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Jin Sihan took it out.



It was a violin.



“I know you have this, but you celebrated your birthday on a foreign country and we never had a chance to celebrate… so I missed the chance to give it to you..”



Yu Chuyao took the instrument, the top was made of the best spruce wood, the side and the back wood color and pattern were also first-class.



She gently plucked the strings, the tone was excellent.



At first glance she already knew that it was a hand maid violin with excellent workmanship.



“Wow, there’s even my name engraved here.

Sihan, you’re really nice, this is the best gift I’ve ever received.”



Yu Chuyao said happily.



“As long as you like it.”



Jin Sihan scratched his head and smiled shyly.



After Jin Sihan left, Yu Chuyao put the violin into her room and never gave it a second looked again.




After the Physics class, the whole room was dead silence.


The lesson was a bit difficult to learn making the students spiritless.


However Shi Ning on the other hand, habitually opened the physics exercise book after class and began to solve the problems.



The table next to her, a boy named Deng Lan.


Deng Lan was considered to be from a simple family in the group of second generation rich kids.


He has an average appearance, and average in grades, generally speaking he was the unremarkable nobody in the class.



With Deng Lan first encounter with the scary Shi Ning, he has been very afraid of her and never dared to take the initiative to talked to her ever since they became desk mates.



Even after she crossed over, Deng Lan still never talked to her.

Shi Ning on the other hand rarely chats with others and usually studies by herself.



Deng Lan who was having a hard time understanding the lesson, looked at Shi Ning who was so engrossed solving her physics exercise book.



Although this was not the first time he saw Shi Ning doing things out of ordinary after the class started, he was still amazed by how fast she solves the problems.



Today’s lesson was really difficult ah!


Many students had a hard time understanding those cryptic problems, but how can she just understand and solve those question!


“Didn’t the teacher said that this topic is to be discussed first”



Deng Lan asked who couldn’t control his curiosity asked for the first time.



“Well, yes.”



“So how can you start solving that”



“I just finished studying this topic on my own.




Deng Lan, “……”



When did his desk mate became so obsessed in studying


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