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Raincoat Sect.

In the Sect Master\'s palace.

Several elders stood side by side.

All of them had extraordinary auras.

They wore black robes and looked like ghosts.

In front of them, a man sat on a golden chair.

This man wore a white robe.

His hair was disheveled, and his skin was fair.

However, his face was covered in wrinkles, making him look very old.

He was the sect master of the Raincoat Sect, Huang Zuntian!

Huang Zuntian frowned and asked, Does the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect really want to fight us to the death

The elders immediately replied.

That\'s right, they\'re courting death!

I suggest that we kill Huang Jihao to intimidate them!

Huang Jihao\'s mouth is too foul.

I also feel that it\'s better to kill him.

The Vermilion Bird Sword Sect only wants to save him.

There are only two Soul Formation cultivators in the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect, and there are only two in the Jade Pure Sect.

One of them doesn\'t dare to come.

With this strength, even if they fight for a hundred years, they won\'t be able to take down our Small World!


Hearing the elders\' words, Huang Zuntian\'s brows did not relax.

He asked hesitantly, If they\'re so fearless, could there be a mysterious force supporting them

A tall elder couldn\'t help but say, Sect Master! You\'re thinking too much! We\'re the strongest in the Great Yan Cultivation World! Don\'t be so fearful.

Can you have some confidence

Ever since the great battle a thousand years ago, Huang Zuntian had changed.

He always thought of the worst.

It was because of his change in personality that the Raincoat Sect had remained hidden for a thousand years.

Now that the sect had become stronger, the elders forced Huang Zuntian to give the order to unite the Great Yan Cultivation World.

However, Huang Zuntian was too cautious.

In fact, it could be said that he was cowardly, causing the unification plan to be delayed.

If not for Huang Zuntian\'s orders, those captured disciples would have long died.

I suggest that we send two elders to attack the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect and the Jade Pure Sect.

Their sects will definitely lack combat strength.

This is a good opportunity. An elder suggested.

His words were approved by the other elders.

This was indeed a good opportunity!

Huang Zuntian frowned and said nothing.

Finally, the elders looked at him, waiting for him to make a decision.

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Huang Zuntian asked hesitantly, Must we fight

We must fight!

Alright, then I\'ll do it myself.

I\'m worried about you guys.

I\'ll go to the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect and the Jade Pure Sect myself.

Will that do

Sect Master is wise!

The elders laughed, but their smiles were helpless.

If the Sect Master went, he would probably stall for time.

Several months later.

Han Jue had mastered the fifth level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique and comprehended a new Mystical Power.

More accurately, it was the advanced version of Six Paths Soul Absorption.

He could absorb souls and store them in the depths of his essence soul.

This move could protect the soul and also confine it.

In addition, he could also leave a Six Paths Insignia.

The Six Paths Insignia would exist forever.

No matter how many times the other party reincarnated, it would still remain.

It was equivalent to crossing the reincarnation cycle to find the other party.

That was good.

If he met someone he cared about in the future, he could leave behind the Six Paths Insignia and meet them in their next life.

The higher his cultivation realm, the more domineering the Six Paths spirit energy became.

He took out the pills and continued cultivating.

The first level of the Soul Formation Realm was not enough!

He wanted to be stronger!

His next target was the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Han Jue no longer cared about the Raincoat Sect.

He was worried about the Demon Taming Sect.

He didn\'t forget about Xiao\'e.

This guy\'s image was still in his interpersonal relationships.

He was still as ugly as ever.

His hatred was still so great that he wouldn\'t rest until he was dead.

The key was that Xiao\'e was not the sect master.

That was ridiculous.

How powerful was the Demon Taming Sect

While Han Jue was worried, Chang Yue\'er came to visit.

To be precise, Fairy Xi Xuan invited her.

Fairy Xi Xuan rarely invited Han Jue, so Han Jue naturally had to give her face.

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He immediately went forward.

When he arrived at the Jade Serene Hall, most of the disciples were present.

The eldest disciple, Liu Sanxin, had already finished his apprenticeship and became a core disciple.

The current eldest disciple was the seventh senior from back then, Meng He.

When Meng He saw Han Jue again, he was a little embarrassed, but he still bowed respectfully.

Under his command, the other disciples followed suit.

The disciples were puzzled but quickly guessed the truth.

There were rumors that Deity Slaying Elder came from Jade Serene Peak.

He was extremely handsome and unparalleled.

Could it be this person

They secretly sized him up.

They couldn\'t help but be stunned by Han Jue\'s appearance.

What a handsome man!

It was definitely him!

All the disciples looked at Han Jue with admiration.

Chang Yue\'er stood in front of him very proudly.

She even wanted to hold Han Jue\'s arm, but he cleverly avoided her.

Meng He instructed all the disciples not to reveal Han Jue\'s identity.

The disciples promised.

Soon, Fairy Xi Xuan arrived, and all the disciples sat down.

Han Jue was still sitting at the back.

Elder Han, come sit beside me, Fairy Xi Xuan said.

With a wave of her right hand, a meditation cushion appeared beside her.

Han Jue hesitated for a moment before walking over.

He sat beside Fairy Xi Xuan in puzzlement.

What\'s Master trying to do

Is she going to pass her position to me

No way!

It\'s too troublesome to manage Jade Serene Peak!

Han Jue thought worriedly.

The Sect Master has sent a message back.

He said that they have already met up with the Vermillion Bird Sword Sect and are currently attacking the Raincoat Sect.

The imprisoned disciples have also been rescued, but he\'s worried that the Raincoat Sect will attack us because they only encountered five Soul Formation experts.

The other five must have other arrangements.

For the time being, I hope that everyone will leave seclusion and patrol the inner and outer parts of the sect.

Fairy Xi Xuan spoke with a solemn expression.

Among the disciples of the eighteen peaks, our Jade Serene Peak contributed the least.

Other than us, it\'s also because of the Sect Master\'s favoritism towards us.

Do you understand

Her voice was very soft, but it made all the disciples feel a surge of strength.

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Everyone\'s spirit was ignited!

After cultivating for so many years, it was time to draw their sword!

Han Jue nodded slightly.

He wasn\'t as excited as the disciples.

Fairy Xi Xuan glanced at him and asked, Elder Han, are you confident in dealing with the Soul Formation Stage cultivator from the Raincoat Sect

The disciples quietened down and looked at Han Jue expectantly.

Soul Formation was too far away for the disciples.

If they were really sent to deal with Soul Formation Stage cultivators, wouldn\'t that be suicide

Not even their master, Fairy Xi Xuan, could do it!

Han Jue took in their expressions and finally understood why Fairy Xi Xuan looked for him.

So it was to calm them down.

Sigh, I only wanted to cultivate in secret, but the sect keeps getting beaten up.

After thinking about it, Han Jue said, I have experience dealing with Soul Formation cultivators.

He spoke very humbly, but to the disciples, it was domineering!

The elder before them had killed a Soul Formation cultivator before!

It was said that it was an insta-kill!

The disciples cheered and showed their respect for Han Jue.

Alright, you can go and prepare.

This matter will be arranged by your Eldest Senior Brother.

Also, regarding the Deity Slaying Elder\'s identity, you\'re not to spread it.

Only the Jade Serene Peak knows about this… Fairy Xi Xuan instructed.

The disciples bowed and left.

Soon, only Han Jue and Fairy Xi Xuan were left in the Jade Serene Hall.

Fairy Xi Xuan tilted her head and looked at him.

She asked softly, Which level are you at

Stunned, Han Jue asked curiously, What level

Cultivation level.

Oh, first level.

Why are you still at the first level

Fairy Xi Xuan frowned.

After being in seclusion for so many years, even with Han Jue\'s absurd aptitude, he couldn\'t improve much

Han Jue coughed and said, First level of the Soul Formation realm.

Did Li Qingzi not tell her that he was about to break through

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Fairy Xi Xuan was stunned.


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