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Fusang Tree

Han Jue looked at the seed that suddenly appeared in his hand and raised his eyebrows slightly.

The Fusang Tree was very famous in Chinese mythology.

It was related to the sun.

It could attract the Golden Crow ten thousand years later, but wasn\'t the Golden Crow the sun itself

A million years later, it would connect to another world…

Han Jue ignored this point.

A million years was too long!

The Fusang Tree\'s seed was shaped like a peach core and was not unusual.

It was hard to imagine that this was the seed of a Divine Tree.

Han Jue turned around and came to the cave abode.

He called Xun Chang\'an out.

Master, what\'s the matter Xun Chang\'an asked with anticipation in his eyes.

Could it be that Master wants to teach me a Mystical Power

Han Jue handed him the seed and said, This is a precious seed.

From today onwards, plant it here and meditate in front of it every day.

You have to protect it well.

If it doesn\'t grow well, it will be your fault.

Puzzled, Xun Chang\'an asked, My fault

The blame will be on you!

Ah! Xun Chang\'an panicked.

Han Jue ignored him and directly entered the cave abode to continue cultivating.

Xun Chang\'an squatted down and looked nervously at the Fusang Tree seed.

He dug away the surrounding snow to prevent the seed from being cold.

This was the first time Han Jue assigned him a mission.

He was very nervous.

The most important thing was this seed.

If it died, there would be no second chance!

The vast world was covered in snow.

In the mountains, countless demons crawled in the forest.

They wore snow robes and looked like ice sculptures.

Yang Tiandong stood under the tree and waited.

His body was also covered in snow.

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He was dressed in black and had a demonic appearance.

His hair was mostly white and his pupils were blood red.

He was obviously a demon.

His gaze was fixed on a mountain peak ahead.

This mountain peak was like a sword that pointed to the sky.

It was taller and straighter than the surrounding mountains.

The snow fell on the mountain and melted, and one could vaguely see wisps of demonic aura coiling around the peak.

The wind and snow swirled around the mountain like a white tornado.

It was a spectacular sight.

Yang Tiandong looked at an old tree demon beside him and asked, How much longer

Old Tree Demon shook the unawakened beasts on his body and said, Perhaps soon.

This is the strongest Demon King of Great Yan since ancient times, Demon King Dian Su.

Once he\'s born, we will follow him and usher in a prosperous era for the demon race.

Yang Tiandong frowned.

If he\'s really that powerful, why did he sleep for two thousand years Yang Tiandong curled his lips and asked.

He was ambitious.

He wanted to be the most powerful demon king in the Great Yan.

He had finally started, but a ten-thousand-year-old demon was about to revive.

All the demon kings of the Great Yan came to pay their respects.

Yang Tiandong had no choice but to follow suit.

More than two thousand years ago, there was still no Great Yan.

This place was uninhabited and was a paradise for us demons.

Demon King Dian Su was the only Demon King in this land.

All the demons listened to him until one time, when a human cultivator accidentally entered this land, Demon King Dian Su saw that he was injured and saved him.

However, that person repaid kindness with ingratitude and attracted countless cultivators to attack us.

A war that lasted for decades erupted.

Demon King Dian Su was sealed here.

We demons either died or fled.

Less than one in ten remained.

Old Tree Demon began to speak of the past, his tone filled with hatred.

We have been waiting for Demon King Dian Su to awaken and make a comeback.

The powerful cultivators from back then are already far away.

The current Great Yan can\'t stop Demon King Dian Su!

With that said, Old Tree Demon revealed a fanatical expression.

Yang Tiandong frowned and asked, Aren\'t those cultivators worried that Demon King Dian Su will revive

Old Tree Demon mocked, The human heart is uglier than the demon heart.

After two thousand years, they are no longer united against a common enemy.

They might have already killed each other.

Few are still alive.

Yang Tiandong was speechless.

He thought of his master and the Jade Pure Sect and asked, When Demon King Dian Su is resurrected, will he definitely slaughter the entire human race of the Great Yan

Of course. Old Tree Demon acknowledged.

Yang Tiandong\'s eyes flickered.

The snowstorm of the Great Yan lasted for two years, causing countless people to die.

The dynasty had no choice but to seek help from the cultivation world.

With the help of the cultivators, the disaster was alleviated.

One day, a towering demonic aura erupted, causing the sky to change color and making the cultivation world uneasy.

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Li Qingzi even came to look for him.

Han Jue didn\'t hide anything and said that a ten-thousand-year-old demon had appeared.

It frightened Li Qingzi so much that he immediately went back and asked the entire sect to be on guard.

However, the mysterious ten-thousand-year-old demon did not come.

In the blink of an eye, another five years passed.

Han Jue was still a little short of the seventh level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Regarding the fact that the ten-thousand-year-old demon didn\'t engulf the Great Yan, Han Jue guessed that the demon had just woken up and his cultivation hadn\'t fully recovered.

The snow covering Great Yan had also melted.

Peace returned.

Han Jue stopped cultivating and walked out of the cave abode.

After seven years, the Fusang Tree had grown into a sapling.

Xun Chang\'an was very careful when taking care of the Fusang Tree, afraid that it would not grow well.

Seeing Han Jue come out, he hurriedly got up.

Master… Xun Chang\'an bowed respectfully.

Han Jue nodded and looked at the Fusang Tree.

The Fusang Tree looked like two intertwined mulberry trees.

It looked very enchanting.

Currently, the Fusang Tree had already begun to produce Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi.

Although it was very weak, it was a good sign.

The difference between a divine tree and ordinary treasures was that it had a long cultivation period.

Han Jue wasn\'t in a hurry.

He just needed the Fusang Tree to grow smoothly.

The Black Hell Chicken raised a Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

While the Ancient Spiritual Ginseng nurtured a Fusang Tree.


Good match!

Han Jue thought proudly.

After observing the Fusang Tree, Han Jue started to stretch his body.

He had been meditating for too long, so it was good to exercise occasionally.

Xun Chang\'an observed carefully.

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He discovered that although Han Jue\'s actions looked simple, they contained some profound meaning.

He didn\'t understand, but it was impressive.

Han Jue\'s actions were common in his previous life, but it was very novel in this world.

As he stretched his waist and raised his leg, Han Jue began to test the strongest person in the Jade Pure Sect besides him.

He was afraid that the ten-thousand-year-old demon would infiltrate the sect.

[Daoist Calm Sky: Ninth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm, Elder of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect]

Blood Fire Heavenly Sect

Isn\'t this the sect that unified the cultivation world of Great Wei

Han Jue still remembered that Li Qingzi said that the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect had threatened to conquer the Great Yan.

He didn\'t expect them to send people over so quickly.

Han Jue started to test the location of Daoist Calm Sky.

He was disguised as an inner sect disciple and was wandering around the Pet Beast Pavilion.

He probably wanted to infiltrate the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

Han Jue hesitated about how to kill this person.

If he were to make a move, he would probably hurt the innocent.

In the Pet Beast Pavilion.

Disguised as a young male disciple, Daoist Calm Sky held a book that recorded the species of demon beasts in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

This is the number one sect of Great Yan How weak. Daoist Calm Sky thought disdainfully.

He had infiltrated the Jade Pure Sect for some time and discovered that the sect\'s foundation in all aspects was far inferior to the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

Next, only the mysterious Deity Slaying Elder remained.

Daoist Calm Sky put down the book and walked out of the Pet Beast Pavilion.

The location of the Deity Slaying Elder was very easy to determine.

The Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain was already the place with the richest Spirit Qi in the entire sect.

The disciples could guess that it was where the Deity Slaying Elder was in seclusion.

Daoist Calm Sky had already asked around.

Great Yan\'s strongest cultivator I wonder how pitiful you will look when you kneel before me and beg for mercy. Daoist Calm Sky thought to himself.

He was at the ninth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Even the Jade Pure Sect\'s founder wouldn\'t be a match for him!

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After killing the Deity Slaying Elder, should he wipe out the Jade Pure Sect without anyone noticing


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