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On the way down the mountain, Xun Chang\'an\'s body stiffened.

His steps were very unnatural.

The two Golden Crows were on his shoulders.

He was truly afraid.

If the two of them accidentally ignited the True Sun Flame, he would instantly be a goner.

Passing halfway up the mountain, Yang Tiandong, who was cultivating, asked curiously, Junior, where are you going

Master said that there\'s a promising talent at the foot of the mountain and asked me to bring him up, Xun Chang\'an answered truthfully.

Yang Tiandong frowned slightly.

Another disciple


This time, I want to take in a disciple too!

Yang Tiandong coveted Murong Qi and Fang Liang\'s potential.

He also wanted such disciples.


I\'ll go with you.

Of course.

Xun Chang\'an wasn\'t stupid.

He could guess what Yang Tiandong was thinking, but he didn\'t care.

To be honest, he really did not want to accept a disciple.

He felt useless.

His disciples were also taught by his master, anyway.

His disciples clearly respected his master more.

If one day, Han Jue asked Murong Qi and Fang Liang to kill him, he believed that these two brats would definitely not hesitate.

The fellow disciples arrived at the foot of the mountain with their own thoughts.

Xun Chang\'an opened the formation and called the Three-Headed Wyrm King in.

The other disciples looked at the wyrm with envy and jealousy.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King saw the two fire ravens on Xun Chang\'an\'s shoulders and its heart beat wildly.

The two little Golden Crows stared at it with hostility.

What birds are these Making me afraid…

The Three-Headed Wyrm King\'s heart churned.

In this mortal world, this was the first time he had encountered a creature whose bloodline made him shiver.

Most importantly, Yang Tiandong and Xun Chang\'an were so weak.

How did they obtain these two mysterious fire ravens

May I ask who is the Deity Slaying Elder The Three-Headed Wyrm King asked cautiously.

Xun Chang\'an said expressionlessly, The Deity Slaying Elder is our master.

You\'re not qualified to see him.

Yang Tiandong smiled and said, Don\'t worry, junior.

Master wants us to bring you up.

He definitely thinks highly of you.

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The two\'s attitudes were completely different, making the Three-Headed Wyrm King extremely confused.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King could only suppress his doubts and follow the two up the mountain.

The two little Golden Crows kept staring at him, making him extremely uncomfortable.

Before long…

They arrived at the top of the mountain.

When the Three-headed Wyrm King saw the Fusang Tree, it was immediately stunned.

This was definitely what he was looking for!

The Three-Headed Wyrm King suppressed his excitement.

He noticed a black chicken perched on the Fusang Tree and a white dog under the tree.

These are the Deity Slaying Elder\'s beast pets

From today onwards, you will cultivate under the tree.

As for whether you can become my disciple, that will depend on your performance.

After saying this, Xun Chang\'an walked to the edge of the cliff and looked up at the sky.

His back was extremely desolate, like a beaten dog.

In the past few years, he would always think of Qian\'er, causing him to be unable to concentrate on cultivation.

The tribulation cast by the Divine Buddha was not something that a mortal heart could withstand!

The Three-Headed Wyrm King walked to the Fusang Tree and sat down.

The two little Golden Crows climbed up the tree again and continued to stare at him.

Yang Tiandong sat beside him and started chatting with him.

As a senior, Yang Tiandong began to describe his experiences over the years, wanting to make the Three-Headed Wyrm King worship him.

Although the Three-Headed Wyrm King was very unhappy, he still had to endure.

The more he listened, the more disdainful he became.

Demon King Dian Su

A coward from the north of the Great Yan

The Three-Headed Wyrm King was restless.

He wanted to seize the Fusang Tree, but he didn\'t know the Deity Slaying Elder\'s cultivation level, so he was very hesitant.

Logically speaking, if he could raise the two mysterious fire ravens, this Deity Slaying Elder must be very strong.

I\'ll wait for a while.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King sighed in his heart.

Several years later.

In the cave abode, three lines of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

[Detected that you are already 700 years old.

You have taken another step forward in life.

You have the following choices:]

[1: Leave seclusion immediately and become the number one in the world.

You can obtain a Numinous Treasure.]

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[2: Continue cultivating and surpass the Mahayana Realm as soon as possible.

You can obtain a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.]

Han Jue didn\'t hesitate and chose to continue cultivating.

The Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone was not bad.

It could strengthen Dharma treasures.

Han Jue took out the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone and selected the Book of Misfortune.

The Book of Misfortune was the only Dharma treasure that could remotely harm the enemies of the Upper World.

It was worth strengthening.

Several days later, it successfully fused with the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.

[Your Book of Misfortune has been upgraded from a supreme-grade Grand Unity Numinous Treasure to a Grand Unity Supreme Treasure.]

[The Book of Misfortune is a Karma Dharma treasure.

Please use it cautiously.]

Grand Unity Supreme Treasure

Han Jue raised his eyebrows and suddenly regretted his choice.

Would the Book of Misfortune hurt him instead

Han Jue carefully used the Book of Misfortune and cursed Daoist Jueyan.

He didn\'t dare to use too much spirit energy.

He wanted to test the effect first.

Seven days later.

Han Jue put down the Book of Misfortune because he noticed that his lifespan had decreased by dozens of years.

It seemed that he couldn\'t use it for more than seven days at once, or his lifespan would be shortened.

He clicked on his interpersonal link to check his emails.

[Your disciple Fang Liang was attacked by demon beasts] x97884

[Your good friend Ji Xianshen was attacked by a fiendish cultivator] x170210

[Your grand-disciple Murong Qi has barged into the Demon Abyss.

His fate is unknown.]

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou has absorbed the soul of a Ghost Deity and transformed his providence.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan is being hunted by ten sects.

He\'s condensing his killing intent.]

[Your Dao Companion Xing Hongxuan has comprehended an ancient breathing technique.]

[Your good friend Chang Yue\'er has comprehended an ancient breathing technique.]

[Your enemy Daoist Jueyan had his lifespan reduced by ten thousand years because of your curse, giving birth to mental demons.]

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang accidentally entered the Heavenly Immortal Manor\'s forbidden land and consumed the Ten Thousand Year Sacred Fruit.

His cultivation potential has increased by leaps and bounds.]

Han Jue was amused when he saw Daoist Jueyan\'s outcome.

He felt that he could curse him to death.

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Losing several decades of lifespan could reduce Daoist Jueyan\'s lifespan by ten thousand years.

Too ridiculous!

However, Han Jue did not want to take the risk.

Although he had a lifespan of more than 100,000 years, if he kept doing this, he would eventually harm himself.

Next time, he could only curse for six days at most, no more than that!

He would slowly grind Daoist Jueyan and the Vermilion Bird to death.

Han Jue thought proudly.

He placed his attention outside the cave abode.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King was still cultivating under the Fusang Tree with Yang Tiandong beside him.

All these years, the Three-Headed Wyrm King had been very well-behaved.

Han Jue decided to tell him the truth.

Go out and call the new kid in.

You\'ll come back in when he\'s out, Han Jue instructed.

Dao Comprehension Sword immediately stood up and left.

After hearing Dao Comprehension Sword\'s message, the Three-Headed Wyrm King felt inexplicably nervous.

Yang Tiandong patted his shoulder and smiled.

The opportunity is here! Master wants to impart his Mystical Power to you!

The Three-Headed Wyrm King secretly despised him, but on the surface, he chuckled and nodded.

He carefully entered the cave abode.


The cave abode\'s stone door closed, making the wyrm even more nervous.

The Three-Headed Wyrm King knelt down in front of Han Jue.

The moment he saw Han Jue, he was stunned.

What a handsome man!

It was his first time seeing such a beautiful face.


What am I thinking

The Three-Headed Wyrm King felt as if he had been infected by Yang Tiandong, his mind was no longer normal.


With that thought, he hated Yang Tiandong even more.

Han Jue said expressionlessly, Three-Headed Wyrm King, sixth level of the Mahayana Realm.

I\'ll give you two choices now.

One, become a mountain guardian on my Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

You can cultivate under the divine tree.

Two, die.

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The Three-Headed Wyrm King suddenly raised his head and looked at him in shock.


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