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“Shi Ning, what happened with you.”

The female officer walked to Shi Ning’s side and inquired.

“I also want to know what happened with me, where did I piss off Director Yao, and use me as a maid every day.”

Shi Ning bent down to pick up the planning book and patted the dust on it.

“This is the student union, not the underworld.

I believe this is a reasonable place that even if I get into trouble with the teacher, I still say so.”

Shi Ning dropped this sentence to Yao Yao, turned around, and walked out of the Department office.

After she went out, the female officer who had just entered followed after her.

“Shi Ning, did the director give you a hard time again”

“I don’t even know where exactly I pissed her off, I can somehow feel that she has no small amount of animosity towards me.”

The female officer hesitated for a moment and whispered.

“Do you really not know why”

“I don’t know.”

“Our director has liked our president for a long time.”

The female secretary told her.

“Previously, I went to the department office with the director to deliver materials, we saw you and the president walking in the school.

The president also… also feed you something to eat.”

“So, Yao Yao is targeting me because of this”

After so long of confusion, the answer was finally revealed.

Female officer: “Yes, think about it, the director has been chasing the president for a year, and you got so close to the president as soon as you arrived, how can she treat you well”

“Oh—so I like Shi Chen.”

Not long after she joined the student union, Shi Chen and she didn’t meet in the student union, so everyone doesn’t know about their relationship yet.

Shi Ning never thought that she would, one day, have to pay for her brother’s peach blossom debt.

“Then she may have done one thing wrong, the more she targets me, the less she can chase after Shi Chen.” Shi Ning said.

“Do I need you to judge whether I can catch up or not” Yao Yao’s voice coldly sounded behind them.

Shi Ning and the female officer turned their heads together.

Yao Yao: “Even if you are now with senior, so what, I do not believe you can last.

Do you know this person He is focused on academics, and his feelings are extremely light, so a young girl like you who is focused on falling in love won’t stay with him for long.”

In the three years that Shi Chen came to school, there were countless people chasing him, but he was never moved.

This Shi Ning girl was just a little more beautiful, and there was really nothing special about her.

She didn’t believe that she would last long with senior Shi Chen.

Shi Ning held back her laugh but couldn’t hold it any longer.

“It’s too funny, really.”

“Director, I think the person who doesn’t know Shi Chen is you, right As far as I know, he really doesn’t like you like that.”

How could her brother be like a girl with a noble surface, but in fact has a lot of schemes behind.

Yao Yao was irritated by her words and stared at her coldly.

“Whether he likes me or not! It’s not like you have the final say! Who do you think you are”

“Director, director stop talking.”

The female secretary pulled Yao Yao’s clothes and her eyes were frightened.

Yao Yao followed her gaze and looked over.

A man was coming their way.

It was Shi Chen.


After Yao Yao saw him, her face regained its calmness and opened her mouth to call him out.

Shi Chen walked over, looking wide-eyed, he looked at Shi Ning and said to Yao Yao.

“Whether I like someone or not, it’s really up to her.”


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