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Like you, I\'m also a disciple of the Jade Pure Sect who\'s here to look after the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

The red-nosed old man chuckled.

He sized up Han Jue and clicked his tongue in wonder.

The third level of the Foundation Establishment realm, but looking at the rate of your expiration, I\'d say you definitely ain\'t only at the third level.

You\'re probably at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

Am I right

Han Jue couldn\'t help but tense up.

His true cultivation had been discovered.

This was the first time he had met someone who could tell his cultivation.

Could it be that this person\'s cultivation was the same as Fairy Xi Xuan\'s

You don\'t have to be nervous.

Did you volunteer to come here, or did your master send you here asked the red-nosed old man.

Looking at how Han Jue cultivated, he didn\'t seem to have volunteered to come.

Han Jue replied, My master, Fairy Xi Xuan, sent me here.

I have a backing, don\'t try tricking me!

[Li Qingzi has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

He quickly checked the list of his attributes and checked his interpersonal relationships.

[Li Qingzi: Eighth level of the Nascent Soul realm, Sect Master of Jade Pure Sect, adores Fairy Xi Xuan.

Current Favorability: 1 star]

The Sect Master of the Jade Pure Sect!

Isn\'t that the biggest boss

Han Jue was shocked.

This old dude actually has an affection towards my master

The thought of Li Qingzi and Fairy Xi Xuan together made him shudder.

Li Qingzi is not worthy!

Did your master give you a mission Li Qingzi asked.

Han Jue replied, Even if there is, how can I tell you

Li Qingzi smiled.

Oh You can\'t tell others about the mission

Han Jue remained silent.

Li Qingzi stretched lazily and smiled.

Come with me, then.

You\'ve gotten into trouble.

Since you\'re Fairy Xi Xuan\'s disciple, I can help you settle it.

Puzzled, Han Jue got up and followed.

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As the Sect Master of the Jade Pure Sect, Li Qingzi shouldn\'t be intending to harm him.

The two of them walked into the forest.

Do you know why I\'m here Li Qingzi placed his hands behind his back and asked with a smile.

Han Jue shook his head.

Maybe because you\'re a simp.

But of course, he wouldn\'t say that.

He couldn\'t let his sect master lose face.

The number of beasts around you is increasing.

It looks like they are likely to go into a rampage.

The key is that these beasts are very well-behaved at the moment, as if they are waiting for the moment.

To be able to command so many beasts, it must be the doing of a Demon King.

You have probably provoked the Tiger Heart White Dragon.

This little fellow\'s father is a famous Demon King, and it inherited the Demon King\'s bloodline.

The reason it summoned so many beasts is probably to take revenge against you.

After hearing Li Qingzi\'s words, Han Jue recalled the white cat from two years ago.

Could that be the White Tiger Heart

Han Jue recounted his experience.

You\'re faster than Tiger Heart White Dragon Li Qingzi asked in surprise.

Can it be that this kid has already become Junior Xi Xuan\'s personal disciple

Thinking of what Fairy Xi Xuan had said, Li Qingzi couldn\'t help but nod.

[Li Qingzi\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 1.5 stars]

Han Jue raised his eyebrows and said, I learned a movement technique.

It\'s normal for me to be faster.

He immediately felt better.

It seemed like it wasn\'t that he was weak, but that the Tiger Heart White Dragon was truly fast.

If it was any other disciple, they probably wouldn\'t have been able to keep up!

Following Li Qingzi, Han Jue arrived in front of a cliff.

He looked down and saw the figures of beasts everywhere in the wilderness below.

The beasts all had terrifying looks.

The big ones were as big as hills, while the small ones were all kinds of insect-like beasts the size of a pail.

This was the first time Han Jue saw a scene like this.

He couldn\'t help but pale.

He estimated that there were at least a thousand beasts.

If all of them were to charge at the pavilion he was in, there was no way for him to defend it.

He would only be able to flee.

His gaze landed on a large rock.

The white cat from two years ago was sleeping soundly on it.

Han Jue was speechless.

I\'m too lucky! Bumping into a little demon king straight away!

Sir, you said you are going to help me deal with it.

Are you going to kill it Han Jue asked.

Li Qingzi glared at him and said, This Tiger Heart White Dragon has great potential.

Won\'t the sect find trouble with me if I kill it

Han Jue said gloomily, Then, how do we resolve the problem

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You can go tame it!

Li Qingzi pinched his beard and smiled.

Hearing this, Han Jue turned around and left immediately.

With so many demonic beasts, how am I going to tame it

Little brat, why are you leaving!

Li Qingzi quickly pressed on his shoulder and questioned.

Why did Junior accept such a disciple!

I\'ll set up a formation and trap them here.

Five years at most.

If you can tame the Tiger Heart White Dragon within five years, I\'ll reward you with the Pure Jade Sect\'s ultimate technique, Li Qingzi said seriously.

[The Sect Master of the Jade Pure Sect has given you a mission.

You have the following choices.]


A demon king\'s hatred

The attention of the Viridescent Nether Cult

Han Jue almost exploded.

He immediately phrased his response.

I think I won\'t do it, sir.

You should find someone else.

I\'m really afraid.

I just want to cultivate in peace.

Li Qingzi was stunned.

He frowned and said, I can teach you the Pure Jade Sect\'s supreme cultivation technique, the Pure Jade Technique!

Comparable to my Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique

Han Jue still shook his head.

[Li Qingzi\'s favorability towards you has decreased.

Current favorability: 0.5 stars]

Li Qingzi snorted.

Then get lost!

Han Jue bowed and fled quickly.

Li Qingzi sighed.

Is the person Junior arranged not him

Back in the pavilion.

Han Jue chose the second option.

[You rejected Li Qingzi\'s mission and obtained a sword technique manual.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the unparalleled sword technique—Three Pure Shadow Sword]

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An unparalleled sword technique

Han Jue rejoiced.


Although the Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword was not bad, its range was limited.

The sword Qi it shot out was more like bullets.

If he was faced with the large-scale invasion of beasts, it would be very difficult to do anything.

He didn\'t inherit it immediately but waited.

An hour later, he began to inherit this sword technique.

As he inherited the Three Pure Shadow Sword Technique, Han Jue\'s body began to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Not long after, a strong eddy encircled the pavilion.

The surrounding trees swayed as if a storm was about to arrive.

This strange phenomenon lasted for an hour.

The inheritance was completed.

Han Jue\'s top-notch aptitude in the Sword Dao allowed him to inherit the technique without any difficulties.

Inside the room, Han Jue suddenly opened his eyes, and a cold light flashed in them.

He raised his hand and made a hand seal, mobilizing the spiritual force in his body to execute the Three Pure Shadow Sword.

Three sword shadows with different colors appeared behind him.

The thunder spiritual force sword shadow zapped with flashes!

The fire spiritual force sword shadow was like raging flames, burning fiercely.

The wind spiritual force sword shadow was blue-green, and the blade was surrounded by strong winds!

What a powerful sword technique! Unparalleled, indeed!

Han Jue immediately stood up and walked out of the pavilion.

The three sword shadows floated behind him like his shadow.

Using his finger as a sword, he pointed forward.

The three sword shadows behind him zoomed forward at an extremely fast speed.

They were even faster than the Tiger Heart White Dragon.

They were like three different colored lightning bolts!


Blinding sword flashes bloomed.

Dozens of trees within a hundred meters radius were chopped into three parts by the sword shadows.

The chopped tree trunks soared into the sky, and its leaves withered.

It was a spectacular scene!

As the trees fell back to the ground, dust was flung into the air.

So powerful!

Han Jue was pleasantly surprised.

This is what I call unparalleled technique!

So strong!

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He hadn\'t even used his full strength.

If he were to face the army of beasts, he would turn the battlefield into a meat grinder in minutes!

Accept the mission and try your best to tame the Tiger Heart White Dragon.

You will be rewarded with Li Qingzi\'s ultimate technique, the Demon King\'s Hatred, and the Viridescent Nether Cult\'s attention.Reject the mission and continue cultivating.

You will be able to obtain a sword technique manual, and Li Qingzi\'s favorability will decrease.


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