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\'Connate providence\' Han Jue raised his eyebrows and immediately chose to check.

[Ji Xianshen: Ninth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Born with an invincible heart, determined to be the only Immortal God in the world.

Extremely conceited.

Born in the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Reached Golden Core in a hundred years, Nascent Soul at two-hundred-years-old.

He is the strongest genius in the history of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

He has always been in seclusion cultivating until the war between the righteous and demonic paths, when he had no choice but to come out.

After hearing that Guan Yu of the Jade Pure Sect was the number one cultivator in the world, he especially went to challenge him.]

The strongest genius of the Heavenly Immortal Manor


Could it be that this was the genius who had killed Luo Qiumo

Han Jue asked, Sect Master, is the person who killed Luo Qiumo called Ji Xianshen

Daoist Nine Cauldrons shook his head and said, I\'m not sure, either.

The news spread too far, and a lot of information has been lost.

Han Jue was helpless.

He noticed that Ji Xianshen was extremely conceited.

Was the Heavenly Immortal Manor filled with conceited people


Ji Lengchan had a conceited personality.

Speaking of which, the two of them had always stayed in the Heavenly Immortal Manor and only appeared when their cultivations had reached great success.

This Heavenly Immortal Manor was stronger than Han Jue had imagined.

He immediately checked the strongest person in the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

He quickly locked onto Ji Xianshen.

He closed his eyes and began the simulation trial.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons saw that he had his eyes closed and did not disturb him.

He thought that he had something to say and was considering it.

Ten seconds later.

Han Jue opened his eyes and frowned slightly.

This fellow was amazing!

No wonder he could kill Luo Qiumo, who was at the fourth level of the Mahayana Realm!

Most importantly, Han Jue felt a kind of aura from him.

He believed in his own invincibility.

This aura was extremely terrifying in battle.

Han Jue couldn\'t kill him instantly.

He had to use both Three Pure World Cleansing and Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger to kill him.

One had to know that this fellow was only at the ninth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

Han Jue was at the seventh level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

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I can\'t kill him instantly even with just two minor realms of difference

Han Jue felt the pressure.

He looked at Daoist Nine Cauldrons and asked curiously, Is there anything else

Daoist Nine Cauldrons was stunned.

He shook his head and left.

Looking at his back, he seemed a little depressed.

Han Jue no longer cared about him.

Instead, he was thinking about how to defend himself against Ji Xianshen.

At this moment…

Han Jue heard the sound of a flute, it seemed that someone was playing it.

The sound of the flute was filled with killing intent as if it was preparing for a great battle.

Han Jue swept his divine sense out and discovered that Xun Chang\'an, Black Hell Chicken, and Yang Tiandong didn\'t seem to have heard it.

Fellow Daoist, a strong enemy is coming.

What should we do Du Ku\'s voice floated over, his tone filled with anxiety.

Han Jue frowned.

Could it be that only Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivators could hear it

Was it Ji Xianshen

Han Jue sent him a voice transmission, It\'s fine.

I\'ll go take a look.

Apart from him, no one else in the Jade Pure Sacred Sect could kill Luo Qiumo.

Han Jue directly disappeared from the cave abode.

Several kilometers away.

Among the continuous mountain range, a man in green stood in front of a cliff halfway up the mountain.

He stood as his black hair reached his waist and fluttered in the wind.

He had a handsome face and a gentle and refined temperament.

His left hand was behind his waist and his right hand hung in the air.

In his palm was a green bamboo flute.

Han Jue appeared behind him and asked, What do you mean

The green-robed man turned around and looked at him sideways.

He smiled and said, I\'m Ji Xianshen of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

I heard that there\'s a great cultivator named Guan Yu in the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

He\'s supposedly the number one cultivator in the world.

I want to spar with him.

Han Jue replied, Guan Yu He left more than a hundred years ago.

Where did he go

To deal with the fiends.

How about sparring with me I won\'t harm your life.

I\'m not your match.

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To be able to hear my flute, you must be at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

I can\'t see through your cultivation level, either.

You must be very strong, right, Elder Guan Yunchang

Han Jue remained silent.

He began to think about how to defeat him.

This person was extremely conceited.

If he defeated this fellow, would it anger him

If he had no choice but to kill him, wouldn\'t that anger the Heavenly Immortal Manor

Ji Xianshen chuckled.

Don\'t worry.

I won\'t kill you.

How arrogant!

Han Jue frowned and said, If I win against you, will you keep pestering me and even start hating us

Ji Xianshen smiled even more subtly.

No, to be honest, I\'m already invincible in this world.


How could he say something like that without cringing!

Han Jue felt a hint of respect for Ji Xianshen.

In terms of shamelessness, he was definitely invincible.

How about this, you and I will compete in spirit energy and palm techniques.

Whoever takes a step back loses.

Ji Xianshen smiled.

As he spoke, he put away the bamboo flute and raised his right hand towards him.

Han Jue thought for a moment and said, Go to the sky, lest you destroy the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.


The two of them leaped into the clouds.

In a palace on the main peak of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect, Du Ku was nervously watching the battle.

He thought worriedly, Ji Xianshen… the number one prodigy of the Heavenly Immortal Manor has actually appeared… Daoist Deity Slaying is in big trouble.

If Han Jue was defeated, should he make a move

If Ji Xianshen wanted to deal with the Jade Pure Sacred Sect, what would he do

Damn it!

Why was it that this sect would either be peaceful or encounter such huge matters!

Above the sea of clouds, the sky was high and magnificent.

Han Jue and Ji Xianshen stood facing each other.

They raised their right palms at the same time, a hundred feet apart.

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Almost instantly, both of them mobilized their spirit energy.


The sea of clouds scattered, sweeping out several hundred li!

Their robes fluttered wildly as two vast energies collided.

The surrounding space distorted as if it were being burned.

They both frowned.

They only had one thought.

The other party was a little strong.

Ji Xianshen started to increase his spirit energy.

Han Jue did the same.

How should I act Han Jue was conflicted.

Ji Xianshen thought to himself, Should I go all out Will I seriously injure him

Their thoughts were almost the same.

They were all thinking for each other!

As the two of them exerted more and more power, the Jade Pure Sacred Sect was alarmed.

Countless disciples flew into the air and looked at them.

Under the Fusang Tree, the Black Hell Chicken, Xun Chang\'an, and the others were also stunned.

Dao Comprehension Sword and Xing Hongxuan ran out of their cave abodes.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons was just about to lead the elders to reinforce Han Jue when Du Ku suddenly stopped them.

He said in a low voice, This person is the number one prodigy of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

He\'s definitely a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert.

All of you will be courting death if you go up!

Xiao Yao was stunned after hearing this.

He was once the number one genius of the Heavenly Immortal Manor as well.

However, he hadn\'t even fully grown back then.

The number one prodigy five thousand years ago was actually far inferior to the current number one prodigy.

If news of this spread, who would dare believe it

Han Jue noticed the movements under them and decided not to act anymore.

He suddenly raised the intensity!


Ji Xianshen\'s expression changed drastically, and he immediately circulated his spirit energy with all his might.

His entire body trembled, and he was actually not pushed back immediately.


Oh no! I can\'t block it!

Shocked, Ji Xianshen\'s elegant and handsome face instantly turned sinister.

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Immediately after, his spirit energy was directly dispersed by Han Jue\'s Six Paths spirit energy, and he was also forced to retreat.

The blood in his body shook and flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

He stared at Han Jue in disbelief.



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