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In the mountains, countless demons surrounded a man in golden robes.

It was the Formless Sect\'s Dong Wangxian.

Dong Wangxian wielded his sword with both hands as he flew through the air.

A red umbrella opened up and spun at high speed around him.

It sliced through the attacking demons and blood rained down.

Looking down, the entire mountain was filled with demon corpses.

They were all incomplete and horrifying.

Is that all you have Where\'s your king

Dong Wangxian laughed impudently.

High-spirited, his anger faded from the excitement of killing.

This was what he wanted the most!

Acting recklessly!

Being unstoppable!


At the end of the horizon, a terrifying demonic aura suddenly rose.

It broke through the clouds and shook the mountains, causing the trees on the mountains to shake violently as if they were about to be blown away.

Dong Wangxian suddenly turned around with a solemn expression.

This demonic aura…

This was the first time he had encountered such a terrifying demonic aura.

It made his blood run cold.

But who was he

How could the number one prodigy of the Formless Sect be afraid

Dong Wangxian roared, Was my master killed by you demons

Great Sage Green Python\'s laughter followed.

Enlightened Old Monster is dead Hahaha! What a joyous occasion! You\'re his disciple Then you can forget about living! I will cook and make soup out of you!

Dong Wangxian\'s eyes turned red when he heard that!

His master was indeed killed by these demons!

I\'ll fight it out with you!

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Inside the Connate Cave Abode.

After Xing Hongxuan left, Han Jue continued cultivating, occasionally sprinkling water on the Heaven and Earth Grass.

There were all kinds of Spirit Qi in the cave abode.

The Heaven and Earth Grass had developed a habit of circulating the Spirit Qi of the world over the long years.

In fact, Han Jue didn\'t need to pay special attention to it, as long as he didn\'t step on it.

Two years passed quickly.

The Heaven and Earth Grass had grown much taller, and the Spirit Qi here was much denser than in the Demon Region.

Han Jue looked forward to it gaining intelligence and becoming a grass spirit, that would be quite interesting.

Heavenly Dog, Chicken, Gourd, Fusang Tree, Ancient Spiritual Ginseng, Grass Spirit…

Tsk tsk.

Han Jue even felt that he could open a botanical garden.

On this day, Li Qingzi came to visit.

Han Jue waited for him to enter the cave abode and immediately asked, The Formless Sect is here

Li Qingzi shook his head and said, No, but… the Grand Elder is about to die of old age.

Han Jue frowned.

There was only one Grand Elder in the Jade Pure Sect.

He was Li Qingzi\'s master and had interacted with Han Jue before.

Thinking about it carefully, it was normal.

Han Jue was already more than 400 years old.

In all these years, the cultivation level of the Grand Elder almost didn\'t increase.

Naturally, his lifespan also didn\'t increase.

Do you want me to meet him Han Jue asked.

After all, they were old friends.

Han Jue didn\'t want to feel regretful like in Elder Iron\'s case.

Li Qingzi shook his head and said, Master has already left the sect.

He said that if he didn\'t return after twenty years, that means he died.

He asked me to thank you and said that without Elder Han, the Jade Pure Sect would not be where it is today.

Han Jue remained silent.

He might have meant that, but there was more to it.

Han Jue wasn\'t unhappy.

He could understand the elder\'s concern.

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At the moment, he was quite comfortable in the Jade Pure Sect.

No one disturbed him.

Li Qingzi and the others would do their best to satisfy whatever he needed.

Elder Han, although my cultivation level is also increasing, I feel that it will be very difficult to reach the Soul Formation realm.

If I face my end one day, who do you think is suitable to be the next Sect Master Li Qingzi asked.

His expression did not darken.

He had lived for so long and had sent away many old friends.

He was already used to parting with them.

The path of longevity was already filled with difficulties.

If every mortal cultivated diligently and could live forever, longevity wouldn\'t be so crazy.

Han Jue shook his head and said, I\'m in seclusion all year round.

How would I know

Li Qingzi smiled and asked, In the entire Jade Pure Sect, the most talented disciples are all under your tutelage.

Just now, I discovered that Xun Chang\'an and Murong Qi\'s cultivation levels are both going to reach the Nascent Soul realm.

Such speed is unparalleled in the entire sect except for you.

Han Jue frowned.

Li Qingzi wanted to tie him and the Jade Pure Sect together completely!

If Han Jue\'s disciple or grand disciple became the sect master, it was even more impossible for him to leave.

Sect Master, I actually understand what you mean.

These two are indeed talented, but there\'s one thing that needs to be said clearly.

If I want to leave the sect in the future, the two of them will not be able to stop me.

If I don\'t want to leave the sect and the sect faces an enemy that even I can\'t resist, I will also leave in order to save my life.

I have had only one goal in life ever since I was born, and that is to live forever.

I can help the Jade Pure Sect in pursuing this goal, but I will never abandon it for the sake of the sect.

Han Jue spoke seriously.

Li Qingzi wasn\'t surprised.

The reason he chose Murong Qi and Xun Chang\'an was mainly because of their natural talent.

Although the Jade Pure Sect was growing stronger, very few disciples were more talented than the two of them.

Only a powerful Sect Master could lead the sect to become stronger.

Li Qingzi already felt helpless.

His potential limited him.

The two continued to talk.

Taking this opportunity, Han Jue secretly gave him the Six Paths Insignia.

Li Qingzi treated him well and Han Jue also had a good impression of him.

If he could meet Li Qingzi in his next life, he was still willing to help.

In the end, Han Jue agreed to let him take Murong Qi away and groom him into the next Sect Master.

Before leaving, Han Jue suddenly asked, Sect Master, how\'s Fairy Xi Xuan\'s lifespan

Li Qingzi smiled and said, Junior Sister\'s potential is higher than mine.

She even obtained a fortuitous encounter previously.

It shouldn\'t be a problem for her to live for another few hundred years.

She just returned.

If you have nothing to do, you can visit her.

He didn\'t think too much about it.

After all, Han Jue and Fairy Xi Xuan were still master and disciple.

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Han Jue nodded slightly.

After Li Qingzi left, he continued cultivating.

Murong Qi was taken away by Li Qingzi.

Although Xun Chang\'an was puzzled, he wouldn\'t say anything since Han Jue had agreed.

Murong Qi didn\'t resist.

After cultivating for so many years, he was also a little bored.

It wasn\'t a bad idea to go out for a walk.

Five years passed.

The Heaven and Earth Grass had finally developed intelligence.

It couldn\'t think, but it had already grown by leaps and bounds.

With intelligence, it couldn\'t be treated like grass anymore.

Han Jue gave it a name.

Chou Cao!

This fellow had the potential to become an immortal.

To celebrate, Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and cursed the Vermilion Bird and Mo Youling.

While cursing, he checked his emails.

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured.

His life is hanging by a thread.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured.

Fortunately, a mighty figure saved him and he escaped death.]

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured.

Fortunately, a mighty figure saved him and he escaped death.]

[Your divine pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, proclaimed itself as the Great Sage.

Encountering the encirclement of the Demon Kings from all directions, it was severely injured and barely escaped death.]

[Your disciple Su Qi was attacked by a fellow disciple] x17

[Your disciple Su Qi has spread bad luck.

The luck of the Demon Taming Sect has declined.

More than half of the sect has perished in the Heavenly Frost Snow Calamity.]


Yang Tiandong, Zhou Fan, and Mo Fuchou were attacked by a Demon King one after another and were all heavily injured.

Could it be that they were attacked by the same Demon King

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Han Jue touched his chin and thought about it.

He felt that it was possible.

Yang Tiandong and Zhou Fan were good friends.

They had been out for so many years.

If they met, it was very likely that they would travel the world together.


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