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Damn it!

Reincarnate and cultivate again

Han Jue couldn\'t stay calm.

He wasn\'t Xing Hongxuan, Chang Yue\'er, or any of the other women who could receive his help and regain their memories.

He could only rely on himself.

Since that was the case, he had to surpass the Vermilion Bird before considering ascension!

In any case, the Fusang Tree was growing.

This was a divine tree that could attract the divine beasts of the Upper World to the mortal world.

Han Jue believed that with the Fusang Tree, he could continue cultivating.

Senior, is there any way to avoid ascending I want to continue cultivating in the mortal world. Han Jue narrowed his eyes and asked.

Sheng Guxing replied, I would be lying if I said there isn\'t.

The world is vast, all kinds of things exist.

According to what I know, there\'s a type of spirit stone related to the Heavenly Dao that can avoid the restrictions of the Heavenly Dao.

If one does not transcend the tribulation, even if their cultivation level is far beyond the mortal realm, they can still stay in the mortal realm.

Such spirit stones are not rare in the Upper World.

Immortals often rely on such spirit stones to descend to the mortal realm.

However, the Heavenly Court strictly forbids the Immortals from descending to the mortal realm.

Once they\'re discovered, they will be dealt with according to the Heavenly rules.

When Han Jue heard that, he confirmed that the Heaven Evading Stone was that kind of stone.

He was completely at ease.


He could now rest in peace!


Cultivate in peace!

Thank you for your guidance, Senior.

I\'ll visit you again next time.

Han Jue bowed and walked past Zhang Guxing.

Zhang Guxing shook his head slightly and did not say anything else.

After raising the Three Pure World Cleansing, Han Jue comprehended the true meaning of heaven and earth and consolidated his cultivation for several months.

He had Su Qi open a cave abode at the side.

Without his orders, he was not allowed to leave.

In order to not make him suspicious, Han Jue strictly ordered the other disciples not to disturb him.

Su Qi immediately became proud as he thought, Master wants to focus on nurturing me.

He wants me to cultivate well.

At this point, the dissatisfied Dao Comprehension Sword could finally enter Han Jue\'s cave abode.

He didn\'t let her enter the cave abode to take care of her feelings.

It was mainly because she could increase the Spirit Qi in the cave abode.

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The Heaven and Earth Grass was a treasure even if it gained human form!

Han Jue immersed himself in cultivation again.

Recently, the Upper World was in chaos.

Perhaps Daoist Jueyan and the Vermilion Bird would come to the mortal world at any time.

Han Jue had to become as strong as possible.

In a dark cave, Patriarch Blood Fiend, White-Haired Fiend Lady, and Fiendish Arhat sat opposite each other.

The three of them had extremely dark expressions.

A crystal ball floated between them.

Demonic aura surged within it.

Luo Qiumo is dead A cold voice sounded.

Patriarch Blood Fiend took a deep breath and said, He was killed by the genius of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Not only him, but all of us who worked for the devil race were severely injured.

Even the Fiend Emperor died.

A cold voice followed, Why do you serve the devils Are you betraying this world

Hearing this, the three fiends fell silent.

They didn\'t really want to serve the devils, it was just that they had been given an irresistible offer.

Fiendish Arhat sighed.


I\'m not playing anymore.

I plan on ascending like the Demon Lord.

White-Haired Fiend Lady nodded.

She was also tired.

Patriarch Blood Fiend sighed.

Although they were top-notch existences in the mortal world, with their current cultivation levels, they wouldn\'t be completely reborn after transcending the tribulation.

Since ancient times, there was a saying that after successfully ascending, one\'s cultivation level would increase exponentially.

The higher one\'s cultivation level before ascension, the greater the cultivation level increased after ascension!

This was also the reason why they refused to ascend.

In the mortal world, they were mighty figures who controlled the life and death of all living beings.

After they ascended, they would become one of the weak living beings again.

Who would ascend before their time was up

Hmph, don\'t ascend yet.

In at most five hundred years, I will descend into the mortal world.

When I destroy the Heavenly Immortal Manor, you can then ascend.

I will introduce you to the sects in the Upper World and let you have someone to rely on.

As for the devils, don\'t bother with them.

The Heavenly Court will soon attack them!

The sinister voice sounded again, causing the eyes of the three to light up.

It couldn\'t be any better if he could destroy the Heavenly Immortal Manor!

To be honest, they were also angry and had nowhere to vent!

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Patriarch Blood Fiend immediately cupped his fists and bowed.

Senior Jueyan, we\'re waiting for you to descend into the mortal world!

Of course.

Twenty years passed quickly.

Han Jue successfully broke through to the fourth level of the Mahayana Realm.

After breaking through, he habitually took out the Book of Misfortune and cursed Daoist Jueyan and Vermilion Bird.

Han Jue was quite satisfied with this speed of breakthrough.

He would be able to break through to the realm above the Mahayana Realm in at most a hundred years.

While cursing, he checked the emails.

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou was attacked by righteous cultivators] x4897

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang accidentally entered the Ancient Forbidden Ground and became the owner of an Unparalleled Divine Sword.]

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang consumed the Heaven and Earth Divine Fruit and his cultivation level increased exponentially.]

[Your good friend Huang Jihao was attacked by beasts] x78834

[Your good friend Daoist Ji Kong has achieved Dao Ascension and his providence has increased tremendously.]

[Your Dao Companion Xing Hongxuan accidentally entered the temple of the land deity.]

[Your good friend Chang Yue\'er accidentally entered the temple of the land deity.]

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang has entered the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

His providence has increased.]

Han Jue counted carefully.

In the past twenty years, Fang Liang had obtained nine fortuitous encounters.


The Son of Heaven and Earth was really unreasonable!

Most importantly, this fellow actually entered the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

He felt that when this brat returned, he would really be at the Mahayana Realm.

The Son of Heaven and Earth was best left wandering outside.

Han Jue also noticed Xing Hongxuan and Chang Yue\'er\'s opportunities.

He was interested in the land deity.

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What was a land deity

A month later.

Han Jue ended the curse and kept the Book of Misfortune.

He then turned his attention to Xing Hongxuan\'s puppet.

He had to do things one by one.

He couldn\'t skip the daily missions.

Through the Heavenly Puppet, Han Jue saw an extremely spectacular Daoist temple.

The Daoist temple was resplendent in gold and jade.

The space within was several thousand feet high.

The stone pillars supporting the Daoist temple were tens of feet in diameter as if this was a giant\'s temple.

Xing Hongxuan and Chang Yue\'er were sitting in front of a painting.

They seemed to be comprehending something.

Sometimes they would frown and sometimes laugh.

Han Jue spread his divine sense and looked at the Daoist temple carefully.

Soon, he discovered a remnant soul in a stone statue.

The remnant soul was an old Daoist nun dressed in a Daoist robe.

She was curled up inside the stone statue, seemingly in a deep sleep.

Han Jue didn\'t know her cultivation level and didn\'t dare to disturb her.

Could this really be a land deity

Fellow Daoist Guan, I\'ve already broken through to the Mahayana Realm.

Let\'s spar!

A voice entered Han Jue\'s ears.

Han Jue returned to his body.

Ji Xianshen!

This fellow broke through to the Mahayana Realm

He had noticed it before, but he didn\'t take it to heart.

Han Jue cautiously used the simulation trial to fight first.

So close.

But it was still an instant kill!


Han Jue immediately disappeared from the cave abode.

Ji Xianshen waited for Han Jue in the forest dozens of kilometers away.

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He was also very cautious.

Although he had broken through to the Mahayana Realm, what if he could not win If he brought many people, wouldn\'t the news of his defeat spread

Han Jue appeared behind him.

Ji Xianshen turned around and said in high spirits, Guan Yu, I have already reached the Mahayana Realm and have comprehended a new Mystical Power.

I have defeated all the elders of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

As long as I can defeat you, I will truly be the number one in the world!


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