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It turns out that Tong Lu and Xu Wenjiao both came forward to help her speak.

Shi Ning was shocked.

Tong Lu helping her speak the truth so people could understand her situations was natural after all the two of them were really in a good relationship.

But why did Xu Wenjiao speak for her She always hated her and she didn’t promise to help her chase Nan Xiao either.

This simply doesn’t make sense.


Shi Ning turned her head to look at Nan Xiao who was sitting next to her.

“Nan Xiao.”


He looked like he wasn’t in a good mood today, and there was an air of resentment in his tone.

“Do you know someone named Xu Wenjiao”

Nan Xiao’s not-in-the-mood face became uglier.

“I don’t want to hear that name right now.”

Shi Ning’s eyes widened.

“You, did you really make any one sided deal with her, didn’t you Did she do anything to you”

Nan Xiao gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence.

“I didn’t, don’t think too much about it.”

“But the way I see your expression, it’s way too upset than normal.

What did she do to you…”

For Shi Ning, he approached not only Tong Lu but also Xu Wenjiao.

Tong Lu naturally agree without asking for anything in return, and helped Shi Ning clear her name with her post.

As for Xu Wenjiao—

If it was not for Shi Ning he would unlikely want to see this woman in whole his life.

He couldn’t bear to accompany her shopping and take her to dinner, not to mention watch movies last night anymore.

She didn’t even forget to ask for a selfie with him.

The expression of his face in that selfie fully expressed his mood.

If he didn’t need her help for Shi Ning, he would want to pinch her to death right now.

How could a troublesome woman exist

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Nan Xiao then looked away.

Shi Ning looked at him sympathetically, remembering the enthusiastic Xu Wenjiao talking about him.

She was afraid that Nan Xiao had suffered enough.

But why did he do that

It seems like Nan Xiao has always protecting her in his awkward way without her knowing when it started.

Was it because they were too cruel to her before and now they want to make up for it

Shi Ning couldn’t figure it out, but she didn’t continue to dwell more into it.

The incident continued to fester and eventually made it’s way out of school forum.

Yangchuan ostensibly does not allow early love, after this incident Jin Sihan and Yu Chuyao were both invited to the school office.

Both of them have background, and how the school disposes of these rumors depends on the Jin and Shi families.

Madam Jin’s health has not been good all year, especially when the weather turned cold recently.

Her condition became more unstable, so this matter was put into Shi Pingzhan’s hands.

So the school invited Shi Pingzhan to come to school and discuss the child’s education.

Shi Pingzhan directly requested a conversation with the principal of Yangchuan Middle School.

As soon as the principal heard that it was Master Shi, he hurriedly took the phone and spoke in a respectful tone.

“Master Shi, you were looking for me”

Shi Pingzhan was not polite, and directly on the phone cursed a lot at the principal.

“You guys still have the nerve to ask me to solve Yu Chuyao’s education Please, you look at who she is harming You still want me, as her parent, to take care of her early love affairs”

“Is your school teachers have rust on their heads This kind of white-eye wolf who harmed my daughter! My Shi family has the right to pretend that such person do not exist, all I know is that she can’t be allowed to be educated in the same environment as my daughter again.”

Ang ruthlessly hang up the phone.

On the same day, Jin Shang also came to school.

When he went to the office, Shi Ning ran into him in the corridor.

“It’s been a long time, little Shi Ning.”

Jin Shang took the initiative to greet her.

“Why is Mr.

Jin here in our school”

Jin Shang smiled.

“My younger brother does not know how to do things, at a young age instead of studying well he learned early love instead.

The school wanted to invite our parents but father is busy and elder brother is like a father, so I came in his stead this time.”

You are really six1.

This calm and collected look of his made Shi Ning admire his shamelessness.

Have you forgotten that your brother is still in love with your ex-girlfriend

Now your brother and your ex were in the office, and here you are willing to represent at a parent.

Looking at him closely, he really dressed like one.

No wonder Jin Sihan said that his brother’s thinking was not something normal people could understand.

“You do as you wish.”

After Shi Ning said this, she ran into the classroom as fast as she could to avoid the plague.

The teachers froze when they saw Jin Shang walked into the office.

Human nature was keen to gossip, this teacher were no different and were also melon eaters.

They didn’t even miss yesterday’s post.

The young master of the Jin family and Yu Chuyao, this love story couldn’t be describe easily and just makes people breathless.

And seeing the person who came today, were they going to see firsthand the sequel of this story

But of course, gossip was gossip.

After all Jin Shang was the actual head of the Jin family, even if he was young the school still respects him.

Only these three people were standing together, and looked odd to look at some point or another.


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