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Tu Ling\'er\'s arrival didn\'t attract too much attention from Han Jue.

He continued cultivating and strove to reach the ninth level of the Mahayana Realm as soon as possible!

Time passed.

While the world changed outside, to the ascetics, time seemed to stop flowing.

Xing Hongxuan, Chang Yue\'er, and Fairy Xi Xuan had already returned.

However, when they heard that Han Jue was in seclusion, they didn\'t disturb him.

Seven years passed quickly.

Han Jue finally broke through to the ninth level of the Mahayana Realm!

The peak of the mortal world!

After breaking through, the spirit energy in Han Jue\'s body soared!

He didn\'t stop.

Instead, he continued to cultivate and raised his spirit energy to a state where it could no longer increase.

Three years later.

Han Jue asked Dao Comprehension Sword to bring Tu Ling\'er up the mountain.

He wanted her to cultivate under the Fusang Tree first.

He would talk about the master-disciple matter in the future.

After Tu Ling\'er entered the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain, she discovered that the Spirit Qi inside was even richer than what she had felt at the foot of the mountain.

Is there a powerful and invisible barrier around this mountain

Tu Ling\'er was secretly shocked and became even more curious about Han Jue.

She came to the Fusang Tree.

Yang Tiandong, Xun Chang\'an, Murong Qi, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, the Black Hell Chicken, the two little Golden Crows, and the Three-Headed Wyrm King all looked at her.

Tu Ling\'er\'s gaze landed on the Fusang Tree.

This is…

Tu Ling\'er was in a daze.

When she saw the Fusang Tree, she became inexplicably distracted.

Dao Comprehension Sword said, Cultivate here first.

Don\'t make too much noise.

Tu Ling\'er came back to her senses and hurriedly nodded.

The others did not talk to her and continued cultivating.

Although Tu Ling\'er had many doubts, she still suppressed them in her mind and obediently began to meditate and cultivate.

For some reason, she felt that these people were not simple.

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She couldn\'t help but think of the geniuses in the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Half a year later.

Han Jue finally raised his cultivation level to the perfected ninth level of the Mahayana Realm!

[Your cultivation has reached the peak of the mortal world.

You have the following choices:]

[1: Immediately ascend and become an immortal.

You can obtain a Mystical Power inheritance and a Numinous Treasure.]

[2: Don\'t ascend for the time being.

Continue to stay in the mortal world and you can obtain a Supreme Treasure.]

Han Jue chose the second option without hesitation.

[You chose not to ascend for the time being and obtained a Supreme Treasure.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Grand Unity Supreme Treasure—Nine-Five Supreme Providence Robe]

[Nine-Five Supreme Providence Robe: Defensive Grand Unity Supreme Treasure.

It\'s a Supreme Treasure refined from the providence of an Emperor.

Its defense is extremely strong.

After wearing it, you will obtain the aura of an Emperor.]

Defensive Grand Unity Supreme Treasure!


Han Jue was pleasantly surprised.

This was too good!

System, awesome job as usual!

Han Jue took out the Nine-Five Supreme Providence Robe.

It was a mighty and domineering dragon-patterned golden robe.

Golden light shone in the cave abode.

Dao Comprehension Sword opened her eyes and looked surprised.

This was too high-profile!

Han Jue frowned.

However, on second thought, he hid in the cave abode every day.

He wasn\'t afraid of being high-profile.

He immediately began to make the Nine-Five Supreme Providence Robe recognize him as its master.

Two days later, the Grand Unity Supreme Treasure recognized him as its master.

It was indeed a treasure!

Han Jue wore the Nine-Five Supreme Providence Robe, feeling much safer.

He originally wanted to wear the nice-five robe on top of the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe, but it was extremely uncomfortable, so he could only take it off.

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Master, can you give me this robe Dao Comprehension Sword pointed at the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe on the table and asked with great desire.

Han Jue said, You\'re not going outside.

You don\'t need to wear the Numinous Treasure Robe.

But Master, you\'re not going out either.

If I die, you won\'t be able to escape death.

So, I have to wear it.

Dao Comprehension Sword curled her lips, feeling wronged.

Han Jue wanted to give the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe to Xing Hongxuan, but on second thought, the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe was also high-profile.

If Xing Hongxuan wore it, it might attract even more trouble.

Fine, I\'ll give it to you.

After you wear it, go outside.

I want to break through.

I\'m afraid the commotion will kill you. Han Jue waved his hand.

Dao Comprehension Sword looked over in surprise and hurriedly thanked him before wearing the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe.

Han Jue was speechless.

This girl actually undressed in front of him…

Although he had already seen it before, she was still too unashamed!

Han Jue frowned and said, You can\'t take off your clothes in front of others in the future.

Dao Comprehension Sword happily sized up the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe and replied, There are differences between men and women.

I understand that.

I will only change in front of Master.

With that, she quickly left to boast to Yang Tiandong, Xun Chang\'an, and the others.

Han Jue shook his head and laughed.

Then, he perked up and prepared to break through.

He raised his hand and sucked the Heaven Evading Stone into his palm.

He placed the stone by his leg and muttered, It\'s all up to you now!

If Han Jue could surpass the cultivation limit in the mortal world and stay here, that would be perfect!

Han Jue began to cultivate the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

After comprehending the mortal world cultivation chapter, he would be able to comprehend a cultivation method of a higher realm.

Under the Fusang Tree.

The moment Dao Comprehension Sword appeared, the atmosphere under the tree became lively.

Fang Liang, who was meditating, opened his eyes and glanced at Tu Ling\'er.

He asked, Are you still returning to the Heavenly Immortal Manor in the future

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Tu Ling\'er didn\'t even open her eyes as she replied, Why should I go back This place is quite good.

It\'s isolated from the world and I can cultivate in peace.

I don\'t want to go back and suffer.

Fang Liang was speechless.

The Heavenly Immortal Manor raised such an ingrate

It was still fine for him.

After all, he wasn\'t a disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

In any case, he had also carried out missions for the manor.

However, Tu Ling\'er was a genius specially nurtured by the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Since she was young, she only needed to cultivate and not go out.

In other words, she had yet to contribute to the manor.

When your cultivation improves in the future, you won\'t betray my grandmaster, right Fang Liang asked warily.

The others also looked at her.

Tu Ling\'er finally opened her eyes and retorted angrily, What do you mean by betray Although I\'ve left the Heavenly Immortal Manor, I\'m not their enemy.

What kind of betrayal is that Besides, isn\'t this place the immortal mountain of cultivation Isn\'t cultivating diligently the greatest consolation to Master

Now, even if the elders of the Heavenly Immortal Manor personally came to force her to return, she would not.

The Spirit Qi under the Fusang Tree was too dense!

Tu Ling\'er couldn\'t bear to leave.


Thunder rumbled in the sky.

Everyone turned their heads and saw rolling dark clouds.

There was no demonic aura or demonic Qi.

It seemed like a storm was coming.

Tu Ling\'er frowned and muttered, That fellow finally succeeded.

Fang Liang asked curiously, Who succeeded

Ji Xianshen, the number one prodigy of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

You haven\'t seen this person before, but his talent is definitely the number one in the world.

A complicated expression appeared in Tu Ling\'er\'s eyes.

Being of the same generation as Ji Xianshen was the sorrow of these geniuses.

Fang Liang\'s eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

He had also heard of Ji Xianshen.

One day, he would prove to the world who was the number one prodigy in the world!

He wanted to win honor for his grandmaster!

Murong Qi, Xun Chang\'an, and the others had also heard of Ji Xianshen.

When they heard the conversation between Fang Liang and Tu Ling\'er, they couldn\'t help but be even more curious about him.

There\'s no need to worry about the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

This tribulation will definitely be resolved. Tu Ling\'er closed her eyes and smiled.

Fang Liang asked in surprise, Just because of Ji Xianshen He alone can resolve the Heavenly Immortal Manor\'s calamity

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Yes, I\'m afraid no mortal in this world is his match.

He\'s no match for my grandmaster!

Isn\'t your grandmaster a land deity He\'s no mortal.


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