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After Xuan Qingjun left, Han Jue opened one bottle.

There were twelve pills in each bottle.

He first used the Six Paths spirit energy to test it.

After confirming that it was not poison, he started to take it.

Soon, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the effect was very strong!

It was more than twice as powerful as Ye Sanlang\'s pill.

As expected of the Demon Lord, she was generous!

Han Jue held back his surprise and started cultivating.

In a dark underground palace.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sound of the whip striking flesh could be heard.

Yang Tiandong and Zhou Fan were tied to wooden stakes.

Two Raincoat Sect members lashed out with their whips, causing blood to splatter all over the ground.

Many cultivators who were cultivating in the distance could not bear to watch.

Sigh, these two from the Jade Pure Sect are really stubborn!


Every year, they have to run away and get beaten up.

Yet, they don\'t give up.

How pitiful.

Why didn\'t the sect kill them

If we kill them, how will we win their hearts

Actually, it is a good idea to join the Raincoat Sect.

The cultivators discussed.

After a while, Yang Tiandong and Zhou Fan were put down.

One had the Demon Saint\'s bloodline.

The other was the reincarnation of a Mahayana cultivator!

At this moment, both of them were gasping for breath.

The whips of the Raincoat Sect members were not ordinary.

They were made from the tendons of some kind of demonic beast.

When it struck his body, it was as if a piece of flesh had been torn off by a rake.

It was extremely painful.

Yang Tiandong lay on the ground and gritted his teeth.

This is your plan We were caught before we even got out!

Zhou Fan was extremely aggrieved.

His eyes were filled with tears.

How many years had it been!

They failed to escape every time!

Damn it…

If I succeed in the future, I will definitely make your sect suffer!

Let\'s stop struggling and wait for Master to come. Yang Tiandong sighed.

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Master, Master!

Why aren\'t you here yet

Ten years ago, Li Qingzi came and wanted to save them but failed.

However, before he left, Li Qingzi sent a voice transmission to him, telling him that Han Jue would come sooner or later and asked him to help stabilize the hearts of the other disciples.

It was these words that made Yang Tiandong persist.

Zhou Fan said angrily, Your master is so timid, it\'s impossible for him to come!

He already knew that Han Jue was the Deity Slaying Elder.

Although he was shocked, he understood his personality.

This person\'s talent was indeed terrifying, but he was too afraid of death!

A person who was so afraid of death would not save them!

If he wanted to, he would\'ve saved them already!

Yang Tiandong gritted his teeth and said, Don\'t worry, my master will definitely come.

He might be secretly watching to see if I can endure this and if my Dao Heart is stable enough!

Zhou Fan rolled his eyes.

He felt that this kid had gone mad.


Not only him, even Zhou Fan himself could not hold on much longer.

Two years later.

Han Jue forcefully broke through to the ninth level of the Nascent Soul realm.

It had to be said that the Demon Lord\'s pills were very useful.

He had to think of a way to ask for more in the future.

At first, Han Jue was worried that Xuan Qingjun would look for him often, but he was just dreaming.

It seemed that Xuan Qingjun was not greedy for his physical body.

She had become his companion so that she could use him as her Demon Lord self in the future.

Han Jue didn\'t dare to trust her completely.

Before that, he had to become as strong as possible.

What if Xuan Qingjun wanted to squeeze him dry

4.5 stars of favorability did not mean that Xuan Qingjun would not harm him.

How many people were killed for love

In his previous life, foreign movies often promoted this spirit, especially those superhero movies.

Han Jue began to inherit the Somersault Cloud Mystical Power.

The Somersault Cloud\'s movement distance was related to the spiritual power infused into it.

It did not have a fixed distance to travel.

After the inheritance succeeded, he would then test it using the strongest person in the Jade Pure Sect.

The strongest was Guan Yougang, who was at the second level of the Soul Formation Realm.

Han Jue continued to search for Nascent Soul realm cultivators.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he didn\'t find anyone from the Raincoat Sect.

There was still time!

He could continue cultivating and strive to break through to the Soul Formation realm as soon as possible!

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Han Jue perked up and continued absorbing Qi.

A month later, Li Qingzi came to find him.

Han Jue frowned and asked, Is the Raincoat Sect here

He was already close to the Soul Formation Realm, but the enemy came at this time

How annoying!

That\'s not the case.

Huang Jihao of the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect ambushed the Raincoat Sect and ended up being captured by them.

The Vermilion Bird Sword Sect is furious and wants to join forces with us to attack them.

The situation has turned around! Li Qingzi became more and more excited.

He really loved Huang Jihao now!

This guy really knew how to cause trouble.

He had done the right thing this time!

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

Not bad, my Little Huang!

Then all of you can go.

Call Elder Guan over.

I\'ll guard the Jade Pure Sect.

You can even mobilize all the Nascent Soul experts.

I alone am enough, Han Jue said seriously.

Li Qingzi\'s face twitched.

You\'re really…


Han Jue said in a low voice, I\'m about to break through to the Soul Formation realm.

I need time.

Hearing that, Li Qingzi\'s body shook and he was overjoyed.

Han Jue could slay a Soul Formation realm cultivator at the Nascent Soul realm.

When he broke through to the Soul Formation realm, wouldn\'t that mean…

He dared not imagine!

Li Qingzi said excitedly, Alright! You can stay here and breakthrough.

Leave this matter to us.

Other than the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect, other sects should join forces with us.

Then, I wish Sect Master success!

The two of them did not chat for long before Li Qingzi left excitedly.

Before leaving, he played with the Black Hell Chicken.

Annoyed, the Black Hell Chicken took advantage of the moment when he turned to peck his ass.

Li Qingzi was furious.

However, after sensing Han Jue\'s gaze, he quickly left.

Han Jue shook his head and laughed.

This Cockroach is just like a child.

Cockroach was the nickname he had given Li Qingzi.

He simply could not be killed!

Half a year later, Li Qingzi and Guan Yougang left the Jade Pure Sect with a dozen Nascent Soul elders, core disciples, and elite disciples.

This matter caused a huge commotion in the inner sect.

Everyone knew that something big was about to happen in the cultivation world!

On the other hand, Han Jue came to the Pet Beast Pavilion, took out his Elder Token, and entered the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

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He planned on transcending the tribulation there.

The Soul Formation tribulation would cause too much commotion and could easily level a mountain.

He didn\'t want to destroy his Connate Cave Abode, so he thought of the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

Before coming, he had asked Fairy Xi Xuan and she had suggested that he come to the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

If he were to face tribulation outside the sect, it would be troublesome if he encountered enemies.

After entering the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, Han Jue found a plain and meditated.

He took out a first-grade Nascent Soul Pill and consumed it.

Half a year passed.

Han Jue relied on the pills and quickly reached the state of breaking through.

He took a deep breath.

Before transcending the tribulation, he clicked on interpersonal relationships.

Li Qingzi and the rest were still alive.

That was good!

However, it seemed that some of the elders were gone.

Han Jue couldn\'t remember who they were.

After killing Duan Tongtian, many elders had a favorable impression of him.

For the time being, nothing major had happened.

He could break through!

Han Jue immediately perked up and prepared to break through.

As the Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth surged into his body, the rolling thunderclouds also began to gather.

All the beasts in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm became uneasy.

A terrifying heavenly might enveloped this small world.

With the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe and the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique, Han Jue\'s tribulation was naturally nothing difficult.

It had to be said that the power of the Soul Formation Heavenly Tribulation far exceeded that of the Nascent Soul Heavenly Tribulation.

Fortunately, the Six Paths spirit energy was strong enough!

Han Jue didn\'t use the Burning Fiend Bell.

He wanted to rely on his own strength to transcend the tribulation.

Many cultivators died during the tribulation transcendence.

Han Jue\'s potential and cultivation technique naturally wouldn\'t let him fail.

Several days later, Han Jue successfully broke through!

First level of the Soul Formation Realm!

[You have successfully broken through to the Soul Formation realm and obtained a Sword Dao Mystical Power inheritance.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Mystical Power—Ten Thousand Sword Sect]

[Ten Thousand Sword Sect: Using one\'s own sword Qi to summon the sword shadows of ancient swords in the long river of history.

Summoning quantity is related to one\'s own spirit energy.]

Han Jue opened his eyes, and the Six Paths spirit energy in his body started to increase.

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It was like a stream turning into a river, then a sea!

At that moment, a shadow flew out from the top of his head.

It had his appearance.

His Essence Soul left his body!


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