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The movie they watched was set in high school all the way to college.

After graduation, the emotional drama eventually came to scene at the end when the male lead and the female lead finally got together.

But along their relationship, the young couple did not take long and started arguing.

After the fight the male lead stood in the heavy rain downstairs in the girl’s dormitory waiting for the female lead to come down.

Seeing the male lead in the rain, the female lead ran down then two once again quarreled.

The female throws the umbrella on the ground and started hitting the male lead’s chest as the female lead started to cry.

The male lead let the girl hit him, after the two fought they then hugged each other and then followed by the male lead kissing the female lead.

Shi Ning almost choked on the mouthful of milk tea she was drinking.

Aren’t they fighting

How come they kiss after

Also they kissed each other fiercely, isn’t this too intense

She remembered the baby next to her, Lin Suno.

This kind of intense and passionate scene should not be seen by the god of learning.

Once this thought came up, Shi Ning put down her milk tea and turned sideways.

Using her hand, intending to cover Lim Suno’s eyes.

At the same time, she saw that Lin Suno also turned his head and the next second, his palm blocked her view.

Both of them, who covered each other’s eyes froze.

Shi Ning broke the silence first.

“I think we are still young to look at these.”

Lin Suno agreed.

“That’s what I think too.”

So they each covered their each other’s eyes for a few minutes like that.

After a while Shi Ning asked.

“Is the that scene over”

“My eyes are covered by you, so I can’t see anything….”

A young lady next to them laughed hearing their conversation.

“It’s finished, hahaha why are you two so cute.”

Another girl sitting next to them also commented with her.

“Ah, youngster in love is really pure and cute.

Being young is so envious!”

The two children quickly withdrew their hands and took a big sip of milk in sync.

The movie as a whole was still very exciting, there were laughs and tears especially at the end when the second male lead died of illness.

It earned a lot of people’s tears.

Shi Ning also cried and as she cried, Lin Suno who was sitting next to her was at loss for words.

He looked around and notice that the girl next to him, had come to the cinema prepared as she had brought a pack of tissue paper.

He hesitated for a moment before he spoke to the girl.

“Hello can I ask for some tissue paper from you”

The girl was crying too much and didn’t hear him, so Lin Suno called her again.

The other person turned her head and froze for a moment when he saw him, then sniffled as she handed over the tissue.


He said.

After girl gave him the tissue, she couldn’t care less about crying again and turned to her companion and said.

“My mother, the boy who just asked me tissue paper is too handsome.

The young brother is too good, when his girlfriend cried he asked tissue for her.

I’m so envious.”

Lin Suno who asked for the tissue handed it to Shi Ning.

Shi Ning took it to wipe her tears and since she already had a cold her nose now was completely blocked.

She sniffled and her voice sounded like she had cried a lot for a long time.

“If I have known, we wouldn’t be watching this.”

“Why Do you think it’s not good I think it’s good ah!”

“But you look so sad.”

“I’m sad because the second male lead is so miserable, obviously he likes the female lead but he couldn’t say it all the time.”

“From high school to university and finally to the time the female lead got married, he could only say it on one sentence—I wish you happy marriage for a hundred years. Wu wu wu wu and then he died.”

Before he died the male lead and the female lead came together to visit him in the ward and this was the heartfelt lines of the second male lead were.

“At the last moment of my life, thank you for coming to see me as a friend.

I really want to tell you I like you, I always like you since a long time ago.

But even at the end of my life I can’t say this because you are already someone else’s bride.”

On this romance movie, all the sweetness belong to the male lead and the female lead while regret and sadness were given to the second male lead.


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