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He knows my identity and cultivation level

How can this be!

The Three-Headed Wyrm King\'s heart churned.

He had an Innate Mystical Power that allowed him to hide his cultivation level and true body.

Why was he still discovered by the Deity Slaying Elder

What did that mean

It meant that the other party was far stronger than him!

Han Jue spoke very calmly and didn\'t seem to be bluffing.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King had a feeling that if he stood up, he would definitely be killed!

There wasn\'t even a chance to escape!

Han Jue stared at him expressionlessly, waiting for his answer.


As long as the Three-Headed Wyrm King dared to say no or flee, he would die!

The Fusang Tree was already exposed.

News of this divine tree could not be spread!

Han Jue wasn\'t afraid of offending the True Dragon behind the Three-Headed Wyrm King.

Dragons were passionate and liked spreading their seeds.

Who knew how many descendants there were

The Three-Headed Wyrm King gritted his teeth and asked, Who exactly are you, senior

Han Jue said, I come from the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

I don\'t enter the five elements or fall into reincarnation.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King didn\'t know what he was saying, but it sounded impressive.

He still hesitated.

Was he going to be a watchdog now

Han Jue asked, Do you think I\'m scaring you If not, you can receive my finger attack.

If you can survive, you should give up.

No, no, no…

The Three-Headed Wyrm King hurriedly waved his hands, almost frightened to death.

He immediately lowered his head and gritted his teeth.

From now on, I, the Three-Headed Wyrm King, will be Senior\'s mountain guardian! As long as I live, the mountain will remain!

Han Jue got up and came in front of him.

He raised his hand to touch his head and secretly placed the Six Paths Insignia.

You won\'t suffer if you follow me.

This will be the greatest opportunity in your life, Han Jue said softly.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King hurriedly thanked him.

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No favorability appeared!


I still have to observe you later.

If I sense anything wrong, I\'ll kill you!

Han Jue thought silently.

Then, he had the Three-Headed Wyrm King leave the cave abode.

He transmitted his voice to the two little Golden Crows as he stared at the wyrm.

The little Golden Crow yearned to eat the Three-Headed Wyrm King, but the Three-Headed Wyrm King didn\'t do anything bad and didn\'t develop any hatred towards him.

Han Jue felt that he could nurture it.

When he surpassed the Vermilion Bird and ascended, he would definitely have to take the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain with him.

At that point, his disciples and grand-disciples might also reach the threshold of ascension.

The stronger the power of the immortal mountain, the better.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King returned to the Fusang Tree.

Yang Tiandong asked in surprise, So fast

The moment he saw Yang Tiandong, the Three-Headed Wyrm King became annoyed.

He said with a snort, Hmph, from now on, I\'m the mountain guardian of Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain!

Mountain guardian

That\'s right.

I\'m a Three-Headed Wyrm King at the sixth level of the Mahayana Realm.

I\'m not pretending anymore.

Get lost!


Yang Tiandong was shocked.

The Black Hell Chicken, Dao Comprehension Sword, Xun Chang\'an, and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog looked at him in surprise.

The wyrm\'s head suddenly split into three, scaring Yang Tiandong so much that he tumbled away.

Upon seeing his reaction, the Three-Headed Wyrm King was overjoyed.

Demon King Dian Su was as weak as you when facing me! the Three-Headed Wyrm King said proudly.

Yang Tiandong felt extremely ashamed and wished that he could find a hole to hide in.

Han Jue witnessed everything in the cave abode and didn\'t say anything.

He was very satisfied that the Three-Headed Wyrm King had revealed his identity.

At the very least, it meant that the wyrm did not care about his reputation.

Furthermore, it could also make others wary of him.

Han Jue entered his cultivation state again.

Inside a Daoist temple, sandalwood fragrance pervaded the air like immortal mist.

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An old Daoist cultivating in meditation suddenly spat out blood and became dispirited.

He opened his eyes and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

With a sinister expression, he gritted his teeth and said, Damn it! Who cursed me

How many years had it been!

The mysterious curse had only grown stronger!

He couldn\'t even remember how many times he had been cursed.

That\'s right!

He was Daoist Jueyan!

The master of Great Sage Green Python, Luo Qiumo\'s master, and Han Jue\'s enemy!

Although Daoist Jueyan was cursing, he was even more fearful.

The other party was definitely an almighty figure!

The recent curse had even begun to affect his Dao foundation.

How could that be

If this continued, would he be cursed to death

Daoist Jueyan gritted his teeth.

He took out a jade slip from his sleeve and poured his spirit energy into it.

After a while.

A figure rose from the jade slip.

His entire body emitted a green glow, making it impossible to see his true appearance and clothes.

What is it

Senior, I\'ve been cursed.

Hmm Let me calculate.

Daoist Jueyan waited uneasily.

The green figure said in surprise, I can\'t even deduce it.

Have you offended anyone

Daoist Jueyan felt wronged and said, Ever since I ascended, I\'ve been in seclusion.

How can I offend anyone

How strange, the green figure muttered to himself.

Daoist Jueyan was even more terrified.

If even this senior couldn\'t figure it out, wouldn\'t he be dead

Recently, the Heavenly Court was attacked by a Demon Saint.

The Devil Race took the opportunity to disturb many mortal worlds.

You have just ascended for thousands of years.

It might be related to the providence in the mortal world.

At most, it will take a thousand years.

When the Heavenly Court recovers, it will cleanse the forces of the demons in the mortal realm.

Some of the mortal worlds have been corroded by the Devil Race.

When the time comes, we have to clean it up.

I will use this opportunity to make you a Heavenly Soldier.

Seize the opportunity well.

The azure figure spoke.

His words surprised Daoist Jueyan.

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Daoist Jueyan immediately said, The mortal world I lived in was invaded by the Devil Race.

I was planning to descend into the mortal world a few hundred years later to take a look.

Hmm, it\'s good to descend into the mortal world and understand the situation.

When the time comes, I can provide information to the Heavenly Court.

The azure figure vanished.

Daoist Jueyan carefully put the jade slip away.

Damn devils, how dare they curse me!

Daoist Jueyan thought hatefully that when he descended to the mortal world, he would definitely destroy their plot!

Spring passed and autumn came.

Eleven years passed quickly.

Han Jue successfully broke through to the sixth level of the Mahayana Realm.

On this day.

Fang Liang returned.

The Black Hell Chicken, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, Xun Chang\'an, Murong Qi, Dao Comprehension Sword, and Yang Tiandong surrounded him.

Fang Liang had actually reached the Void Amalgamation Realm!

Everyone was shocked.

Murong Qi was stuck at the ninth level of the Soul Formation Realm.

He thought that his progress was already ridiculous, but he didn\'t expect Fang Liang to be even more exaggerated.

The Black Hell Chicken was depressed.

What it had been worried about had finally happened.

It was very likely that it could not defeat the combined forces of Fang Liang and Murong Qi.

Xun Chang\'an was also depressed.

He had finally been left behind by his disciple.

Yang Tiandong\'s envy turned into jealousy.

He also wanted such a disciple!

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog was dumbfounded.

Even the ugly monk\'s disciple is stronger than me

I\'ve encountered many opportunities in the past few years.

That\'s why I\'m in my current realm. Fang Liang smiled humbly.

But it was obvious that he had changed.

He was more confident than before.


The Three-Headed Wyrm King was disdainful.

A mere cultivator at the Void Amalgamation Realm could shock them so much

The two little Golden Crows suddenly landed on Fang Liang\'s shoulders and rubbed themselves against his face affectionately.

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Fang Liang asked curiously, These two are…

The Black Hell Chicken smiled slyly.

I gave birth to them.

Previously, Master caught a fire raven for me…

Before it could finish speaking, the two little Golden Crows turned to look at it, scaring it so much that it dared not speak.


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