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“Baby, you can only choose of the two men in this family who do you choose”

Is the new million problem that parents asked their children

Of only choosing one, between mother and father

Shi Ning felt her head ached.

“Why should I choose between dad and brother when I want both”

Shi Chen and Shi Pingzhan, the father and son almost spoke in unison.

“No, you can only chose one.”

Shi Ning quickly wrapped her arms around her mother’s hand and leaned her whole body over.

“I choose mom.”


Time flies and it’s already the eve Spring Festival.

On the Spring Festival, naturally it was a family reunion day and the family went to the old mansion for the Spring Festival’s Eve.

Grandfather died early so in the big old mansion it was only her grandmother living alone and for the past two years the old madam’s health was also deteriorating.

She had forgotten many thing but also remember things wrongly.

One time when Shi Ning went to see the old madam she asked her,

“How is Ning Ning getting along with her classmates at her new school Has she been bullying her brother again lately”

Shi Ning did not quite understand what she said, she was not new to her school and had not quarreled with her brother for a long time.

It turned out that after talking to the old madam for half day, she realized that Grandma Shi was talking to her about her junior high school years.

After dinner, the family watched spring festival dinner with grandma.

The old madam’s eyes were also bad and could not see the TV clearly.

Shi Ning then told her what was performed in the TV.

“It’s acrobatics grandma, look the boy lifted the girl and spun her in the air.”

“It’s a special effect, not real.”

“Grandma, this singing boy not only sings well, he is also very handsome with white skin and very three-dimensional features.”

As the old madam listened, she became emotional.

“I’m really old ah, my eyes are not useful anymore and my ears are getting worse and worse this year.

Fortunately I have my granddaughter who is very patient to accompany her grandmother to watch the spring festival gala.”

Shi Ning hold the old madam’s hand, the grandma in front of her was the same with her grandma on her memory.

She lowered her head and tried not let everyone see her red eyes.

“Grandma, from now on, Ning Ning will accompany you every year to watch the spring festival gala.

If you can’t see clearly Ning Ning will be your eyes, if you can’t hear clearly Ning Ning will be your ears.”

Old Madam Shi listened and held her hand tightly.

“It’s grandma’s fault that she didn’t love you enough before.

Now when grandma reflects, I’m really afraid that the days will be too short to watch my little granddaughter grow up and get married.”

“Mom, don’t say such words during the Chinese New Year.”

Shi Pingzhan interrupted her.

“Blah blah blah, these unlucky words don’t count.

Grandma will definitely live a long life! Ning Ning has heard that as long as you keep a good mood, your body will get better and better.”

“So grandma just needs to get well and be happy every day.”

Shi Ning said in a hurry.

“Okay, grandma listens to you.”

Old Madam Shi said with a smile.

Elderly were prone to sleepiness after watching TV for a long time.

Shi Ning was planning to help her up to bed, when old Madam Shi said.

“Let you father accompany me to bed.

There are fireworks sent by others at home, so you and Xiao Chen can take them and set them off later.

Let housekeeper Ming accompany you.”

“I can set of the fireworks!”

Shi Ning was very happy to hear this, and asked her grandmother where the fireworks was then pulled her brother and went to look for them.

The Old madam and Shi Pingzhan went upstairs together.

“Mom you be careful.”

Shi Pingzhan helped the old madam slowly walk upstairs.

“Did I really treat Shi Ning poorly before”

Old Madam Shi asked her son suddenly.

Shi Pingzhan: “They are all our children, there is no such thing as treating them poorly.

In the past Ning Ning also did not know how to behave and did not see much filial respect to you, now it’s good that she’s all grown up and understand.”

“But I always feel that I have treated the child badly.

These days I heard the housekeeper say a lot of good things, the child has become so hardworking and excellent.”

“The most important thing is that she still remembers me when she studies hard, she comes to see me when she is free and I am the happiest when I have time with her.

“It’s good that you are happy, Ning Ning is indeed the happy fruit of our family now.

Shi Chen that gloomy child has also become a lot cheerful because of her.”

“Yes, it’s good to have a daughter.

Unlike me, I only have a son like you, not thoughtful at all.”

Shi Pingzhan smiled bitterly.

“You taught me a lesson, mom.”

When they almost reached her room, old madam Shi suddenly grabbed Shi Pingzhan’s hand.

“Pingzhan, although it is the son who inherits the Shi family he must not treat Ning Ning poorly.

You’d better be able to end the water evenly in one bowl.”

“This is natural, as long as Ning Ning is willing I will hand over the company to the two of them.”

Old Madam Shi nodded and waved her hand at her son, signaling that he could go.

After Shi Pingzhan left, Old Madam Shi dialed out a phone call.

“Lawyer Xu I want to amend my will.”


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