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Sitting under the stage Shi Ning was frozen.

She obviously didn’t do anything, how did she able to get first place

Xu Meng who was sitting next to her and was one her competitors saw her surprise expression said with a smile.

“I heard that yesterday your brother pulled the whole F4 to canvass votes for you in the campus square.

With that, if you don’t get the first place then who will”

Shi Ning rubbed her nose.

“En, it’s my brother after all.”

After all the performances, there would be a twenty-minute intermission to give the four contestants time to prepare.

Shi Ning and Yu CHuyao were in the second group.

Since they would be the last to performe they were not in a hurry.

The first person to take the stage was Xu Meng, whose performance was singing.

Xu Meng was the third best singers, of the top ten singers on the campus.

So it goes without saying that her singing level was naturally good, and her loves songs were beautifully sang and was full of emotions.

In the backstage, Yu Chuyao and Shi Ning were both sitting in front of the dressing mirror to fix their makeup.

Yu Chuyao sneered and said.

“If it wasn’t for those boys helping you, this first place in the popularity section would definitely not be yours.

The next step is to see the performance of true talent, even if you get three votes in popularity you are only one vote ahead of me, I just need to get two more votes than you from the judges and I will win.”

Shi Ning indifferently said.

“Wait until you get the two votes first, don’t talk too early, lest you won’t get even one.”

Yu Chuyao covered her mouth and laughed.

“Are you talking about yourself.”

She looked at Shi Ning from head to toe.

She was wearing a water blue tight today which perfectly outlines her slender waist, full chest, straight snow-white long legs that’s glowing in the light.

She has to admit, Shi Ning’s body was really great.

The place that should be thin were thin and the place where should be meaty also has meat.

Compared to her, she was not too thin and her figure was not as concave and convex as Shi Ning.

A trace of envy flashed in Yu Chuyao’s eyes.

Then, she reassure herself that she was just a vase, there was nothing to envy.

She would be the one who would shine the most on the stage.

“We’ll see when the time comes.”

Shi Ning dropped the sentence and no longer paid attention to her provocation.

After Xu Meng and another contestant finished their performances, Xu Meng received three votes from the judges and two votes from the other contestant.

Xu Meng has now a total of four votes together with the vote from the weighted popularity category earlier.

Next, it was Yu Chuyao’s turn to perform.

The stage light dimmed, and two minutes later a beam of spot light fell on a girl in along snow-white dress.

Yu Chuyao’s dress today was very fairy like.

She was wearing a white dress with flower garlands, making her like an angel who landed on earth.

She played the violin with all her heart as everyone on the stage listened with fascination and approval.

Even the judges praised her genuinely.

As expected of someone who has participated in so many performances, her performance was a living sign of the school whenever she performed outside.

After her performance was finished, Yu Chuyao’s end notes still drifted far and long between the strings on everyone’s mind.

They were all reminiscing even long after the performance was over.

“Yu Chuyao is really amazing.”

“This violin playing is also too awesome, and beautiful.

She is simply a goddess.”

“Although in all fairness Shi Ning looks more in line with my taste of aesthetic, but this talent performance, in the whole Yang Chuan Middle School I can’t think of any other girl more talented than Yu Chuyao.”

“Hey, the judges are all professionals, so I guess they will all vote for Yu Chuyao.”

“It’s a bit pity that Shi Ning’s ran into an opponent like Yu Chuyao.”

After Yu Chuyao’s performance, everyone felt that Shi Ning was out of luck.

After all, Yu Chuyao’s professional standards and experience were all beating her peers.

It would really be hard for her on the stage.

The stage lights dimmed once again, this was generally the time for the contestant to prepare for their appearance.

This time the stage blackout time was a little longer, a full five minutes before the stage light up again.

The moment everyone saw Shi Ning’s appearance, they were all stunned.

A beauty, was really beautiful.

Whether it was the face with makeup or the body’s posture, it was all perfect.

While everyone was still stunned, Shi Ning started dancing under the spot light.

But with Yu Chuyao’s pearl performance in before her, Shi Ning’s dance was pretty but not that outstanding.

Just when everyone thought the dust had already settled on this match and winner was clearly Yu Chuyao.

Shi Ning suddenly began to summersault.

“Crap What is she doing”

Someone on the audience exclaimed.

Her summersault was done very smoothly and perfectly, she even do it effortless.

The spotlight chases her as he moves along with her every move.

Everyone then saw a thick stack of porcelain bowls on the side of the stage.

There was a dead silence under the stage, and everyone held their breath in silence.

What is doing here

Performing acrobatics

A famous girl from a famous family, actually intends to perform acrobatics on stage

This all sounds incredible.

Not many acrobatics were seen in the city, but they were widely spread in the town where Shi Ning’s family lives.

When she was young, Shi Ning thought that reading was just too easy, so she found all kinds of teachers to teach her something new or strange things.

And acrobatics was considered one of the arts she has been learning for the longest time.

The reason she wanted to learn acrobatics was very simple, because when the show was good, she could make money.

During her summer and winter vacations, she would occasionally go outside to perform with her uncles from the town’s acrobatic class.

Isn’t it okay to do comical skit Then acrobatics should also be fine.

Fortunately the original owner could dance, combining acrobatics and dance, it must be a visual feast.

The top bowl was one of the most basic and simple type of acrobatics.

Since she was a child, Shi Ning has been familiar with it.

The porcelain bowl goes from her hand to head, from head to her back, it rises and fall in the air.

Finally she catches it firmly.

People watching were dazzled and astonished.

Everyone forgot to speak could only breath some even held their breath as they were immerse in the unique performance.

After performing the top bowl, Shi Ning put the bowl in her hand and put it down acrobatically.

At this time, a huge wreath landed slowly in the air.

Holding the silk ribbon in her arm, she jumped and began to dance with the wreath.

Her limbs were soft and slender, matching with her agile body she was like a free bird in the air.

Like an elf, she shines brightly in everyone’s eyes.

Looking at the beauty performing magnificently as well as the factor ‘surprise’ made the audience who was shock all cheered up and give a thunderous applause.

But before the show was over, when everyone saw Shi Ning take out a blue silk and black hat someone said in a startled voice.

“She, she what is she doing!”

“I have a hunch… she’s going to start performing magic.”

Everyone was tacitly silent.

People were tempted to ask.

Lady on the stage, are you some fairy

Otherwise how could she be so beautiful and magical at the same time


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