almost transparent thin silk threads shot out of its mouth.

Then, these silk threads were wrapped together, forming a thick pillar like a wooden whip.

The head of the thread pillar was wrapped like a spear.

At this moment, under the control of the Green Silkworm, it shot out at a high speed!

At that moment, although everyone could not see the insect silk clearly due to the special nature of the worm silk, the sudden sound of breaking through the air and the action of the green worm spitting out the worm silk directly made everyones expression change.

This time, the destructive power of the worm silk was so strong that it directly penetrated the wood shield with a bang.

After the wood shield shattered, the thread pillar pierced through the tree spirits body.

In the next moment, the tree spirits body slightly caved in, and it directly suffered a huge impact.

Its pupils constricted, and its two-meter-tall huge body was directly flipped over.

It scraped the ground and slid for three to four meters before stopping!

“Ji!” In Normal State, the worm with full battle power directly destroyed the enemys defense unreasonably.

The expressions of the cousins froze and completely collapsed.

They felt that they were dreaming!

“You lost.

The Green Silkworms worm silk has already pierced into the tree spirits body.

Now, it can start destroying the tree spirits body from the inside with a thought.”

At the same time, Shi Yu spoke directly.

Because the other party had held back at the start, he also let Buggy hold back a little.

After all, there was still an assessment in a few days.

It would be bad if the tree spirit was injured too badly.

It was just a meal.

It was better to be friendly.

“Ah…” At this moment, just as Tong Yu had said, the tree spirit on the ground didnt dare to move at all.

Although it still had the strength to fight, it could clearly feel that there was a fatal killing weapon flowing in its body.

There was another special quality to the max-level worm silk.

Even after leaving the Green silkworms body, it could still be controlled by the Green silkworm for a long time.

At this moment, these transparent worm silk were like little worms, constantly waiting for their masters attack orders in the tree spirits body.

This move was very difficult to defend against.

As long as one was stabbed in any part of the body by the silkworms thread, it was equivalent to being sentenced to death by Shi Yu.

With the transparent nature of the skill, it was not much of a problem to say that Worm was the strongest killer of the extraordinary race.

“I…” At this moment, Zhao Ruis expression was unable to accept it.

This was because he had received the tree spirits feedback and knew that Shi Yu wasnt lying!

Because of this, his values were almost shattered and he couldnt understand at all.

Green silkworm… Green silkworm was using the worm silk to suppress the transcendent-level tree spirit

Was this what his cousin meant by “this wave is stable”

Stable his ass, liar, refund!

But clearly, even his cousin didnt expect this situation at this time.

Including the waiter, the three of them were extremely shocked.

In the end, Zhao Ruis voice was almost hoarse.

He said with a trembling voice, “Transcendent-level Green silkworm, transcendent-level silkworm silk”

“You know your stuff.” Shi Yu nodded.

“Not bad.”

F*ck! What was not bad! This didnt make sense!

As Shi Yu confirmed it, Zhao Rui and the others did not feel the slightest joy of being enlightened.

Instead, they felt that it was even more ridiculous!!

Was there really a f*cking person who cultivated the Green silkworm to the transcendent level And even trained the worm silk to the transcendent level

This guy had a problem—

The three of them were shocked to the extreme.

Fortunately, no one here noticed.

Otherwise, this place would only be more sensational.

Putting aside whether the Green Silkworm could reach the transcendent level, just based on the fact that it had mastered the transcendent level worm silk, it could be determined that this Green Silkworm almost had the potential of a monarch race after evolution!!

This had already been proven!

The cousins were dumbfounded.

They couldnt understand why such a candidate had appeared.

This kind of pet, this kind of proficiency, was completely impossible to understand!

“Ah!!!” The tree spirit reminded its Beast Tamer to stop wasting time.

Quickly admit defeat.

Its body was so itchy and in pain.

It swore never to fight with bugs again.

It was countered this time…

“I…” Zhao Ruis face was in a mess.

It could be imagined that he was also a genius from a certain place, an influential figure.

He wasnt necessarily worse than the group of people who competed with Shi Yu for the Evolution Sacred Spring back then.

However, it was such a genius who had already seen the dangers of society before participating in the vocation assessment.

In the boundless world, there were all kinds of Beast Tamers and pets.

Zhao Rui was forced to admit defeat because the life and death of the tree spirit was indeed in Shi Yus hands.

As soon as he finished speaking, his heart skipped a beat.

Cousin, this really isnt my fault.

You should be able to understand… It was clear that theres something wrong with this Beast Tamer and pet!

“Heh heh…” Shi Yu chuckled.

Although the opponent was weak and the battle between the bugs would definitely not be enjoyable, it was good as long as it was free…


At this moment, Buggy was indeed a little dissatisfied.

It swept a glance at the crowd with stunned faces and silently turned around.

There wasnt a single person who could fight, and it actually didnt even force out its dream form.

It was boring.

If the opponent in the vocation assessment was only at this level, it felt that it could destroy everything without his leader stepping up


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