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Hearing that Murong Qi wanted to become his disciple, Xun Chang\'an narrowed his eyes and sized him up.

Xun Chang\'an was also at the Golden Core Realm.

His cultivation level was slightly higher than Murong Qi\'s, so it wasn\'t difficult for him to take in a disciple.

However, he had to ask his master about this.

Continue kowtowing. With that said, Xun Chang\'an went up the mountain.

Murong Qi knew that the other party was testing him.

He continued to kowtow.

After arriving at the Connate Cave Abode, Xun Chang\'an told Han Jue about Murong Qi wanting to become his disciple.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

His expression was strange.

Murong Qi wants to become Xun Chang\'an\'s disciple

He thought that Murong Qi wanted to eat him.

Han Jue asked, What do you think

Xun Chang\'an said from the entrance, I have some affinity with this person.

If Master doesn\'t object, I\'ll accept him.

Han Jue thought for a moment.

The other party was the reincarnation of Profound Truth Divine Emperor.

It wasn\'t bad to get close to him.

Han Jue replied, Go ahead, you can bring him to the Fusang Tree to cultivate.

In the future, you will be in charge of him.

He\'s not allowed to leave the surroundings of the Fusang Tree without permission.

Xun Chang\'an was overjoyed and hurriedly thanked him.

He then immediately went down the mountain to open the formation and let Murong Qi in.

Murong Qi stood up and walked in front of Xun Chang\'an.

He knelt down and kowtowed solemnly, then called him Master.

Xun Chang\'an was very happy.

This was his first disciple.

Let\'s go.

Follow me up the mountain.

Apart from me, there\'s also your grandmaster, your grandmaster\'s wife, and a black chicken at the Soul Formation Realm.

Xun Chang\'an introduced as he led the way.

Murong Qi was secretly shocked.

This mountain actually had a Soul Formation Realm beast!

Is this the foundation of the Jade Pure Sect



Could it be that this person isn\'t the Deity Slaying Elder

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Murong Qi suddenly noticed that Xun Chang\'an was a monk.

Could he be the monk that Elder Guan had mentioned who knelt for five years

Having thought this through, Murong Qi was not embarrassed or angry.

He could sense that it was Xun Chang\'an who attracted him!

The two of them moved quickly.

When they reached the Fusang Tree, Murong Qi saw the Black Hell Chicken.

He was stunned by the Fusang Tree.

What tree is this

The Black Hell Chicken opened one of its eyes and said indifferently, Chang\'an, have you told him the rules If he decides to join our mountain, he can\'t cause trouble everywhere like Yang Tiandong.

You have to discipline him well in the future.

If he dares to mess around, I won\'t be polite.

Xun Chang\'an cursed silently, Stupid chicken, who are you trying to intimidate

Thinking that Han Jue might be watching from the cave abode, he could only promise the chicken.

Xun Chang\'an made Murong Qi kneel down and kowtow to the Connate Cave Abode.

Endure Today, Freedom Tomorrow

Murong Qi noticed a line of words at the entrance and pondered.

He obediently knelt down and kowtowed three times.

Just like that, Murong Qi joined the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain and Han Jue had another grand disciple.

As he cultivated with Xun Chang\'an, Murong Qi was pleasantly surprised to find that the Spirit Qi here was very dense.

Especially when he sat next to him, not only was he not disturbed, but he even absorbed more Spirit Qi.

It was indeed a fortuitous encounter!

Murong Qi was pleased.

It seemed that his intuition was correct!

Another year passed.

On this day, the sect master of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect, Liu Bumie, and Daoist Calm Sky arrived.

Daoist Calm Sky was extremely nervous.

Although he had left a soul fragment in the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect, he was still afraid of facing Han Jue.

Han Jue sensed their aura and immediately checked the Jade Pure Sect.

[Liu Bumie: Seventh level of the Void Amalgamation Realm, Sect Master of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect]

That\'s it

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Han Jue couldn\'t understand.

How could the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect dare to challenge the Formless Sect

But on second thought, he understood.

Their sect\'s strength was definitely the best around the Great Yan.

It was also geographically far from the Formless Sect.

This world did not have phones or a network, so it was normal for the information to be inaccurate.

Out of caution, Han Jue still used the simulation trial to fight with them.

He fought both of them at the same time.

Instant kill!


The duo didn\'t fly to the main peak but arrived at the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

Greetings, Deity Slaying Elder.

Sect Master of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect, Liu Bumie, and Elder Daoist Clear Sky are here to visit.

Daoist Calm Sky bowed.

He knew that the Jade Pure Sect would definitely agree as long as the Deity Slaying Elder agreed.

Liu Bumie bowed as well.

He was also a little nervous.

Daoist Clear Sky said he was unable to defend against the Jade Pure Sect\'s Deity Slaying Elder.

How could he dare to underestimate Han Jue

Under the Fusang Tree, Murong Qi\'s eyes widened as he said in astonishment, The sect master of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect is here

He had previously been an itinerant cultivator and had heard of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

To him, they were much stronger than the Jade Pure Sect.

Xun Chang\'an said expressionlessly, Continue cultivating.

Murong Qi nodded and closed his eyes, but his attention drifted down the mountain.

Han Jue appeared out of thin air in front of the two of them.

The Reincarnation Sword Intent erupted and locked onto them.

In an instant, Liu Bumie and Daoist Calm Sky couldn\'t move.

They felt as if they were facing death.

Cold sweat began to seep out from the foreheads of the two, especially Daoist Calm Sky.

He almost died of fright.

Gritting his teeth, he said, Senior, we have no ill intentions… You invited us.

Han Jue said calmly, I hope that you won\'t be disloyal after joining the Jade Pure Sect.

He put his hands on their shoulders and quietly left the Six Paths Insignia.

In the future, no matter where they fled to, Han Jue would be able to track them!

Han Jue\'s cultivation was far stronger than theirs.

They couldn\'t sense it at all.

Daoist Calm Sky quickly assured them that they were definitely sincere about joining the Jade Pure Sect.

Han Jue didn\'t continue to suppress them and let them go to the main peak.

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How could the two of them dare to refuse After the Reincarnation Sword Intent vanished, they immediately bowed and left.

On the way to the main peak after leaving the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain, Liu Buying couldn\'t help but send a voice transmission, Senior, how can there be such an expert in the Jade Pure Sect Could he be Daoist Nine Cauldrons

I\'m not sure either, but he\'s definitely not Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

He has long gone overseas.

He rejoiced in his heart.

It seemed that he had made the right move by joining the Jade Pure Sect!

On the other side, Han Jue returned to the cave abode.

He thought for a moment, took out the Book of Misfortune, and started cursing Enlightened Old Monster.

Although he wasn\'t afraid of the Formless Sect, they had many people.

If they attacked the Jade Pure Sect, the losses would definitely be heavy.

As long as Enlightened Old Monster remained injured, he could definitely hold back the Formless Sect.

A month later.

The Blood Fire Heavenly Sect officially announced that they would join the Jade Pure Sect.

Liu Bumie would personally enter the Jade Pure Sect, and the affairs of the sect would be handled by the vice sect master.

Once this news spread, it shocked the Great Wei, Great Yan, West Abyss, and the nearby dynasties.

All eyes turned to the Jade Pure Sect.

This sect seemed weak, but in the past hundred years, it had indeed shown signs of strengthening.

The news spread to the Formless Sect.

After hearing this, Enlightened Old Monster frowned.

Jade Pure Sect…

He couldn\'t help but think of Xing Hongxuan.

Previously, he had wanted her to marry Dong Wangxian.

With her cultivation technique, getting together with Dong Wangxian would definitely help him advance his cultivation.

Unfortunately, she rejected him.

Xing Hongxuan was from the Jade Pure Sect.

A few people were standing in front of him.

Dong Wangxian was among them.

He snorted and said, What kind of sect is the Jade Pure Sect I\'ve never heard of it.

Besides, the Great Yan is publicly acknowledged as weak.

Master, I\'ll personally go there and capture Liu Bumie!

Enlightened Old Monster frowned and did not immediately agree.

For some reason, he felt that the Jade Pure Sect was very strange.

Ever since he had asked Xing Hongxuan about the marriage, he had often been cursed.

Could it be that the person cursing him was from this sect

Some mighty figures had the power to affect karma, could it be that Xing Hongxuan\'s husband was the one who had been cursing him

It was very likely!

Nothing else could explain such a coincidence!

Enlightened Old Monster had never encountered such a thing in the past.

However, ever since he had invited Xing Hongxuan, he was being cursed every few years.

A month ago, he had been severely injured by the curse.

It happened to be the time when the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect had negotiated with the Jade Pure Sect.

They definitely couldn\'t clash head-on with this sect!

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