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Xing Hongxuan sat next to Han Jue and started to tell him about her experiences over the years.

She had met a fiendish expert by chance and had been given pointers on cultivation.

The fiendish cultivator was the disciple of one of the five fiends, the White-Haired Fiend Lady.

She was a Body Integration Realm cultivator and wanted to take Xing Hongxuan as her disciple.

Xing Hongxuan said that she had a husband and wanted to go back and ask.

Although the fiendish cultivator was displeased, she still agreed.

Husband, are you afraid of offending a Body Integration Realm cultivator Xing Hongxuan asked.

Her tone was full of teasing.

Even a Demon Saint at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm could not defeat her husband.

What was there to fear about a Body Integration Realm cultivator

Han Jue said seriously, I\'m afraid.

After all, she has a strong background.

If we fight and I kill her, she\'ll ask her master for help.

I\'ll have to think of a way to kill her master then.

It\'s very troublesome.

Xing Hongxuan was taken aback.

Han Jue said, It\'s not peaceful outside recently.

Don\'t go out.

You\'re already at the Nascent Soul Realm.

Your lifespan should be close to a thousand years, right


Nascent Soul Realm!

That\'s right!

This woman had already reached the Nascent Soul Realm!

Han Jue felt that she was the real mortal cultivator who fought for fortuitous encounters.

Xing Hongxuan nodded and said, I also think that the outside world is chaotic.

More and more fiendish cultivators are appearing.

That female fiendish cultivator said that the demonic path is going to rise.

The fiendish cultivators in the world will respect the Fiend Emperor and then sweep across the world.

Husband, do you think that the Fiend Emperor can do it



When the demon rises by one foot, the Dao will rise by ten feet.

This is the way of the Heavenly Dao.

Xing Hongxuan fell into deep thought.

Han Jue felt a little pity.

This woman had been away for so many years but didn\'t find any good treasures

Xing Hongxuan flipped her right hand and said, Husband, although I\'ve had opportunities all these years, I haven\'t encountered any valuable treasures.

What about this Do you like it

Han Jue looked at her palm.

It was a slightly pink crystal fragment.

He picked it up and subconsciously probed it with his divine sense.

He felt resistance.

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Han Jue frowned and forced his divine sense to break through it.


The crystal fragment turned into ashes instantly.

Han Jue\'s consciousness captured a memory.

A palace located above the sea of clouds.

A paradise with many fairies playing in the sky and laughing.

After Han Jue read this memory, he was surprised to find that his divine sense had become much stronger!


Everything happened very quickly.

Before Xing Hongxuan noticed Han Jue\'s abnormality, it was already over.

Yes, it is indeed a good treasure.

Han Jue smiled in satisfaction.

Then, he took out the Nine Stars Spirit Trampling Boots and gave them to her.

He returned the favor.

Xing Hongxuan suddenly grabbed Han Jue\'s hand and pressed herself against him.

She leaned close and said with a slightly panting voice, Husband…

Han Jue sighed and took off his clothes obediently.

Xing Hongxuan stopped him.

Her eyes were like silk.

She smiled playfully and said, Don\'t be anxious.

Take your time.

Let\'s start while wearing our clothes…

Han Jue frowned.

This woman was pushing her luck!

A month later.

All smiles, Xing Hongxuan walked out of the cave abode.

She nodded slightly at Yang Tiandong, Xun Chang\'an, and the rest before turning to leave.

Dao Comprehension Sword frowned and asked in a low voice, Why does she carry such a dense aura of Master\'s

The Black Hell Chicken on the Fusang Tree laughed.

Because she ate Master!

Huh Dao Comprehension Sword was alarmed as she hurriedly rushed into the cave abode.

Xun Chang\'an shook his head and said with a plain smile, I wonder what is love…

The Black Hell Chicken snorted.

Qian\'er is already dead!

Xun Chang\'an\'s smile froze.

The Black Hell Chicken was not joking.

Qian\'er was indeed dead.

She had died outside ten years ago when she had gone out to train.

Li Qingzi knew about her past with Xun Chang\'an and had specially told him.

In those few years, Xun Chang\'an had been sitting in front of the Fusang Tree, completely distracted.

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Stupid chicken! Xun Chang\'an gritted his teeth.

The Black Hell Chicken smiled and said, It\'s good that she\'s dead.

Anyway, she doesn\'t like you.

Cultivate well.

When you ascend, I\'ll give you a fairy!

Xun Chang\'an grunted coldly and turned his head away, not looking at it anymore.

Murong Qi couldn\'t stand seeing his master being bullied.

He stood up and said, Master Chicken, let\'s spar! Junior, let\'s fight it together!


Fang Liang stood up, looking eager.

The Black Hell Chicken was disdainful, but it felt a sense of danger.

The two fools broke through too quickly.

If this continued, they would eventually surpass it.


How great would it be if there was another Zhu Dou!

The Black Hell Chicken looked down at the trunk of the Fusang Tree, and a bold thought appeared in its mind.

Why not leave the Fusang Tree for a while

After comforting Dao Comprehension Sword for a while and waiting for her to calm down, Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune.

The Black Hell Chicken is getting bold again.

Time to teach it a lesson. Han Jue thought silently.

Dao Comprehension Sword had just taken form and didn\'t understand many things.

Just now, she really thought that Xing Hongxuan had eaten Han Jue, causing her to be filled with hostility towards her.

Han Jue cursed Ji Naihe and checked his emails.

After so many years, he wondered how the cultivation world outside had changed.

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou is sealed in the Forbidden Land by your good friend Xuan Shishi.]

[Your divine pet Chaotic Heavenly Dog encountered your disciple Su Qi spreading bad luck.

As it is a divine beast of providence, its good luck is offset by the bad luck] x6643

[Your enemy Ji Naihe has encountered your disciple Su Qi spreading bad luck and his demonic nature has increased.]

[Your good friend Huang Zuntian was attacked by a fellow cultivator] x15

[Your good friend Luo Qiumo was attacked by a fiendish cultivator] x4921

[Your beloved Xuan Qingjun has returned to the mortal realm.]

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[Your good friend Zhou Fan reincarnated and re-cultivated, awakening the memories of his previous life.]

[Your good friend Huang Jihao was attacked by a fiendish cultivator] x40024

Han Jue frowned.

Mo Fuchou and Zhou Fan were too pitiful.

One was sealed and the other was reincarnated.

There was also Huang Jihao.

He had been attacked too many times.

Before this, it was the same as well.

Had this fellow entered the demon\'s den

It seemed like the Fiend Emperor\'s influence would affect the Great Yan sooner or later.

Han Jue felt a sense of danger.

He had to hurry up and cultivate!

He cursed and started cultivating after completing his daily missions.

With the addition of the dark purple stone and Dao Comprehension Sword\'s transformation, the Spirit Qi in the cave abode increased greatly.

Han Jue\'s cultivation speed was not much slower than before.

Han Jue was actually not afraid of the Fiend Emperor.

He had so many Numinous Treasures and even Grand Unity Numinous Treasures.

How could the Fiend Emperor kill him

He was only afraid that he wouldn\'t be able to insta-kill the other party!


This path of being careful is actually the most difficult.

A month later, he continued to cultivate.

Time passed quickly.

Another thirteen years passed.

A piece of news reached the Great Yan.


The Demonic Path Empire led by the Fiend Emperor began to attack the righteous sects in the world.

With irresistible force, the righteous sects were slaughtered one after another!

The sects of the world and the various Holy Lands joined forces.

The war between the righteous and demonic officially began!

The various sects of the Great Yan were uneasy.

It was worth mentioning that all the demonic sects of the Great Yan had left.

Other than itinerant cultivators, there was not a single demonic sect left!

They were also afraid of being eliminated by the Jade Pure Sacred Sect!

While the cultivators of the Great Yan were panicking, Han Jue successfully broke through to the fifth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

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