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Forget it.

The Jade Pure Sect even swallowed the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect recently.

Han Jue might be stronger than you.

Mo Fuchou shook his head.

He had a good impression of Han Jue and always felt that he was very talented.

Although Zhou Fan was powerful, he relied more on opportunities.

Zhou Fan snorted.

Isn\'t the reason why the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect sought refuge with the Jade Pure Sect because of the Formless Sect\'s coercion The reason why the Formless Sect didn\'t target the Jade Pure Sect after that was because Enlightened Old Monster suffered a tragic death and they didn\'t have the time to find trouble with them.

The Jade Pure Sect might not be stronger than the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

Mo Fuchou felt that it made sense.

The disciples in the sky were not as strong as the disciples of the large sects.

The purple-dressed woman\'s gaze landed on the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

She frowned.

The Spirit Qi in that mountain is so abundant.

How can it be…

The purple-dressed woman was shocked.

Such Spirit Qi was already comparable to some hidden Holy Lands and ten-thousand-year-old cultivation families.

At the same time, Han Jue was teaching the Black Hell Chicken under the Fusang Tree.

The Black Hell Chicken had already transcended its tribulation and reached the Void Amalgamation Realm in the past eight years.

It had also transcended the tribulation in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

At that time, all the elders had gone to watch and were greatly shocked.

Deity Slaying Elder\'s chicken was already at the Void Amalgamation Realm.

The Sect Master of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect, Liu Bumie, and Xiao Yao were also shocked.

Han Jue\'s image in their hearts grew greatly.

Master, what breed is it It doesn\'t look like a chicken. Xun Chang\'an couldn\'t help but ask.

The Black Hell Chicken flapped its wings rapidly at the edge of the cliff, raising waves of sword Qi.

That\'s right!

Sword Qi!

Han Jue taught the Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword to the Black Hell Chicken, and it really learned the technique.

When the feathers shot out sword Qi, the lethality was also very impressive.

Before Han Jue could answer, the Black Hell Chicken turned his head and scolded him, I told you long ago that I\'m a phoenix.

Did you really think I was a chicken

Ever since he had devoured the Zhu Dou, the Black Hell Chicken had transformed from Brother Chicken to Master Chicken.

Of course, it called itself that.

You\'re not simple, either.

Work hard and believe in my judgment. Han Jue touched Xun Chang\'an\'s bald head and smiled kindly.

However, in his heart, Xun Chang\'an was only a small support character.

At this moment…

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Han Jue suddenly saw Mo Fuchou, Zhou Fan, and the purple-dressed woman flying past the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

Zhou Fan saw Han Jue and immediately stopped.

The purple-dressed woman\'s eyes lit up when she saw him.

What a handsome man!

Could this be her senior\'s Dao Companion

Zhou Fan was very excited.

He waved his hand and shouted, Han Jue! Long time no see! You still remember me, right

Hearing that, Han Jue smiled and said, I remember.

It wasn\'t easy for you all these years, right

His voice floated into the ears of Zhou Fan and the other two, allowing them to hear it clearly.

Mo Fuchou\'s heart ached after hearing that.

It wasn\'t just difficult.

They had been constantly on the brink of death.

We\'re living quite a carefree life.

Wielding a sword, we traveled to the ends of the world.

We were quick to repay gratitude and enmity.

We even obtained many fortuitous encounters. Zhou Fan laughed proudly.

Zhou Fan couldn\'t let Han Jue think that he was doing badly.

How about it Do you want to go out and adventure with us Cultivation still requires opportunities.

It might not be good to stay in seclusion. Zhou Fan smiled and invited.

At the same time, he flew towards the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

Han Jue secretly cast a spell and shut the mountain-protecting array formation.

The trio quickly landed by the cliff.

The purple-dressed woman stared at Han Jue with a burning gaze, making him very uncomfortable.

This woman was not simple!

Han Jue immediately checked the experts in the Jade Pure Sect and quickly locked onto a name.

[Xuan Shishi: Ninth level of the Body Integration Realm, Junior Sister of the Demon Lord]


The Demon Lord\'s Junior Sister

My little sister-in-law

Han Jue thought to himself.

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Mo Fuchou cupped his fists and smiled.

Brother Han, long time no see.

You\'re still as elegant as ever.

Han Jue smiled and said, Brother Mo is the same.

Zhou Fan looked at the Black Hell Chicken and asked in surprise, Han Jue, this chicken you raised doesn\'t seem weak!

How could he possibly tell that the Black Hell Chicken was at the Void Amalgamation Realm

The Black Hell Chicken was instantly displeased.

What did he mean by not weak

Before it could speak, Zhou Fan suddenly took a step forward and said, Han Jue, let\'s spar.

I lost to you in the past.

I\'m stronger now!

In his divine sense, Han Jue was only at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

It was obvious that this fellow used special methods to hide his cultivation.

Zhou Fan wouldn\'t underestimate him.

In his opinion, Han Jue should already be at the Soul Formation realm.

After all, he had killed an expert who had just entered the Soul Formation realm back then!

After so many years, his cultivation level had to be at the Soul Formation realm at least!

Typically, in the Nascent Soul realm, if one did not have any opportunities, it was very difficult to improve by leaps and bounds just by cultivating.

Han Jue smiled and said, You just returned.

You don\'t have to spar with me.

Go and report to the Sect Master.

Zhou Fan provoked, Han Jue, are you afraid Don\'t worry, we\'ll secretly spar and not let anyone know.

I just want you to see how strong I am.

I\'ve cultivated the Domination Physique and killed a Soul Formation cultivator!

If you want to go out, Senior Brother Mo and I can bring you along!

Han Jue was caught between laughter and tears.

The Black Hell Chicken couldn\'t help but scold, Who are you! A mere Nascent Soul dares to provoke my master You can\'t even beat me!

Zhou Fan and the other two turned to look at it.

Xuan Shishi raised her eyebrows curiously.

A pet at the Void Amalgamation Realm!

This person was not simple…

Your chicken is quite wild. Zhou Fan smiled, feeling a little angry.

The Black Hell Chicken cocked its head.

So what

It couldn\'t wait to show its might.

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The Chaotic Heavenly Dog had not returned.

Xun Chang\'an and Murong Qi were very weak.

It didn\'t dare to provoke Han Jue.

Zhou Fan looked at Han Jue and asked with a smile, Han Jue, how about I teach your chicken a lesson for you

Han Jue saw that Zhou Fan was serious.

If he kept rejecting him, he would also pester him.

He looked at the Black Hell Chicken and said, Don\'t hurt him!

The Black Hell Chicken nodded vigorously.

Zhou Fan was even more displeased.

What do you mean

Do you think I can\'t defeat this chicken

Mo Fuchou sensed that something was wrong.

He actually could not see through the Black Hell Chicken\'s cultivation.

He sent a voice transmission to Zhou Fan: There\'s something wrong with this chicken.

Forget it.

We just returned.

Let\'s rest for a few days and find out about its origins.

Zhou Fan ignored him.

He turned around and walked towards the Black Hell Chicken, his aura rising with each step.


Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain shook as Zhou Fan\'s body emitted a terrifying aura.

Wisps of wind that could be seen with the naked eye wrapped around his body.

His muscles tensed up and his clothes swelled.

His face was covered in strange blood patterns.

Han Jue looked at him curiously.

This was the Domination Physique

The Black Hell Chicken\'s eyes widened in surprise.

Zhou Fan thought that it was afraid and smiled.

Little Chicky, are you afraid Apologize to me now and I won\'t hold it against you!

The Black Hell Chicken flapped its wings and soared into the air.

Come on! Do you think I\'m afraid of you

Mo Fuchou looked at Han Jue and said in embarrassment, Brother Han, this…

It\'s fine.

I won\'t let them hurt each other. Han Jue shook his head.

Although Zhou Fan was a little arrogant, his favorability didn\'t decrease.

Han Jue naturally wouldn\'t harm him.


A strong wind suddenly erupted, causing Han Jue, Mo Fuchou, Xuan Shishi, and Xun Chang\'an\'s robes to flutter.

The four of them turned their heads and saw Zhou Fan punch the Black Hell Chicken\'s crossed wings.

Its feathers shook as if black flames were burning on its body.

Zhou Fan\'s smile was extremely sinister and conceited in his Domination Mode.

The Black Hell Chicken\'s eyes widened.

That\'s it

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