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After walking out of the hall, Xing Hongxuan saw many righteous cultivators being escorted out of the nearby palaces.

It was hard to imagine how many righteous cultivators the Fiend Emperor had captured.

Is there really no hope Where is the Heavenly Immortal Manor Where are the holy lands A female disciple\'s voice came from the side, her tone filled with indignation.

Before they had been caught, they had thought that victory was near.


The nightmare had just begun!

Daoist Nine Cauldrons looked around, secretly shocked.

Why were there so many fiendish cultivators

How did the righteous cultivators quickly become fiendish cultivators

Logically speaking, the transformation of spirit energy into demonic Qi required a cultivation process.

How could it be possible to disperse one\'s cultivation and cultivate again in a short period of time

The ground was flat and there were dozens of huge palaces scattered around.

There were bonfires everywhere, and the number of fiendish cultivators was immeasurable.

Demonic Qi formed rolling dark clouds that covered the sky as if it was evening.

From high up in the sky, the palaces formed a huge circle.

All the doors faced the same direction.

It was a huge altar ten thousand feet long and wide.

It was completely pale and seemed to be made of white bones.

It was eerie.

Devil Welcoming Sacrificial Altar!

A circle of fiendish cultivators stood around the altar.

All of them wore black robes, looking like ghosts from the underworld.


The dark clouds above the altar surged violently, forming a terrifying vortex.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

In the distance, on a small mountain, Su Qi and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog were sprawled behind a rock, looking over.

So many fiendish cultivators.

Are we really going to fight The Chaotic Heavenly Dog asked with a shiver.

It had finally escaped the Fiend Emperor\'s grasp, so it did not want to take any more risks.

Su Qi said seriously, Our hearts belong to the righteous path, so how can we be afraid If the Fiend Emperor\'s plan succeeds today and the world is in trouble, then our master can forget about cultivating in peace.

At that time, when we look back, they might have just been lacking our help!

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog wore a bitter look.

This kid was too righteous!

He suddenly missed Ji Xianshen.

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How great would it be if that fellow came!

On the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

After Han Jue finished his lecture, the disciples were still in a state of enlightenment and couldn\'t come back to their senses for a long time.

At this moment, Li Qingzi rushed over and came to Han Jue\'s side.

He glanced at Murong Qi, Dao Comprehension Sword, and the others and said in a low voice, Elder Han, Sect Master, and the rest have been captured.

What should we do

The distance was too great, causing his news to be delayed by more than a year.

Han Jue replied, Just wait.

He wanted to say that they would be fine, but what if something happened

He couldn\'t guarantee such a thing!

I don\'t know what happened to those Holy Lands.

They all disappeared.

Damn it! Li Qingzi gritted his teeth.

He felt that there was a conspiracy behind this.

Han Jue said, They might be in trouble, too.

These words were true.

Previously, when he had read the emails, he had discovered that the Heavenly Immortal Manor\'s Ji Xianshen, Ji Lengchan, and Ji Kong had been attacked by fiendish cultivators.

The number of times they had been attacked far exceeded that of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

It looked like they were being held back.

Li Qingzi sighed and left.

Han Jue\'s expression did not change.

In fact, he was using the Heavenly Puppet to observe the situation in the Demonic Path Imperial City.

He was waiting for someone.

Fiend Emperor Ji Naihe!

As long as he killed Ji Naihe, the demonic path would naturally collapse!

Before long…

The cultivators of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect were escorted to the Devil Welcoming Sacrificial Altar.

They had been imprisoned for so long that they had lost their ability to fight due to the demonic Qi.

They could only look at the surrounding fiendish cultivators with hatred.

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This is the Devil Welcoming Ceremony

What\'s in the sky

Are they really summoning a devil

Legend has it that the devils were once the strongest race before the rise of humans and demons…

Damn it, I can\'t use the spirit energy in my body!

Where is the Fiend Emperor

The cultivators discussed animatedly.

Panic, nervousness, and uneasiness spread throughout the altar.

More and more cultivators were brought up to the altar.

Fiendish Arhat stood beside the altar and chanted with his eyes closed.

Some cultivators wanted to resist, but they were struck down by the fiendish cultivator.

Their meridians were crippled and they were thrown onto the altar.

They wailed incessantly and were extremely miserable.

Huang Jihao arrived in front of Daoist Nine Cauldrons and asked softly, Is your sect\'s Deity Slaying Elder here

In his heart, Han Jue was the strongest cultivator.

If he came, there might be a chance of survival.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons shook his head.

He was glad that Han Jue didn\'t come.

If he did, the Jade Pure Sacred Sect would be completely wiped out.

A look of regret appeared on Huang Jihao\'s face.


Blood Qi surged above the altar as a figure appeared above it.

It was Patriarch Blood Fiend.

He looked down at the altar and nodded.

He directly released his own terrifying pressure, enveloping the great earth, making all of the cultivators on the altar feel as if their chests were struck by a hammer, extremely uncomfortable.

When all the cultivators reached the altar, other than the fiendish cultivators guarding it, all the other fiendish cultivators knelt down and worshiped the altar.

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The world fell silent.

There were more than a hundred thousand righteous path cultivators on the altar.

None of them dared to make a sound as they looked nervously at the sky.

What was happening next

Welcome, Fiend Emperor! Patriarch Blood Fiend shouted.

The hundreds of thousands of fiendish cultivators shouted in unison.

Welcome, Your Majesty!

Welcome, Your Majesty!

Welcome, Your Majesty!

The fiendish cultivators shouted in unison.

Their voices gathered together, deafening.

Every fiendish cultivator\'s face was filled with fanaticism.

A figure appeared in the vortex.

It was Fiend Emperor Ji Naihe.

He raised his arms and said, Inheritors of the demonic path.

All the fiendish cultivators shut their mouths and stared at him.

The righteous cultivators were even more nervous, not knowing what would happen next.

When the world was first created, everything was chaotic.

There were devils first, then gods, and then humans were born.

Immortals and demons later appeared.

They sought to be free from the constraints of the Heavenly Dao, to become eternal and indestructible.

They did as they pleased, seeking revenge as they willed!

Ji Naihe\'s voice was filled with vicissitudes as he led the fiendish cultivators back to the distant past.

Far away on the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain, Han Jue also heard his words through the Heavenly Puppet.

He secretly wondered if this was a demonic path pyramid scheme

Han Jue didn\'t make a move immediately.

Ji Naihe was high up in the sky, it was not the best time to make a move.

At this moment, Murong Qi, the Black Hell Chicken, Xun Chang\'an, Yang Tiandong, and Dao Comprehension Sword had all awakened.

Grandmaster, should we pursue lifespan or spirit energy Murong Qi asked.

Han Jue replied, All living beings have ambitions.

My goal is to live.

If you outlive everyone else, you will be the strongest existence.

Yang Tiandong asked, There are heavenly rules in the Heavenly Dao.

The cycle of life and death is a heavenly rule.

After becoming an Immortal, will we jump out of the cycle of life and death

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He had already given up on his ambitions and only wanted to pursue the Great Dao of Longevity.

Immortals and deities are only stronger than mortals.

True immortality is far away.

Otherwise, there wouldn\'t be so many reincarnations of immortals and deities in the legends.

It\'s precisely because the apex of the Great Dao is far away that we have to cherish the present.

Today, if we cultivate less by a few minutes, after a thousand years, how much time would we have wasted Ten thousand years A million years Han Jue said slowly.

He was distracted by the other event, but in the eyes of the disciples, he was unfathomable and had seen through the mortal world.


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