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in the darkness of the night sparks explode one after another, lighting up the whole night.

Shi Ning covered her ears and looked up at the sky full of colorful fireworks.

“It’s so beautiful.”

Shi Chen handed her a few fireworks sticks.

“Be careful when playing.”

Shi Ning took it and said.

“Got it, I’m not a kid.”

Shi Chen smiled and didn’t say anything else.

Although Shi Ning likes fireworks very much, she was still timid in nature.

She just want to look at it and doesn’t dare to lit it up herself.

She took the box of fireworks, wanting to see this and that while Shi Chen put them to her one by one.

“Brother, let’s put that one first.

That must be beautiful.”

Shi Ning picked up one and handed to her brother.

“Whichever you think looks good, just put it all out.”

“But there’s a lot, it has to be put off until next year.”

“En, indeed.

After twelve o’clock its already New Year’s Day1.”

Shi Chen was going to say that he going to help his sister set off the fireworks when his phone suddenly rang at this time.

Looking at, it was his mother.

“I’m going to take a call.”

He stood a little farther away and picked up the phone.

Cao Shu: “What are you doing”

“Setting off fireworks.”

“With who”

“Ning Ning.”

There was silence on the phone for a few seconds.

Cao Shu broke the silence first, she said.

“Mom is home alone, can you come here and keep me company, ok.”

“Didn’t we agree that I would spend tomorrow with you, shouldn’t you be at grandma’s tonight”

“I’ll be back after dinner, son, I miss you come sleep on mom’s side tonight.”

As usual she thought Shi Chen would agree.

However, his eyes looked at someone not far away.

Shi Ning kept waving the fireworks stick as she was smiling brightly and the pile of fireworks boxes he hadn’t finished sorting out for his sister.

He stepped out of the garden as the crackling sound of exploding fireworks reached his ears.

Shi Chen raised his phone to the sky.

“Mom, what did you say I cannot hear you.

I’ll hang up first ah, do not worry the first day of New year I will accompany you.”

After saying that, Shi Chen hung up the phone.

Seeing her brother walking back again, Shi Ning picked up the fireworks box and handed it to him with excited face.

“Brother, look this description says this is a wishing fireworks eh! It’s almost twelve o’clock, let’s set this off!”

Shi Chen took what she was holding.

“Okay, you can put whichever one you want.”

The clock struck twelve, at the same time Shi Chen lit the box of wishing fireworks.

The fireworks rose to brief splendor and then quickly fell like a meteor.

A tall and short, the two siblings looked up at the sky.

Shi Ning closed her eyes and folded her hands to make a wish.

When she reopened her eyes again, Shi Chen asked her.

“What did you wish for”

“I won’t tell you, or I won’t work.”

Shi Chen thought.

Fool, do you really believe in this wishing fireworks This is all a strategy for merchants in order to promote the goods.

Also who else but your brother would help make your wish come true.

How could you not tell me

Shi Chen casually pulled an excuse.

“When I put it just now, I saw that it said that it would be effective to say it when making a wish with this box of fireworks.”

“Huh Is that so”

Shi Ning wondered.

“En, so come on and say it.”

Shi Ning looked up and said to the night sky.

“I hope that grandmother would get better and that my family is always safe.”

“Anything else.”

Shi Ning turned sideways, tilted her head and looked at him and smiled.

“And brother this year’s college entrance exams will get the gold medal and first in class.”

“From school”

“Isn’t it normal for you to be number one in school I wish my brother was the top student in the city!”

Shi Chen raised his lips.

“Brother always tried his best.”

“Anything else.”

“No more.”

“Why don’t you make one for yourself”

“That’s what I hope most now ah, the rest will be promised next year.”

Shi Ning said.

A hand was place over her head.

“Why are you so charming”

Such a lovely sister, he doesn’t know which smelly boy would be cheaper in the future and would teach him how to be willing to give up such lovely sister.

Shi Ning smiled.

“Brother, Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.”

After returning to the room after the fireworks, Shi Ning realized that there were three missed calls in her phone all which were made at 12 o’clock.



These three people were arranged, how to choose the same time to call her.

Only fortunately, she was not able answer one.

All three also sent her messages, and she crossed them over one by one to read them.

Nan Xiao: Happy New Year, I like you.

Shi Ning’s eyelashes gently trembled as she closed the text message.

Then came Lin Suno’s message.

“Happy New Year”

Shi Ning thought that Suno’s style was as brief as ever, but when she saw his effort she forgave him.

The last one was Jin Sihan.

“Happy New Year Ning! Love life and learning this new year and love me too.”

She couldn’t help but laugh.

Shi Ning looked out the window, the fireworks were still scurrying up one by one and then explode.

Flaming tree and silver flowers were in pieces, like star river banquet.

It was short but extremely dazzling.

She dialed a number, opened the window and gave him a loud word over loud noise.

“Happy New Year.”


New Year’s Day1– Chinese basically has two New Year, first is the New Year for the end of the year on our Gregorian calendar, 2nd is the Chinese calendar which they call Spring Festival.


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