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Xiao He shivered.

This combination was so horrifying.

“Come back early for dinner.” After Su Feifei said this, she turned around and went back to direct the cooking in camp.

At this moment, in the Su family.

Su Yaoguo looked at the white roses in his garden being maliciously splashed with red paint and frowned.

The security guard bent over and smiled apologetically.

“Im sorry, Im sorry! A group of girls barged in and insisted on pouring red paint on this place.

I couldnt stop them.”

Su Yaoguo laughed instead of getting angry.

He even showed a bit of kindness and comfort that people his age should have.

“You, I dont care who you are.

Do you know how much each of my roses cost” Su Yaoguo asked with a smile, but it made the security guard break out in cold sweat.

“They… They must be very expensive…” The security guard wiped the sweat from his forehead and bent his back even more.

“It doesnt matter how much it costs.” Su Yaoguo didnt even look at them.

In fact, he had never looked the security guards in the eye.

“The important thing is that you tell me who did this and why they came to destroy my house.

Otherwise, dont even think about continuing your job.

Do you understand”

The security guard heaved a sigh of relief and told him everything he had heard from his daughter a few days ago.

“Didnt your daughter, Su Feifei, participate in some program I heard she offended a big star inside, and now their fans found out about your address.

Sir, there are too many people.

I really cant stop them all.”

When Su Yaoguo heard Su Feifeis name, he turned his head and glanced at the security guard.

“Did you just say Su Feifei”

“Yes, her.” The security guard didnt dare to say anything more.

Su Yaoguo snorted heavily and walked into the house.

Su Yaoguo walked into the room and pressed the landline.

After a beep, a womans voice sounded from inside.


“Its me.” Su Yaoguo changed to a more comfortable sitting position on the sofa.

“Remove Su Feifei from the show.”


The woman paused for a moment before she said, “Really Shes gained a lot of popularity, and our contract is about to end.

If we make such a decision now, wont Su Feifei make a fuss”

“Whats there to make a fuss about I dont care about the repercussions.” Su Yaoguo said bluntly, “You just need to do as I say.”

The woman wanted to say something but stopped.

After a while, she said, “That… Have you watched the recent shows”

“I just watched one or two.

Whats wrong”

“I think your daughter… Might have the ability to make a scene…” The woman reminded him of what his daughter could do.

“What” Su Yaoguo sneered.

“Shes my own daughter.

Do you think you know her better than I do”

“Alright, it is your choice in the end.” The woman had no choice but to hang up the phone.

At the director teams camp.

Everyone was eating lunch boxes and watching Su Feifeis live stream of her cooking.

The food made everyone drool with envy.

“D*mn, are we filming a survival on a deserted island program” One of them said in dissatisfaction.

“Thats right.

I feel so unjust when I see Su Feifei eating so well every day!” A bespectacled man opened his mouth and spat, “I dont know how she got the best actors attention.

Do you think she used her body…”


Everyone looked at each other with a tacit understanding and laughed.

“No one can be sure about the things in the entertainment industry.”

There were no surveillance cameras here, so they could speak without any scruples.

“Yup,” The spectacled man continued, “For real though, shes really pretty.

The clothes I brought for these two days are tight-fitting, so I deliberately asked the young man to give her that set.

Did you guys notice that her figure when…”

“Ahem!” The person in front of him suddenly turned pale and coughed to remind him.

The bespectacled man seemed to be unaware and continued to speak with fervor and assurance.

“If I were Bo Silin, I wouldnt be able to hold back either.

Although hes met many beautiful women in the entertainment industry, there would never be anyone like her.

Her skin is so tender and loving! In my opinion, a woman has her own role to play for men! I think shes the most beautiful when shes cooking.

What do you guys think”



“You must have caught a cold.

So, please.


Talking.” A voice that was neither warm nor cold sounded.

The bespectacled man laughed out loud.

“What do you mean…” He suddenly stopped.

He instantly felt the cold air and turned around, just in time to see Bo Silins smiling expression.

With that, the lunchbox fell to the ground.

The bespectacled man got up in a panic while his lips trembled.

“B-Bo Silin, I d-didnt know that y-you were coming…”

“I was just strolling around.

” Bo Silin stepped forward.

“Are you eating”

It was just a casual greeting, but to the bespectacled man, it felt like that was going to be his last meal.

“No, Bo Silin, let me explain …”

“Its fine, everyone loves beauty.” Bo Silin nodded.

“Bo Silin, were just having a fun conversation.

Please forgive us, forgive us!” The people beside him stepped forward and smiled.

The bespectacled mans entire body was covered in sweat, and his face was stiff.

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes.”Of course! Well still have to work together in the future.”

When the spectacled man heard this, he thought there was hope!

Thats right, there were so many beautiful women.

Could it be that Bo Silin would really offend a staff member for a woman He was a producer, after all, and one of the small investors this time.

What was he so afraid of

The spectacled man puffed out his chest.

“Thats right, Bo Silin!” He smiled and stepped forward to make connections.

“If you have anything in the future, just say it.

I will definitely help you!”

The few people beside him closed their eyes.

‘I hope you lived a good life boss.

This is goodbye.

‘I admire you being this crazy, but this is the end for you…

Bo Silin smirked and his gaze stopped on him.

“You havent changed your clothes for a few days, have you It smells a little rotten.”


“Go and get some clean clothes.” Bo Silin looked at the assistant beside him.

The assistant immediately shot out like an arrow and brought the clothes over.

The spectacled man laughed, “Bo Silin, youre being too concerned about me! No wonder people say youre kind, theres a reason why youre so popular!”

“Yes.” Bo Silin replied with a fake smile.

The assistant brought over a few shirts.

The spectacled man was about to reach out to take them when he heard the cold voice from the side speak again.

“Not this one.”

Eh Theres a designated one

It seemed like the best actor had very high standards for aesthetics!

“Alright, alright, alright, which one do you want”

Bo Silin lifted his chin.

The assistant followed his direction and pulled out a piece of clothing that caused everyone to internally gasp.

The maid costume! The directors team even prepared it for the game! A skirt and a headband were all there, was this a f*cking joke

The bespectacled man went up to him.

“Um, Bo Silin, did you take the wrong clothes”

“I didnt take the wrong one.

Wear it.”

Bo Silin pulled a chair over and sat down.

He stretched out his long legs and crossed them.

He even took a cup beside him and took a slow sip.


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