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Everyone from Su Feifeis team was instantly filled with adrenaline.

The originally harmonious team turned against each other in a second.

It was as if they were stepping on fire rocks and they had to quickly run towards their destination.

The entire forest was instantly filled with the sound of desperate footsteps!

Luo Feifa looked at the afterimages that flew past her and screamed.

Was she crazy

“You, you guys hurry up too!” Luo Feifa was flustered and urged everyone to run forward.

“There are popsicles! The first place can eat popsicles! Come on, everyone!”

Under such urging, the line sped up a little.

Feng Xueges team also became excited and sped up.

However, no matter how fast they sped up, they couldnt compare to the people around him who were willing for their legs to move quicker in fear.

“Charge! Charge! Charge!” Su Feifeis team members shouted.

In an instant, countless birds in the forest were startled.

A few minutes later, the last member of Luo Feifas team disappeared from their sight.

Luo Feifas entire team was speechless.

[Im f*cking dying of laughter, hahaha!]

[Its really amazing! Su Feifeis fear tactic is better than any popsicle.]

[Is this speed really something that a human can achieve How afraid are you guys of extra training]

By the time Luo Feifas team arrived, they saw more than 20 people in the shade holding popsicles and licking them with a smile.


Su Feifei slowly walked out of the jungle with a few wild fruits in her hand.

“Im the last one.” She casually said, “Guess Ill train more.”

With that, she bit on the fruit and walked away.

The people behind her were stunned and looked at each other.

[F*ck, that was so cool!]

[She purposely came in last place and didnt go back on her word.

Shes even letting everyone eat popsicles!]

[Shes really amazing!]

[Su Feifei is really hard-headed and soft-hearted.

Im really impressed.]

[At first, I was worried that everyone would be upset because there would always be someone in last place.

I really didnt expect this to happen!]

[If it wasnt for her lack of understanding, Su Feifei would also be very scary when she flirts with people!!!]

Sure enough, the people in Su Feifeis team looked at each other and felt ashamed for their complaints just now.

Luo Feifa looked at the scene and was furious, but there was nothing she could do.

When she turned around and thought about it, she immediately narrowed her eyes.

“Director, why dont we have lunch right now”

Qiu Ye glanced at her and looked at the time.

It was indeed time for lunch.

“Alright, the three teams can rest and have lunch.”

Luo Feifa immediately smiled and glanced at Su Feifei proudly.

She immediately returned to her team and ordered everyone to start preparing lunch.


After taking a break, everyone had time to observe their surroundings.

The open space was surrounded by giant trees that covered the sky and the sun.

Large areas of green reflected in their eyes, making people feel a slight chill from their senses.

“This place is so beautiful!” Someone couldnt help but sigh.

Many people agreed with him.

The camera slowly moved, and the unique scenery of the tropical rainforest came into view.

All kinds of trees had luxuriant branches and leaves, growing freely in all kinds of strange shapes.

The trunks were covered with moss, and thick vines intertwined with each other.

In front of them, the people who were resting in the same place also became the view with this beautiful scene.

[Its really beautiful! Im stunned!]

[Im immersed in this beauty.

Thank you, Festival Group.]

[A little money! Quick, turn back!!]

[I saw it too, hahaha.

He was secretly observing the program crew from that big tree.]

[Why do I only see spiders and caterpillars!! This is unfair!!]

Soon, the topic of the tropical rainforest quickly became a hot search.

The viewers were all full of envy.

[No matter how busy your life is, you have to learn to relax!]

[Nature is indeed the best way to relieve stress.

Im definitely going to watch this variety show to unwind!]

[I suddenly understand why Qiu Ye wants to fight in teams.

At times like this, teams really give people strength!]

[Yeah, being alone would instill fear in such an environment, but a group of people would feel quite comfortable.]

The three teams started to cook.

Luo Feifa sat on a giant rock that had been wiped clean and arrogantly ordered Su Ling, “Bring me the item I exchanged this morning.”

Su Ling was treated like a servant by her, so she immediately felt some resentment in her heart.

However, she knew that it was not the time yet, so she obediently did as she was told.

Luo Feifa asked her teammates to start a fire.

She specially opened all the kitchenware gift bags and placed them in front of everyone.

“We dont have anything good to eat in our team.

Lets just eat some instant noodles for lunch.”

Luo Feifa said pretentiously, her voice so loud that everyone present could hear her.

“Oh my, theres instant noodles!!”

Someone was so excited that he was on the verge of tears.

“Ive lived here for so long that Ive almost forgotten the temperature of the hot food.”

“Thank you, Feifai! Thank you, goddess!”

“Its a small matter.

We have enough points to afford instant noodles.” Luo Feifa looked smug.

She instructed her teammates to set up the pot to cook instant noodles, while she took out a kettle and honey to drink her afternoon tea on the spot.

Soon, the broth began to boil.

The noodles, which had absorbed the broth, were extremely elastic and emitted a rich fragrance.

A gust of wind blew past, and a familiar smell instantly spread throughout the entire open space.

It was braised beef noodles!

The sound of someone swallowing their saliva suddenly rang out.

Then, a few more heads popped up to follow the smell.

Quite a few people looked over at them, revealing looks of envy.

[Looking at their little eyes of desire, the roast chicken in my hand suddenly doesnt smell good anymore.]

[Im eating the same type of instant noodles as them.

Its as if Ive become a winner in life.]

[I wish you happiness and hair loss.]

[Im hungry, so I ordered the fried chicken and beer set.]

[On a deserted island, the person who has hot food is the real winner.]

[To be honest, Luo Feifa is quite good to her team.

Feng Xueges team is still eating bread.]

[Their team hasnt gotten anything good!]

After Luo Feifa distributed the noodles to her team members, she took a small bowl and walked towards Su Feifeis team.

She was tall and curvaceous, and the short distance she walked felt like a runway.

Su Feifei wasnt there, so everyone was resting.

They didnt receive any notice to eat.

At this moment, they could not help swallowing their saliva when they smelled the aroma of the soup from Luo Feifas side.

“Hey, its been half an hour and you guys havent started eating yet”

Luo Feifa laughed out loud.

She held the bowl and moved slowly in front of Xiao He.

The fragrance entered his nose.

Before Xiao He could retort, his stomach betrayed him and growled.

Luo Feifa laughed.

“What did I say Do you think Su Feifei can support you with her points Dream on! If youre not that good, then dont take on more than you can handle!”


[My blood is boiling.

Is she sick]

[Is this woman that toxic!]

[Where did Su Feifei go]

[I subscribed to this show for nothing!]

[Su Feifei, come back quickly! This is infuriating! Your teammate is being bullied!]

“Why dont I reward you” Luo Feifa raised her eyebrows and said, “We still have more than 20 packets of instant noodles.

We cant even finish them! Why dont you consider switching teams”

Then, she turned to Qiu Ye.

“Director Qiu, if the team members are willing to change teams, they can change teams, right”

Qiu Yes face was cold.

However, this was the rule, so he still answered, “Sure.”

Luo Feifas smile bloomed like a flower.

“Come on.

Whoever wants to join my team, come over immediately.

You can still make it.”

The people in Su Feifeis team looked at each other in dismay.

A few of the newcomers swallowed their saliva and stared at her bowl.

Renbo suddenly stood up.


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