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Xiao He and Tiantian looked at each other in confusion, then the two of them followed her lead.

“Give me your phone.” Su Feifei waved at Xiao He.

Xiao He immediately handed the phone over.

Su Feifei quickly drew a topographic map on the phone and handed it to Xiao He.

There were two points drawn in a circle on the map, located on both sides of the island.

“Lets split up,” Su Feifei glanced at them.

“Ill go to the other side.

You guys go back to the camp to get your baskets.

You have to carry a lot of baskets, two each.”

[What does she mean]

[Is she planning to join a herb-picking team]

[No way.

This is super mean.


[Su Feifei is so familiar with the terrain.

Two days ago, she instructed people to pick herbs.

She was very accurate with where the location of the herbs was.]

[Maybe she knows where the herbs grow more!]

[Director Liu really messed up.]

[Director Liu mustve thought that he came up with a smart idea, but he wont expect that more points would be given to Su Feifeis team.]

Xiao He had the same thought as the bullet comments.

“Su Feifei, do you know where these herbs grow most” Xiao He asked.

Su Feifei glanced at him and shook her head.


[Wrong guess]

[Then what is she going to do with so many baskets]

Xiao He was also confused, “Oh Guess not…”

“Its not that complicated.” Su Feifei said, “This herb will spit out seeds.

The spat-out seeds can become plants and grow quickly.

As long as you sprinkle them for two or three days, they will sprout.

The sprouts that come out will also have a certain effect.”

She paused for a moment.

“I was afraid that you all would get a heat stroke while building the wooden house, so I planted a field of herbs when I went out to pick it the last time we went out.”

Xiao He swallowed his saliva and turned to look at Tiantian.

Both of them saw the shock in each others eyes.

She planted a whole bunch herself

[Tell me, is it an auditory hallucination]

[Im numb.

Im really numb from laughing.

Im really looking forward to the exchange today.

What time will it be

[Ill make it clear.

Today, no one can stop me from watching this live broadcast.]

[Im sorry, Ive laughed too much tonight.]

[Will Su Feifei be unable to leave if they cant clear her points]

[If thats the case, she wont have to leave just yet.]

“Lets go.

Ill go to the other side and find some wild ones.” Su Feifei said.

The area that Su Feifei planted should not be small, right

“Ill go with you.” Bo Silin immediately followed.

Su Feifei glanced at him and nodded.

“Thats fine.

Its time for you to get some exercise.”

As she spoke, she took the straw hat and sun-protective shirt and was about to hand them to Bo Silin when he rejected her.

“No need,” Bo Silin said.

Su Feifei frowned.

“Youre not afraid of the sun anymore”

Bo Silin glanced at her.

“Oh, I think Im indeed too fair.

Its not likable.” He said it in a plain and matter-of-fact manner.

[What the f*ck]

[No, no.

Is it the trend to trick dogs into coming in and killing them]

[Is this for real You two cant be acting, right]

[If shes acting, that was really believable.]


[I dont believe it, I dont believe it.

This is acting.

Im sure of it!!!]

[Hes not likable.

He only wants to be liked by one person!]

Xiao He pinched his philtrum crazily,Dont worry about me today.

Just let me die here.

Su Feifei nodded in satisfaction and patted Bo Silins shoulder.


Lets go.”

The two groups of people split up.

No one paid any attention to Su Ling; who was alone.

Su Ling gritted her teeth and stood there in anger.

When she turned her head, she saw Qiao Hefeng looking at her with some hesitation.

The camera was still there, but not many people were watching the live broadcast.

“Oh” Su Ling squinted her eyes, “Hefeng, why are you looking at me like that”


“Do you also believe her” Su Lings eyes turned red.

Qiao Hefeng immediately trembled.

He was originally a little shaken by the facts.

From the moment the recording appeared, he had some doubts in his heart.

When Su Feifei said that she would look for the mark identification department to identify it, he saw Su Lings reaction.

Now, however, looking at Su Lings red eyes, he began to feel guilty.

Seriously, how could he believe an outsider just because of a few silly words

Especially when that person was Su Feifei!

“Alright, if you dont believe me, then forget it.” Su Ling said, “I have never asked for other peoples favor.

It was like this at home, and it was still like this now.

I know that my sister has been pursuing you for so long, and your relationship was quite good…”

“Its not what you think!” Qiao Hefeng was anxious.

“Its not that I dont believe you! Its just that the evidence that Su Feifei forged today was too real…”

“Youve seen how my sister treats me.

Im fine.” Su Ling wiped her tears, “I said its fine.

You dont have to apologize to me.

I can handle myself.”

After saying that, Su Ling turned around and left.

Qiao Hefeng followed behind her and begged for forgiveness as his heart filled with guilt.

In the live comments, Su Lings fans naturally took the opportunity to come out of hiding.

[Ill seek justice for Su Ling!]

[I think todays incident was a big trap! Shes deliberately luring our Su Ling into the trap!]

[Thats right! Even if Su Ling had said something outrageous, it was all because of Su Feifei.

If it wasnt for Su Feifei, Su Ling wouldnt have said that.]

[Is Su Ling being treated unfairly at home I heard that the Su family is biased towards Su Feifei!]

[Although Im a fan, if I use my brain, I know that todays matter was really Su Lings fault.]

[No longer a fan.]

[No longer a fan either.]

In a short period of time, Su Lings fan page exploded.

Among them, there was no lack of people who believed in Su Ling.

However, this incident was too big, and the number of fans who lost their support was just as huge.

In just a few hours, Su Lings following count had dropped from 17 million to 9 million fans.

No matter how the public relations team tried to fix the situation, they could not resist the overwhelming waves on the internet.

In the end, the Su family kept increasing the number and spent a huge amount of public relations fees before they finally removed the hot search.


At this moment, Xiao He walked to the edge of the cliff following Su Feifeis map.

A few of them were standing on the spot, shaking so hard that their souls were almost out of their bodies.

“This, this, this…”

Tiantian took a deep breath and almost fell backward.

The burly man stepped forward and caught her.

The few of them looked at each other fiercely.

“This… This is…”

Everyones body stiffened, and the words they spoke trembled.

“Is this… the piece of land that Su Feifei mentioned”


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