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The second half of Shi Ning’s history class was spent reviewing on physics topics and halfway through she came across one that she had question about so she thought she’d go to Lin Suno after class to discuss it.

“Suno do you have time”

Lin Suno put the book in his hand and replied.

“Yes, what is the problem”

Shi Ning wanted to ask him but ended up glancing at the book that he had just put down—a history book to be more specific.

Shi Ning laughed.

“Sure enough, the exams are here but it’s the first time I’ve seen you reading books related to liberal arts after class.”

“Well, until the final exams of this semester I plan to spend the rest of my time after school to read on liberal arts subjects.”

Shi Ning: “”

Didn’t everyone say that Lin Suno only learns the subject of literature and synthesis in class and never reads it after class

But right now she was hearing him say that all his time after school would be given to concentrate on liberal arts.

What exactly made him make such change

Lin Suno saw her doubts and curiosity so he answered without being asked and continued.

“My science score is almost perfect, as you know it is also difficult to improve so this time I want to do better in the arts subjects.”

Hearing him say this, Shi Ning nodded with understanding.

“Yes since your science paper for senior year has indeed no room for improvement1.

If you work hard on arts subject how much higher can your total score could be”

“Go for it and try to set your own record.”

She patted his shoulder as if an encouragement and then jokingly sighed.

“Hey except it’ll be harder for me to surpass you.”

If she could not surpass him in their senior year she won’t have a chance later.

The corner of Lin Suno’s lips slightly rose upward.

“So you have to go for it too.

The first place position I will not give it up to you.”

“I don’t want you to do it also, I will work harder and get closer to that position.

You also have to be careful, maybe I’ll really overtake you.”

“Good, I’ll wait for that day.”

He whispered.

After Shi Ning left, Jin Sihan walked over and looked at Lin Suno smacking his lips.

“Tsk some people ah said that they like Ning Ning but at the end would refuse to even gave the first place position.

If it were me I would give Shi Ning whatever she wants, in the first place what Shi Ning wants is the most important.”

“So, I am.”

Lin Suno said in a faint voice.

The position for first place was far less important to him than Shi Ning.

But that position, that was her goal.

And as long as he was still up there for a day, Shi Ning’s eyes would unconsciously place on him.

He understands the feeling that when a better competitor was in front of him, he would have his shadow in his eyes and heart and would think about how he studied.

Constantly on his mind, how he achieved this higher score, what he has and how he could surpass him.

So it’s not the first place he was fighting for, it was her gaze, her mind and her attention.

The person sitting in the first position of the grade which she aspired to and worked hard for was him.

What he wants was for her to be in his shadow, in his eyes and heart when she was studying.

And of course at some point in the future he looks forward to meeting her at the top.


no room for improvement1– not being sarcastic or derogatory, she means here was his score is almost perfect so there is actually no need to improve


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