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After playing CF and climbing half of the Wuzhu peak for whole afternoon, the school’s original plan was to take them to the hotel for dinner after the trip.

“It’s no fun going back to the hotel so soon.”

A voice from the bus sounded.

Since someone spoke first, someone else also followed suit.

“Yes ah, it’s still early, it’s only five o’clock!”

“I can still play! How about we go play another game of the one we just played This time I promise to live a little longer.”

Another student suggested.

“It’s no fun playing the same thing again.

I heard that there is a farmhouse club near her, you can cook and barbeque by yourself.

Anyway, everyone is hungry and it’s also time to eat, let’s go there instead!”

“Go, go, go, luckily I just learned to cook a few dish a while ago.

I can make it for you to try.”

“You know how to cook Who are you bluffing”

“What’s not to know, just watch it on TV.”

The things that teenager haven’t done or experience were always fun and interesting for them to do, just like cooking by themselves.

And so they pestered Lao Yang to take them to the nearby farmhouse club.

Lao Yang looked at the group of kids with suspicion.

“Can you really cook”

“We know how to grill! There are so many girls in the class, there are always a few who can, so don’t worry teacher!”

A boy said.

Lao Yang asked again.

“Those who can cook in the class raised their hands.”

Nearly half of them raised their hands.

“I can’t tell, I thought you were all spoiled young master and ladies.”

Lao Yang thought that since they were already out, and there was a place nearby why not take them to have some fun.

“Okay, let’s go.

I’m counting on you guys for dinner ah.” Lao Yang said.

The students laugh.

“Don’t worry teacher, I promise to make you a full banquet tonight.”

“Then I’ll wait.”

Lao Yang turned his head and pointed to the phone screen then said to the driver.

“Master, please take us to this place.”

A group of students arrived at the farmhouse, and since they did not make a reservation, Lao Yang had to find the owner and check for any vacancy’s’.

Fortunately, there happened to be no group reservation or activity and has enough equipment to cater the group of students.

Shortly, the equipment for grilling and dishes were prepared for this big wave.

As a well-known tourist attraction the farmhouse club was quite large in scale.

There were four mini kitchens with plenty of foods and utensils, and all kinds of meat and seafood.

There were also barbeque grills to satisfy the idea of wanting to grill by themselves.

Lao Yang then instructed.

“Just divide into two groups, you can divide it into 20 members according to your seat number.”

Everyone then divided themselves efficiently.

Those who could cook, would cook, those who want to go barbeque could go and barbeque, as for the rest they went out and help.

And for those who don’t want to do anything, the farmhouse also has many other recreational facilities to play with.

Nan Xiao, Lin Suno and Jin Sihan the three of the usually like to sit together, and Shi Ning was with them.

While Yu Chuyao were with other students.

After dividing the groups, everyone started to move.

There were always few people who could cook in twenty people, they have assign some together with someone who would help them, making everything organized.

Jin Sihan took Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan to grill with him.

When all preparations were done the night slowly descends, the scattered stars and bright moon that was half hidden in the cloud.

Not far from the barbeque grill, someone was getting a bonfire party, brightening the whole place, and the sound of music and people talking slowly envelopes.

Nan Xiao, Lin Suno and Jin Sihan were standing in front of the barbeque grill, each holding skewed food in their hands.

Jin Sihan asked.

“Can you”

Lin Suno spat out two words concisely.

“Could not.”

Nan Xiao annoyingly said.

“Weren’t you the one who drag us to grill this Now you’re asking us if we can grill”

Jin Sihan then answered.

“Forget it, is should be quite simple, just like grilled meat, put some oil, then put in on the grill and sprinkle some seasoning on it.”

When he said this, Jin Sihan grabbed a handful of meat skewers and put them on the grill, he followed his common sense and started to try.

Sure enough, the meat was scorched, and the smoke around the grill choked his nose.

Lin Suno and Nan Xiao automatically step back two meters away.

Jin Sihan pinched his nose and shouted.

“You guys aren’t coming to help me!”

Nan Xiao disgustingly said.

“Laozi1 doesn’t even want to go near that place now.”

“What are you doing”

As soon as Shi Ning came, she saw the three big boys standing by the grill at loss.

Jin Sihan answered.


Shi Ning swept her eyes at the burned meat on the grill.

“Grilling that many Can you finish it yourselves”

Jin Sihan answered as a matter of fact.

“There are a lot us, of course I’ll also grill for them.”

“And you two”

Lin Suno and Nan Xiao looked at each other, and dislike Jin Sihan’s gloating look but under Shi Ning’s questioning, they actually see a trace of guilty feeling in each other’s eyes.

“I don’t want to.” Nan Xiao said.

“I don’t.” Jin Sihan seconded.

Friends indeed, they even answered the same.

Shi Ning thought, why helpless shaking head inwardly.

Shi Ning then sighed helplessly and headed over the grill, intending to save the rest of Jin Sihan’s uncharred meat.

“You’d better stay away, the smell of the smoke is heavy.”

Lin Suno kindly reminded.

Nan Xiao added.

“This is not the place a girl like you could come and mixed in, you’ll just burned it too.”

Shi Ning retorted back.

“And just stand like you two You won’t have anything to eat tonight then.”

Shi Ning then added and asked in confusion.

“There are so many people in our group, why are only three of you here grilling, where are the others”

There are only, two or three boys in the kitchen and the rest were girls.

A total of 10 people in the kitchen.

Where are the rest of the people go

Jin Sihan replied.

“I thought the three of us could do it, so we didn’t let them come.

They were all playing with the fire there.”

Not far away, a bonfire was built, Lao Yang and some students who had nothing to do were gathered there to chat.

Shi Ning was speechless.

“I think it’s not them playing with fire, it’s you playing with fire.”

“Why don’t you stand next to me and help me, I’ll grill.”

She took over Jin Sihan’s hands and began to grill the meat.

Barbeque was a kind of thing that their village used to do a lot.

Every year, villagers would have bonfire parties, and barbeque was one of the activities.

Shi Ning’s parents were always away all year round, and there was only her old grandmother at home.

So she has been doing all the cooking and housework since she was very young.

The modern barbeque rack was very advance, so it was not difficult to operate.

Shi Ning starts very quickly.

She turned the meat skewers with one hand and flipped them in the oil with the other, moving so skillfully that she didn’t look like a young lady who hadn’t touched anything with her fingers.

“Give me the salt.


“Cumin powder.”

“Chili powder.”

Shi Ning grilled while directing Jin Sihan, who was standing next to her, to give her the spices.

The remaining two people watched her, with stunned expressions.

“How she’s good at everything now.”

Nan Xiao muttered.

Lin Suno added.

“In comparison, you and I seem to be very incompetent.”

“Then, maybe soon Shi Ning will take the first place in our grade from you.”

“That’s interesting too.”

Nan Xiao glanced sideway and asked coldly.

“It’s not like you.

Every man has his own pride, like me, if someone comes out at this time and threatened my position I will sure to fight with him head on.”

“And your pride is learning.”

People like them couldn’t live a bland life, and their strong desire to win and lose would surely make them do their best in what could interest them.

Lin Suno has been known as a genius prodigy by everyone since he was born, and he doesn’t believe he would find it interesting that someone stole his first place from him.

“What do you want to say”

Lin Suno asked in a light voice

Nan Xiao has always been direct especially when other party was his own brother.

“Do you like Shi Ning”


Laozi1– arrogant way of saying I


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