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He saw the photos of Shi Chen with a longing in his eyes.

He then flipped and flipped and flipped and until the day was almost over but he couldn’t find a single picture of him.

He then understood from that time that he was not a son to Cao Shu but an accident.

She came to see him once or twice, not out of love but only out of a little humanitarian guilt.

The little good she did for him was no different from a charity.


One morning, when Shi Ning came to class she dropped a breakfast to Wan Yue.

“Bought too much.”

Wan Yue smiled, took it and without ceremony took two bites of the meat bun she handed over.

He was not a person who would easily accept people being nice to him but Shi Ning’s kindness to him makes him feel comfortable and not fee like she was just sympathizing with him.

“I’m almost embarrassed to always have your food every day.”

Although he feel at ease, he still have to be so polite.

Shi Ning put her own water bottle on his desk.

“It’s not for nothing.

Here, get me a jug of water.”


When he returned from fetching water, Shi Ning asked.

“This Friday is my birthday, my mother insisted that I call a few classmates to go home on Saturday to liven things up, do you want to come”

Wan Yue was silent for a few seconds and finally laughed brightly.

“Go, why not.”

Shi Ning’s birthday was in mid-October so Shi Chen made another plane trip back home to celebrate his sister’s birthday.

On Saturday, Lin Xuemo got up early and purposely cooked for the children with the family chef herself.

Shi Ning was seventeen years old this year, her last birthday as a minor.

Shi Pingzhan originally wanted to give Shi Ning birthday banquet, however Shi Ning refused as it would be troublesome so they finally choose to invite few friends from school to come home together and eat casual meal.

People were coming in one after another, basically bringing gifts to Shi Ning.

Nan Xiao just like the usual came in with his tyrant style, and bought expensive gift for his little princess.

Lin Suno on the other hand, in addition to giving her a crystal bracelet he also give her a study notebook.

Shi Ning flipped through the pages, it was all the analysis of the question types he summarize in the mathematics competition.

This could be useful for her.

Jin Sihan went back to school and half a month later he ran away again so Shi Ning did not expect him to come, he just gave a polite notice but who knows he really came.

As for his present—

Shi Ning looked at the pile of Jin Sihan’s own miniature and stickers of himself and slowly a question mark rose on her head.

“You want to give me this miniature of yourself, take your gift away.

You’re too narcissistic!”

Jin Sihan: “This is not an ordinary miniature, it has my signature on it.”

“Ning Ning, I will be very busy in the future and we will not be able to meet often but in order not to let you forget me I have to send you some stickers with my picture on it ah, miniature and so on.

You’ll remember me when you see them!”

Shi Ning thought it was indeed the case, since there were his signature on it, later when he becomes famous she should be able to sell a lot of money with this right

Wan Yue was the last to come, and when he came the food was almost served.

Shi Ning went to open the door for him, and when he saw Shi Ning he scratch his head in embarrassment.

Wan Yue: “There is a delay on the way.”

Shi Ning: “It’s okay, come in.”

Wan Yue gave her the gift bag.

“Gift for you.”

Shi Ning opened the bag to take a look, it was a hand-made box.

It was the character on the comic that Wan Yue read before, she pointed the boy and said.

“I think he is very good looking and handsome.”

Fast forward, Wan Yue really bought that character’s action figure and gifted to her.

Because Shi Chen also like to collect these things Shi Ning knows that these things were actually not cheap, it could be less hundreds and could be as expensive as thousands.

“Thank you.”

A little touched, she said thanks to Wan Yue and let him in.

When Wan Yue came in, Nan Xiao’s face changed and pulled Shi Ning over.

“Why is he here”

“I invited him.”

“You’ve only known each other for two months, and you’re already so familiar”

Shi Ning: “I easily get familiar with my desk mate.

Don’t you think Deng Lan and were desk mate not for long because he was replaced by you, but was still familiar with him.”

At this casual dinner, she not only invited Nan Xiao but also Tong Lu, Deng Lan and Wan Yue.


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