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Huang Jihao left.

However, Han Jue couldn\'t look at him anymore.

The favorability increased inexplicably.

Han Jue even suspected that this fellow had improper thoughts about him.

Then, Han Jue continued cultivating.

It was still unknown if the Vermillion Bird Sword Sect could find the mastermind.

Han Jue didn\'t care if they could.

Even if the nineteen sects attacked tomorrow, he would not be afraid.

There was only one thing in his eyes.

I should break through to the second level of the Void Amalgamation Realm as soon as possible!

In a cave with a flickering flame, Xing Hongxuan sat in front of a fire.


A deafening roar came from outside the cave.

It was terrifying.

Xing Hongxuan slowly opened her eyes.

She looked at the words carved on the mountain wall and frowned slightly.

Why do I feel like something is missing Xing Hongxuan thought bitterly.

This was a mystic realm belonging to an ancient cultivator.

Xing Hongxuan had discovered by chance that there was a cultivation technique recorded here.

It was unfathomable.

She mustered up the courage to cultivate it.

Her cultivation level had improved significantly in the past year, but she was still far from completely mastering this cultivation technique.

Xing Hongxuan couldn\'t help but think of Han Jue.

If he were here, he might be able to answer her questions.

With these thoughts in mind, Xing Hongxuan took out the Heavenly Puppet.

Putting it next to her, she leaned her head against it and began to rest.

Ever since she got the Heavenly Puppet, whenever she missed Han Jue, she would take it out.

She often told the puppet what was on her mind.

Because Han Jue\'s soul thought was hidden in the puppet, he was not worried that anything would happen to her.

After a long while, Xing Hongxuan sat up straight and prepared to continue cultivating.

At this moment, footsteps came from outside the cave.

Xing Hongxuan immediately took out her equipment.

A gray-robed old man with long hair and a youthful face walked in.

Upon seeing the nervous Xing Hongxuan, he smiled and said, Don\'t worry, junior.

I\'m also here to study the cultivation technique.

Here to comprehend the cultivation technique

Xing Hongxuan frowned in confusion.

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Could it be that this person had already discovered this mountain wall before she came here

Ignoring Xing Hongxuan, the gray-robed elder walked to the mountain wall and sat down.

He stared at the words on the mountain wall and thought hard.

Neither of them noticed the light in the eyes of the Heavenly Puppet.

Inside the Connate Cave Abode, Han Jue hesitated.

Should he let the Heavenly Puppet attack

Ever since Xing Hongxuan had fallen into the Ancient Mystic Realm, he had kept an eye on her, fearing that something would happen to her.

However, the gray-robed elder did not seem to have any ill intentions.

Forget it.

He decided to wait and see.

It would be awkward if he couldn\'t defeat him.

He continued to cultivate.

In the blink of an eye, another two years passed.

Xing Hongxuan and the gray-robed elder were still studying the cultivation technique on the mountain wall.

They did not disturb each other.

Han Jue opened his eyes and checked his emails.

[Your disciple Su Qi was attacked by the Liu Family cultivators] x43

[Your disciple Su Qi was forced to marry into the Liu Family.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by a fiendish cultivator] x8

[Your good friend Chang Yue\'er has learned a Mystical Power.]

[Your good friend Huang Jihao was attacked by the Wei Family cultivators] x288

[Your good friend Huang Jihao was severely injured and his life is hanging by a thread.

He managed to escape.]

[Your disciple Su Qi spread bad luck.

The Liu Family encountered a plague that is hard to come by in a thousand years.

The entire family perished.]

[Your good friend Fairy Xi Xuan had an epiphany during cultivation.

Her cultivation has improved and her soul strength has increased greatly.]

Su Qi is too terrifying!

Wherever he went, life perished…

Han Jue was secretly shocked.

It seemed like the providence of the Immortal Emperor\'s descendant was really strong.

He could actually withstand such bad luck.

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Poor Liu Family.

Also, what was going on with Huang Jihao

Could the Wei Family be the mastermind behind Mo Fuchou

The Wei Family was amazing!

They had actually managed to severely wound Huang Jihao!

Since when was there such strength in the cultivation world of Great Yan

Han Jue immediately sent a voice transmission to Li Qingzi, who was recuperating on the main peak, asking about the Wei Family.

He immediately rushed to his cave abode.

Elder Han, why are you asking about the Wei Family Li Qingzi asked nervously.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

Are they very strong

Li Qingzi replied, The Wei Family is not strong, they only have one Nascent Soul ancestor.

However, they have countless beauties who can topple cities and countries.

The Wei Family has all sorts of marriages and even business outside of the Great Yan.

They have the most connections in the Great Yan Cultivation World.

Han Jue asked, Is it possible that the Wei Family is the mastermind

Li Qingzi was stunned when he heard that.

He hesitated and said, I don\'t think so.

The Wei Family has no feud with the Mo family and is on good terms with the Jade Pure Sect…

He didn\'t have the confidence to continue.

He felt that anyone could be the mastermind at this point.

It\'s fine.

Sect Master, rest well.

If the enemy comes, I\'ll be here. Han Jue nodded.

Li Qingzi nodded and left.

Before leaving, he looked worried.

Could it really be the Wei Family

Han Jue didn\'t think too much.

He took out the Book of Misfortune and habitually cursed Li Qianlong and Xiao\'e.

Now, whenever he had the time, he would curse the pair.

Cultivate, read emails, curse, cultivate, read emails, curse…

This was Han Jue\'s daily routine.

In the middle of a mountain range that was like an immortal realm, Xiao\'e sat in the bamboo forest.

The surrounding heaven and earth spirit energy turned into mist and coiled around his body.


Xiao\'e suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, his ugly face turning pale.

He slumped.

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Gritting his teeth, he cursed, What\'s going on… why is there always an issue…

For the past ten years, for some reason, he had often encountered mental demons during his cultivation.

They disturbed his cultivation and almost caused him to go berserk.

At this rate, when would he recover

Xiao\'e was very depressed.

Ever since he had gone to the Great Yan Cultivation World, he had felt that nothing was going his way.

It was very strange!

He made up his mind to never go to the Great Yan Cultivation World alone.

As for Han Jue, although he hated him, he didn\'t have the strong urge to take revenge immediately.

He had hated too many people in his life.

Han Jue wasn\'t even ranked highly in his mind.

So, he didn\'t even think that it was because of him.

The more Xiao\'e thought about it, the more depressed he became.

He could only take out a pill and recuperate first.

In a magnificent palace sat dozens of cultivators.

Li Qianlong and a black-robed cultivator sat at the head of the table.

Everyone, this is Senior Wei Yuan, a great cultivator at the Void Amalgamation Realm.

He\'s willing to help us eliminate the Jade Pure Sect. Li Qianlong introduced him to the cultivators present.

Wei Yuan was the black-robed cultivator beside him.

The Sect Master of the Raincoat Sect was at the ninth level of the Soul Formation realm.

In other words, the Daoist Nine Cauldrons of the Jade Pure Sect is very likely to be at the ninth level of the Soul Formation realm.

The Wei Family and I specially invited Senior Wei Yuan to uphold justice for us.

As for Daoist Nine Cauldrons, we\'ve received news that he has indeed gone overseas.

His sect is also facing trouble and has no time to care about the Jade Pure Sect.

Li Qianlong\'s words caused the cultivators present to look at each other.

These cultivators were the sect masters or vice sect masters of the righteous and demonic sects.

They had come to discuss the invasion of the Jade Pure Sect.

When they heard that Wei Yuan was a Void Amalgamation Realm cultivator, they were not surprised.

Instead, they were hesitant.

If they took down the Jade Pure Sect, would the Wei Family become the next Jade Pure Sect

They couldn\'t defeat a Void Amalgamation Realm cultivator!

Li Qianlong took in everyone\'s expressions and continued, Senior Wei Yuan has his own sect.

This time, our Wei Family has spent a lot of effort to invite him.

After this matter is over, Senior Wei Yuan will leave.

After the Jade Pure Sect is overthrown, the Wei Family only wants the Jade Pure Sect\'s mystic realm and will not participate in the power struggles of the cultivation world.

Upon hearing this, the expressions of the sect leaders eased.

Li Qianlong was secretly pleased.

Deity Slaying Elder, I want to see if you can stop a Void Amalgamation Realm cultivator!

At this moment!

The spirit energy in Li Qianlong\'s body suddenly surged as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

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The sect masters were stunned.

They stood up and looked around warily.


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