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The people of the Jade Pure Sect were stunned by Ji Lengchan\'s provocation.

They rarely encountered such a challenge that was common in the mortal martial arts world.

Li Qingzi was still in seclusion and didn\'t mind Ji Lengchan\'s words.

If the sky collapsed, Elder Han and Elder Xiao would hold it up.

However, Xiao Yao felt that the other party was not simple.

He didn\'t want to take the risk and wanted Han Jue to help.

Han Jue found it troublesome and wanted Xiao Yao to accept the challenge.

If he lost, so be it.

He just had to send Ji Lengchan away.

The other elders felt that the other party was definitely very strong and did not dare to appear.

The disciples were even more so.

Thus, an awkward situation ensued.

A Body Integration Realm cultivator challenged them, but no one came out to receive him.

If no one comes out within ten breaths, I\'ll flatten your sect! Ji Lengchan shouted angrily.

At that moment, he was halfway up the mountain, looking at the distant eighteen peaks.

Dressed in white and with a handsome face, he was cool and had the bearing of a genius.

Ji Lengchan was furious.

No one from the Jade Pure Sect came out!

Even if they didn\'t dare to face the challenge, they should at least come out and beg for mercy!

Ji Lengchan became even more furious.

He took out a sword and prepared to cut down the Jade Pure Sect\'s eighteen peaks!

Fellow Daoist, you\'re amazing.

The Jade Pure Sect is inferior to you.

We admit defeat. Han Jue\'s voice drifted into Ji Lengchan\'s ears.

Let him win.

Han Jue didn\'t care about winning or losing.

He just hoped that it wouldn\'t be troublesome.

Ji Lengchan frowned when he heard this.

I choose you.

Come out and fight me.

You\'re already here.

How can you just admit defeat like that

Fellow Daoist, why are you so angry Did our sect offend you

Not before this, but now, I\'m offended!

Must we fight

Come out, or I\'ll trample your Jade Pure Sect! Ji Lengchan shouted domineeringly.

He felt great after saying these words.

How dare you neglect me!

Ji Lengchan was a Dao Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Coupled with his cultivation at the Body Integration Realm, very few people dared to not give him face.

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Most importantly, the Jade Pure Sect was nothing in the cultivation world.

How dare such a sect put on airs

Today, he would teach them the rules!

Han Jue frowned.

He was angry, too.

This fellow was really pushing his luck!

Are you still not coming out Do you want me to force you out Ji Lengchan shouted angrily.

His cold attitude was the most infuriating.

Just as he finished speaking, a sword Qi suddenly shot out from the immortal mountain like a bolt of lightning, extremely fast.

So fast!

Ji Lengshan\'s expression changed.

He instinctively raised his sword to block.


The sword Qi flew past the mountains, heading straight for him.

Before Ji Lengchan could even cast a spell, the sword Qi engulfed him.

His body was crushed into bits, leaving only his essence soul holding the sword.

The domineering Reincarnation Sword Intent did not destroy his essence soul, only because a golden dragon was coiling around it.

That\'s right!

A golden dragon!

The golden dragon looked both real and illusory.

Cracks appeared on its body, and it almost could not block the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger.

Just as Han Jue was about to point again, the golden dragon shouted, Wait! We can talk! I apologize on behalf of this stupid junior!

Han Jue stopped and said, I\'ve already admitted defeat, but he\'s going too far.

He still wants to destroy my sect.

I don\'t want to cause trouble, but I\'m definitely not afraid of it!

Ji Lengchan was still in a state of shock.


That move just now…

I couldn\'t even take a single blow from him…

Ji Lengchan\'s Dao Heart shattered.

Seeing that Han Jue didn\'t continue to attack, the golden dragon heaved a sigh of relief and said, Fellow Daoist, this is indeed Lengchan\'s fault.

If you let him go, we\'ll leave immediately.

[Daoist Ji Kong has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

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Han Jue immediately checked his information.

[Daoist Ji Kong: Seventh level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, one of the twelve Daoists of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Because you didn\'t directly kill Ji Lengchan, he developed a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

Seventh level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

Han Jue was instantly blinded.

If such an existence had a favorable impression of him, there shouldn\'t be any enmity, right

Han Jue said, I hope that you will keep your word.

You can leave.

[Daoist Ji Kong\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 3 stars.]

The golden dragon was satisfied.

He felt that Han Jue had a good character.

This was indeed Ji Lengchan\'s fault, and his Mystical Power could only protect the essence soul.

If Han Jue wanted to kill Ji Lengchan, he couldn\'t stop him.

Moreover, he had yet to reveal his identity, which meant that the other party did not stop because he was afraid of his identity.

The golden dragon said in a low voice, Fool, apologize to this fellow Daoist.

Go back to seclusion after this matter ends.

You are not to come out for a hundred years!

He was truly infuriated.

He had been cultivating just a moment ago, but he had sensed that Ji Lengshan was in danger.

Through the golden dragon, he had already understood everything.

Such actions were simply an insult to the Heavenly Immortal Manor!

Ji Lengchan seemed as if he\'d been struck by lightning, and he said agitatedly, Master… I just came out!

He wanted to vomit blood.

He had only been out for less than five years and had been looking for a suitable opponent.

He couldn\'t be bothered to deal with weak sects.

He had finally decided to look for the Jade Pure Sect, but before he could do anything, he had nearly died.

Ji Lengchan sank into depression.

Was the outside world always so ridiculous

He was a Body Integration Realm cultivator!

Han Jue had a strange expression.

No wonder he had never lost a fight, he had only just come out.

Apologize now!

The golden dragon roared angrily.

Ji Lengshan hurriedly apologized while trembling.

Then, the golden dragon looked in the direction of the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain and smiled.

Fellow Daoist, may I know your name

Guan Yu, courtesy name Yunchang.

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Guan Yunchang Good name. The golden dragon praised and left with Ji Lengchan.

The situation ended like this.

Ji Lengchan was still a distance away from the Jade Pure Sect.

The disciples didn\'t know what had happened, but the divine senses of the elders could clearly sense it.

The Deity Slaying Elder was too powerful!

Xiao Yao and Liu Bumie were both shocked.

Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger sent chills down their spines.

They thought for a moment and couldn\'t help but shiver.

If it were them, they wouldn\'t be able to withstand the attack.

In seclusion, Li Qingzi smiled proudly.

Elder Han was indeed their lucky star.

He had never disappointed them.

How comfortable!

Under the Fusang Tree, Murong Qi started to worship Han Jue.

His favorability soared to four stars.

Han Jue didn\'t mind and continued cultivating.

Several days later.

[Ji Lengchan has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 2 stars]

It seemed like Daoist Ji Kong had educated him and made him grateful to Han Jue.

Han Jue couldn\'t help but have a good impression of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

This was a true Holy Land!


To celebrate that no enmity arose between them, Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and completed his daily mission.

On the other side, Guan Yu\'s name spread throughout the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Ji Lengchan was a famous genius of the manor.

They didn\'t expect him to be beaten back the moment he stepped out.

Ji Lengchan bragged about Guan Yu, saying that the latter was the number one cultivator in the Jade Pure Sect.

Even his master, Daoist Ji Kong, admired him.

The stronger Guan Yu was, the less embarrassing this loss became.

As he bragged, his impression of Han Jue also started to increase.

He probably believed it himself.

Han Jue wasn\'t aware of the situation, and his impression of Daoist Ji Kong improved greatly.

He didn\'t expect him to work so hard even after returning.

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