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Chen Santian\'s presence did not change Han Jue\'s life.

He focused on cultivating every day.

He used his own wooden bed as a barrier.

During his cultivation, Chen Santian couldn\'t feel his spirit energy fluctuation at all.

To Chen Santian, Han Jue appeared even more unfathomable.

In the blink of an eye, a year quickly passed.

As the spirit herbs grew, the Spirit Qi in the cave abode became denser.

Han Jue\'s Thunder Cultivation Potential also successfully reached the fourth stage of the Golden Core realm.

A level higher each year.

Not bad!

If news of this were to spread, countless people would be scared to death.

Chen Santian had already calmed down.

He discovered that Han Jue didn\'t make things difficult for him, but he didn\'t dare to run away.

So, he could only cultivate along.

Han Jue had been cultivating and hadn\'t left.

This made Chen Santian even more anxious.

Although it feels good to train, it will delay the intelligence if this continues.

Chen Santian was facing away from Han Jue as he frowned and thought.

He was the eldest core disciple.

If he didn\'t return after such a long time, people in the Cult would definitely be worried and even panic.

What should I do

Ambush him

Chen San was in a dilemma.

When he thought of his defeat last year, he shuddered.

The difference in strength was too great.

For Han Jue to dare to cultivate so fearlessly, he must have everything under control.

Damn it…

What\'s this fellow trying to do, trapping me here

If I\'m strong enough, I\'ll definitely make you pay a hundred times over!

Chen Santian\'s eyes flashed coldly.

Who am I

I\'m the formidable inherent fiend of the Viridescent Nether Cult!

[Chen Santian\'s hatred for you has increased.

Current Hatred: 4 stars]

Han Jue was disturbed from his cultivation by this line and frowned.


It rose again!

Han Jue wanted to vomit blood.

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In the past year, he didn\'t torture him.

Chen Santian seemed obedient, but his hatred for him kept increasing.

Now, it had reached four stars.

To the extent that he would fight me till death!

Chen Santian didn\'t know what he was thinking.

He was still planning to kill Han Jue and escape.

I can only wait for him to go out.

With his cultivation, he must be an elder or the Great Grand Elder.

Recently, the Cult has been harassing the Jade Pure Sect.

It\'s impossible for him to continue cultivating in peace.

When I escape, I will definitely lead the Cult to flatten Jade Pure Sect.

By then, I will tear this brat into pieces and extract his soul!

Chen Santian was filled with killing intent, but he didn\'t dare to show it.

When he thought about how he would torture him and how Han Jue would knee before him and beg for mercy, he felt extremely good.

At this moment!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

It was the familiar air-piercing sound.

Before Chen Santian could react, three sword shadows pierced through his chest and blood splattered all over the ground.

Chen Santian\'s eyes widened.

His eyes were bloodshot as he turned his head in disbelief.

Han Jue waved his right hand expressionlessly.

The sword shadows turned around and blew up his head.

Chen Santian, the inherent fiend, was dead!

This time, it was even more straightforward than a year ago.

Chen Santian didn\'t even have the time to dodge.

Until Chen Santian died, Han Jue didn\'t know how strong he was.

Chen Santian had long let down his guard.

He thought Han Jue would keep him alive for some purpose.

He didn\'t expect to be killed today.

The moment Chen Santian\'s corpse fell to the ground, a light ball emerged from his body.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

Could it be…

The ball of light changed rapidly and turned into a human figure.

This person had an aged face and his eyes were filled with evilness.

He first glanced at Chen Santian\'s corpse, then he stared at Han Jue.

The cave abode was silent.

Han Jue sighed.

So the old is really here.

The old man snorted coldly.

Are you sighing because you regret it You\'re dead for killing my disciple.

State your name!

Han Jue said expressionlessly, I\'m Cao Cao, what about you

Viridescent Nether Cult, Zhang Kunmo!


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Hmph, just wait for your death!

After Zhang Kunmo finished speaking, he disappeared.

[Zhang Kunmo has hatred towards you.

Current Hatred: 5 stars]

5 stars!

Very high!

Han Jue panicked.

He quickly checked his interpersonal relationships and heaved a sigh of relief.

Eighth level of the Nascent Soul realm!

Just like that

From his tone, Han Jue thought he was a Soul Formation realm cultivator.

Only a Nascent Soul!

Han Jue stood up and began to search for Chen Santian\'s storage bag and storage ring.

After a person died, their ownership over their storage rings and storage bags would terminate.

This brat is quite rich.

There were countless spirit stones and pills, as well as many talismans and curses.

But he had few pieces of equipment and not even a single manual.

Only bring money when going out

Han Jue poured everything into his Little Universe Belt.

He then waved his right hand, and his fire spirit energy turned into raging flames that wrapped around Chen Santian\'s corpse, burning it into ashes.

Han Jue returned to his bed and continued cultivating.

Time passed quickly.

Eight years passed.

Han Jue had finally reached the ninth level of the Golden Core realm.

Besides the Thunder cultivation potential, the other five were still at the first level of the Golden Core realm.

No one would believe it if news of this speed of breakthrough were to spread.

Han Jue started to cultivate his wind cultivation potential.

It could increase his flying speed, and was suitable for escaping from danger.

Half a month later.

Someone visited.

It was Xing Hongxuan.

Husband, are you there

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Hearing this, Han Jue\'s mouth twitched.

After so many years, Xing Hongxuan\'s cultivation level had already reached the third stage of the Foundation Establishment realm.

It seemed like Daoist Jingxu was treating her well.

Back when she was still at the Qi Refinement realm, her breakthrough speed hadn\'t been this fast.

Han Jue thought for a moment, then waved his hand to close the array formation at the entrance.

The stone door then opened wide.

Xing Hongxuan quickly walked in.

Upon seeing Han Jue, she beamed with joy.

She first sized up the situation inside the cave abode, then walked to Han Jue\'s side and sat down.

Then, she leaned against him.

Han Jue frowned and said, Miss Xing, please behave appropriately.

I haven\'t agreed to be your husband.

Xing Hongxuan pursed her lips.

Weren\'t you very excited when you were in the outer sect

Han Jue felt awkward, but his expression did not change, and he looked cold.

Xing Hongxuan waved her right hand, and ten medicinal bottles appeared on the ground.

These are Pure Jade Pills, Xing Hongxuan said with a proud smile.

I\'ve accumulated them over the years.

I don\'t believe you won\'t be tempted!

Han Jue\'s expression softened.

Take it back.

I don\'t need it anymore.

Xing Hongxuan\'s smile froze as she frowned.

After that, her expression changed greatly, and she asked with a trembling voice, Could it be that you\'ve already…

Han Jue smiled.

Xing Hongxuan immediately jumped towards him, but he blocked her with his spirit energy.

Miss Xing, if you want to be my companion, you have to cultivate harder.

Otherwise, after hundreds of years, I will become an immortal and you will become white bones.

Your deep love would then be my punishment, Han Jue said seriously.

Xing Hongxuan calmed down upon hearing this.

He has a point…

She immediately stood up and said, You\'re right.

I can\'t be your burden.

I\'ll help you ask for Golden Core cultivation pills.

With that, she took back the medicine bottle on the ground and walked towards the cave entrance.

Miss Xing, don\'t tell anyone about my breakthrough.

Han Jue reminded her.

His cultivation speed was too astonishing.

If news of this got out, he wouldn\'t be able to cultivate in peace.

Xing Hongxuan turned and smiled.

Don\'t worry.

I\'m also afraid that you will attract the attention of other girls.

Her smile was as beautiful as a flower, and it was extremely moving.

Han Jue quickly suppressed his palpitations.

What a terrifying woman!

I almost fell for it!

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After Xing Hongxuan left, Han Jue waved his hand and activated the array formation again.

He closed the stone gate and continued his cultivation.

Xing Hongxuan… Fairy Xi Xuan… both have the word \'Xuan\' in their names.

Could it be that they are related

Han Jue held his breath and thought silently.


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