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Chapter 916 Dark Forbidden Lord Appears

“May I know why youre looking for me” Han Jue asked in a puzzled tone.

The Ultimate God of Punishment said, “I want to tell you about the Ancient Desolate.”

He didnt hide anything and revealed his conspiracy with the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

He wasnt afraid that Han Jue would leak it.

After all, they were already standing at the peak of the Chaos.

Han Jue was speechless after the Ultimate God of Punishment finished speaking.

This fellow actually trusted others with his life!

What was he thinking If Han Jue was the Ultimate God of Punishment, he would definitely join forces with the Divine Might Heavenly Sage to deal with the stronger Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit instead of directly admitting defeat and being willing to be a lackey.

“We can truly control the Chaos if we follow the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

There are mysterious existences above the Chaos.

You should be able to sense that the Dao Ancestor is one of them.

If you insist on protecting the Heavenly Dao, you will easily benefit the Dao Ancestor.

Its not worth it.

Besides, havent you already created a new universe” The Ultimate God of Punishment stared at Han Jue and said seriously.

Han Jue remained silent.

The Ultimate God of Punishment sighed.

“Besides, the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit is determined.

This matter cant be changed.”

Han Jue asked, “Why arent you resisting him We can join forces.”

The Ultimate God of Punishment shook his head.

“I havent improved for a long time, and that Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit is extremely powerful.

In front of him, Im like a mortal.

The difference is really great, so great that you cant even imagine it.

The reason why he let you go earlier was not that he was afraid of you, but because he didnt want to waste time.”

Han Jue frowned.

“Is there really no one in the Chaos who can resist the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit Laozi The Dark Forbidden Lord Those unknown existences They cant defeat him even if they join forces”

The Ultimate God shook his head.

Han Jue fell silent again.

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The Ultimate God of Punishment said faintly, “Fellow Daoist, think about it.

Give me an answer in at most a million years.

I want to protect you and build the Chaos with you.”

The dream shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes and showed a mocking gaze.

“Ultimate God of Punishment, thank you for your kind intentions, but your cowardice cant change the Chaos.

Whats the difference between you and the former Primordial Ancestor God Will you submit once an existence stronger than you appear”

Han Jues eyes flickered.

He would support a new leader of the Divine Spirits after destroying the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit!

People like Jiang Jueshi, Han Huang, and Azure Heaven Mystic had good personalities and were never afraid.

Unfortunately, these geniuses needed too much time to grow.

Han Jue then used the image of the Dark Forbidden Lord to visit Divine Lord Peacock, Jing Tiangong, Shi Dudao, and the others in their dreams.

He asked them to spread the news that the Dark Forbidden Lord would definitely sweep through the Chaos and bring about a dark era.

This was an ambush, making people think that the Dark Forbidden Lord was targeting the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit because of his ambitions.

He next sent a dream to Huang Zuntian in his true form, asking him to spread the threat of the Ancient Desolate.

He wanted to create more hype and make the Ancient Desolate uneasy, making it impossible for the Ultimate God of Punishment to stop.

The current Han Jue was not the same as before.

His cultivation level looked down on the Chaos and his subordinates were scattered everywhere.

He didnt need to do things personally.

Han Jue entered cultivation after doing all of this.

No matter what, he could not relax his cultivation.

Authority was supplementary.

Strength was the foundation!

Heavenly Dao, outside the 33rd Heaven.

The Sages gathered in the Universal Hall.

The Foolish Sword Sage, Great Sage Void Soul, and Red Fate also came.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du recounted the Ancient Desolate matter, and the Sages became excited.

“What His hatred for the Dao Ancestor falls on us”

“How arrogant!”

“Very good.

The Heavenly Dao has been peaceful for a long time.

Its time for some suffering.”

“Now, there are more than ten thousand Heavenly Dao Pseudo-Sages and a million Zenith Heavens.

How powerful are they What is the Ancient Desolate In the past, even the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End was not the Heavenly Daos match!”

“Thats right.

The Heavenly Dao has three Great Dao Sages and the Divine Might Heavenly Sage who surpasses them.”

“We can contact other worlds and resist the Ancient Desolate together.

Lets say that the Ancient Desolate wants to destroy the Heavenly Dao, and they are next.

Everyone knows the Heavenly Daos kindness to other worlds.

The Ancient Desolate is a forbidden land.

How can it compare to the Heavenly Dao”

The Sages discussed and expressed their opinions.

They were not afraid of the Ancient Desolate.

After the battle of the Divine Authority Generals ended, the Heavenly Dao completely transformed into an iron plate and also had the arrogance to look down on the Chaos.

Pan Xin cursed.

“So be it.

Its a good opportunity to show the Heavenly Daos power.

The Pangu Races prodigies have already risen.

Although theyre not Sages, theyre not far from it.”

Qin Ling stood up and smiled.

“Ill personally go to the Ancient Desolate to gather information for the Heavenly Dao.

If the other party wants to sweep through the Heavenly Dao, it will definitely cause a huge commotion.”

Han Yu also stood up.

“Ill follow you.”

Seeing Han Yu stand up, Ji Xianshen, Yang Tiandong, Long Hao, Fang Liang, and a few other Sages also stood up.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “We still have to consider this matter at length.

We indeed have to arrange manpower in the Ancient Desolate.”

The Sages had no choice but to sit down.

At the same time, the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirits existence spread in the Chaos.

The news spread extremely quickly.

The Ultimate God of Punishment also learned about this.

He opened his eyes and frowned.

He muttered, “Strange, why did the news spread Could it be the Divine Might Heavenly Sage

“No, the Dark Forbidden Lord.

“Could it be those unknown existences”

The expression of the Ultimate God of Punishment was extremely ugly.

Although he was the leader of the Divine Spirits, there were too many existences in the Chaos that he could not see through.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit wanted to resist those unknown existences.

Among them, the Dark Forbidden Lord was the most mysterious existence on the surface.

From what those voices were saying, the Dark Forbidden Lord was going to sweep through the Chaos.

Could it be that the Dark Forbidden wanted to fight against the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit

Could the Dark Forbidden Lord be related to the Divine Might Heavenly Sage

The Ultimate God of Punishment subconsciously wanted to visit Han Jue in his dreams and ask.

But on second thought, so what if he asked

It had already happened!

“Very good.

I want to see if you, the Divine Might Heavenly Sage and the Dark Forbidden Lord, can defeat me and the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit!” the Ultimate God of Punishment said coldly, his eyes filled with killing intent.

He was still the Ultimate God of Punishment who dared to kill the leader of the Divine Spirits!

On the other side.

(The Ultimate God of Punishment has developed hatred towards you.

Current Hatred Points: 3 stars]

Han Jue, who was cultivating, saw a notification appear in front of him.

He was indifferent and continued cultivating.

He would deal with them together.

He had thought that they could create the Chaotic Assembly together, but it seemed that he could only do it alone!

Since the Chaos did not tolerate him, he would control it!

Han Jue thought silently.

He wanted to cultivate in peace, but people were always jumping out to give him trouble.

Han Jue thought of the Dao Ancestor.

Perhaps the Dao Ancestor was secretly plotting all of this, causing the Heavenly Dao to never have peace.

Of course, it was only a guess.

Perhaps the Dao Ancestor had shouldered more for the Heavenly Dao.

Under the old tree.

Han Qinger and Han Huang meditated side by side and opened their eyes at the same time.


“Qinger, youve become stronger.”

Han Huang praised, but these words were extremely ear-piercing to Han Qinger.


Han Qinger snorted and left.

Han Huang hurriedly caught up.

“Qinger, Im not comforting you.

Im just habitually going all out.

This is what Father taught me.

No matter how much I look down on the enemy, I have to use my full strength once I attack!”


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