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Grandma Ji was looking at Ji Mingxia with a stern face but couldn’t help trembling when she saw Ji Mingxia, who was clearly scared to death as well, trying to show a smile to comfort her.


The cloudy eyes became moist, Grandma Ji looked at Ji Mingxia and opened her mouth.

She wanted to say something to him, but could not make any sound, only the sound of rapid breathing.


Seeing this, Ji Mingxia hurriedly asked to Zhou Tao: “Why can’t she speak”


“She’s a little stimulated so it’s normal that she can’t sleep.” Zhou Tao said indifferently, then urged, “You have seen the person, isn't it time to cooperate with me”


He said, licking the saliva that was about to run down the corner of his mouth as he looked at Ji Mingxia greedily, hating that he couldn’t suck his longevity dry on the spot.


Ji Mingxia looked at Grandma Ji, who was unable to speak, and remained silent.


The eerie green light shining on Grandma Ji’s body was reflected on Ji Mingxia’s face.


He slightly lowered his head, and for the first time, fury appeared on the usually cheerful face.


With his back to Zhou Tao, he held his cell phone in one hand and quickly did a few things with the other.


“You said I was special, not just because I have enough energy in me to increase you and Zhou Mei’s life span, but also because it’s impossible for you to suck the life span out of me without my agreement, right”


 Zhou Tao slightly narrowed his eyes at Ji Mingxia’s words, “Ji Mingxia, what do you mean, are you trying to backtrack Do you think that I can’t do anything to you just because you met Grandma Ji, do you”


“It seems that I guessed right.” Ji Mingxia laughed a little.


Zhou Tao heard Ji Mingxia’s laugh and a bad premonition rose in his heart.


Ji Mingxia should be timid, frightened, losing hus mind, and completely at his mercy.


Even if he laughed, it should be shrill and crazy.


How can a terrified person make such a mocking laughter at this moment


Thinking about this, Zhou Tao’s face changed and he quickly went towards the stairs.


The moment he stepped on the stairs, Ji Mingxia, as if fully anticipating his action, turned around and raised an object in his hand, aiming it at Zhou Tao…


Zhou Tao only saw a blinding light in his eyes and he reflexively closed his eyes.


But it was still too late.


The whole house was dark and only Grandma Ji’s body was illuminated by the pale green light.

But this light was extremely dim and one could only use it to make things out.


Zhou Tao had adapted to the dark environment so the sudden blinding light made him scream.

He took a step backward while covering his eyes.


The physiological reaction caused his eyes to wrinkle together and shed physical tears on the spot.


Leave alone walking up to Grandma Ji, he couldn’t even lift his head in the face of the blinding light, nor could he open his eyes.


“Ji Mingxia, you **ing ……” Zhou Tao couldn’t help cursing when he realized that he had been tricked by Ji Mingxia.


But soon, he couldn’t even curse.


A burning smell floated through the corridor.


Ji Mingxia shone the flashlight in Zhou Tao’s eyes, and immediately switched on the lighter that had been hidden in the coin box.


The coins in the box were lighter in color than ordinary coins.

The texture was also thinner so they were obviously fake.


More importantly, a red pen had been used to draw a pattern on the copper coins and next to the pattern were two large words that read-


-----[Borrow longetivity]


Ji Mingxia looked at the red words with anger on his face.


Everything started from yesterday night.


After the ghost knocked on the door, Ji Mingxia deduced that all this, according to the events that Grandma Ji said, could be related to Zhou Mei and Zhou Tao.


He went to the supermarket to investigate, but accidentally found that the Zhou family was leaving Banana Leaf Village.

Before leaving, Zhou Tao asked Ji Mingxia to help him make the last delivery to Aunt Cheng’s home.


Ji Mingxia agreed inorder to prevent a dangerous person like Zhao Tao returning to Banana Leaf Village again.


When the courier saw Ji Mingxia, his face showed a terrified look and he immediately ran away.


Ji Mingxia met Auntie Cheng and when she found out that the delivery man was Ji Mingxia, Auntie Cheng was also in a state of shock and could hardly wait to close the door, not wanting to talk to him more.


Perhaps it was because she had watched Ji Mingxia grow up, Auntie Cheng instructed Ji Mingxia to go home and get more information from Grandma Ji before closing the door.


At that time, Ji Mingxia was baffled and did not understand what was going on.


He felt that the truth was close at hand, but because of the lack of key clues, he could not find it.


It was only when he returned to Grandma Ji’s house and was ready to open the gate when an image suddenly flashed through his mind.


When he returned home yesterday, a small bag of goods was hang at the gate.

The bag had daily necessities and food, and the name of the store was written on the bag.


Ji Mingxia remembered that he was the one who helped Grandma Ji carry the bag into the house at that time, and he also took a look at what Grandma Ji bought.


In addition to daily necessities and food, there was also a stack of change inside.


At that time, he noticed that the color of the money was slightly different from the usual one.


But due to the shock from seeing Grandma Ji’s different appearance Ji Mingxia quickly forgot that small detail.


It wasn’t until that moment at the gate that Ji Mingxia suddenly remembered that small detail.


At the same time, a scene from earlier quickly emerged in Ji Mingxia’s mind.


When entering Banana Leaf Village, he passed by the mini supermarket and saw Auntie Cheng coming out of the supermarket with goods.

His ring emitted a faint light at that moment.


He returned to Grandma Ji’s house and saw the goods she had purchased as well as the change;


That night, a ghost knocked at their door;


The next day, Ji Mingxia met Zhou Tao and saw the idol;


Zhou Tao had a bracelet of copper coins, the idol’s hand was holding a chain of copper coins.

The end of the chain is aimed at the worshiper, as if he wants to ask the worshiper for his life; 


The next day, Ji Mingxia helped Aunt Cheng to receive her goods, but she only received seafood and paper money ……


The only thing that could be connected from the beginning to the end was the money.


Since it was divided into two manifestations of copper coins and paper money, it was easy to ignore the clue.


But when he finally realized that the problem was in the money, Ji Mingxia was like a lost traveler who had cleared the clouds and suddenly got the correct way forward.


Zhou Mei and Zhou Tao had somehow got a mysterious item related to coins and through the way of worship, they could use the mysterious item to suck the longevity of others to extend their own lives.


The first to be sucked life, should be the visiting Vietnamese boys.


According to the current clues, Zhou Mei ayZhou Tao came back to the banana leaf village that night and immediately targeted the two Vietnamese boys.

Perhaps they were too greedy and the two boys were sucked until they looked like middle aged men and died.


In order to cover up their crime, Zhou Mei and Zhou Tao set fire to the corpses.


The next day, the villagers found two middle-aged male corpses.

They didn’t know their identities, or name.

The villagers were in fear and one would link them to the missing Vietnamese boys.


A few days later, the villagers found visiting relatives missing.

They reported the case to the police but due to the lack of surveillance within the village, the bodies couldn't be found and the case was finally treated as a missing person’s case.


Since the two were foreigners, the domestic police did not have their genetic files, and their ages did not match the middle aged corpses.

So the murder, and the missing persons case were eventually treated as two different cases.


In this way, Zhou Mei and Zhou Tao were completely free from suspicion, and no one would even think that they could be criminals.


Until the entire Banana Leaf Village was shrouded in the gloom of the ghost knocking on the door.


The only thing that Ji Mingxia couldn’t figure out was why Zhou Mei and Zhou Tao were never confronted for sucking the longevity in the village even after so long.

And why would they suddenly choose to leave the village


Ji Mingxia was puzzled until he realized that the coins were the key clue.


Before Zhou Tao left, he deliberately set up a trap for Ji Mingxia to receive the goods, wanting to make Ji Mingxia his target.


And the timing of his sudden move was the day after Ji Mingxia returned to the village.


Ji Mingxia had a bold guess in his mind.


Zhou Tao was coming for him.


He had only just figured it all out when Zhou Tao made his move on Grandma Ji.


The house was in darkness and Grandma Ji was in danger.

Zhou Tao hid in the house and threatened Ji Mingxia to come in.

Ji Mingxia could only choose to press on and pretend to know nothing.


Once he entered the house, Zhou Tao staged a scare to try to break Ji Mingxia’s psychological defenses.


If this were a few months ago, Ji Mingxia would really be scared into fainting.


But he and Yu Ning had experienced so many supernatural events.

Last night’s ghost knocking on the door startled him, but even though he was scared, he still had reason.


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